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Weekly newsletter of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit  03/02/21


The Ford government needs to treat child care as the essential service it is
Toronto Star, 31 January 2021

A new normal for child care in Canada: Accessible, affordable, universal
Wellesley Institute, 27 January 2021
The article identifies the continued absence of accessible, affordable, and high quality universal child care in Canada and how the COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes an urgent need for a national child care system to benefit children and support families and society. The report suggests that building upon existing initiatives, the federal government can and must show leadership to put an end to over 50 years of unsuccessful attempts at bringing national child care to life for all Canadians.

We need major reform that prioritizes the needs of our child care workforce
Center For The Study Of Child Care Employment, 20 January 2021
Fact sheet from the Center For The Study Of Child Care Employment explaining why the existing structure of vouchers and tax credits will not fix the American early care and education system without foundational reform.

Research, policy and practice

Changes in child care
Government of Alberta, 1 Feb 2021
In this document, the Government of Alberta outlines the changes to the Early Learning and Child Care Act (formerly the Child Care Licensing Act) and its accompanying regulations. Changes include new ECE certification levels and titles, mixed age group ratios, and the introduction of overnight care in centres. 
AECEA's response to the Early Learning and Child Care Act and Regulation changes
AECEA, 1 Feb 2021
The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta provides a detailed summary of changes from the amended Early Learning and Child Care Act (formally the Child Care Licensing Act) and its regulations that came into effect on February 1st 2021. The summary is accompanied by the AECEA’s response to the Act, to legislative changes, and an assemblage of regulation review stakeholder submissions.

Alberta certification guide for early childhood educators
Government of Alberta, 1 February 2021
This new guide outlines the educational requirements and procedures to become a certified early childhood educator in Alberta, in accordance with recent changes from the amended Early Learning and Child Care Act (formally the Child Care Licensing Act) and its regulations that came into effect on February 1st 2021.

Child care over the business cycle
IZA - Institute of Labour Economics, 22 January 2021
This discussion paper, published by the IZA - Institute of Labour Economics, estimates the impact of macroeconomic conditions on the American child care market. The findings show that the child care industry is substantially more affected by the instability of the economy than other low-wage industries. It is also noteworthy that a reduction in child care supply is associated with higher quality and lower turnover rates of the workforce. 

Child care in 25 states: What we know and don’t know
Bipartisan Policy Center, October 2020
This study started in 2019 examines the child care access gap in 25 U.S. states through mapping child care supply and potential child care needs of all children under six with all available parents in the labour force. The study includes a national parent survey conducted in August 2020 which also reflects the impact of the pandemic on the available supply of child care and changes in the potential need.

Pathways to a more peaceful and sustainable world: The transformative power of children in families
Development and Psychopathology, 1 May 2020
This article provides an overview of selected international efforts that have been inspired by Edward Zigler’s vision to improve programs and policies for young children and families in the US. The efforts presented are in close alignment with three strategies Zigler articulated: (a) conduct research that will inform policy advocacy; (b) design, implement, and revise quality early childhood development programs; and (c) invest in building the next generation of scholars and advocates in child development.
Meeting the school-age child care needs of working parents facing COVID-19 distance learning
Urban Institute, July 2020
This working paper provides an overview of key issues and challenges facing American families as they try to ensure that school-age children are safe, supervised, and able to engage in quality distance learning while their parents work. The paper identifies policy strategies that could be implemented to better support these families and caregivers including cross-system coordination and collaboration, funding, child care subsidies, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, child care licensing, grants, training and technical assistance, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Why child care needs direct spending, not just tax credits, during COVID-19 and beyond
Center for Law and Social Policy, 28 January 2021
In this overview, the U.S. based Center for Law and Policy makes recommendations to support the American child care system. The authors highlight that although tax credits targeting families can play a small, complementary role in helping to offset the cost of care for families there is a more urgent need to address the immediate child care crisis. They suggest doing so though an influx of public investment, relief funds and a significant down payment ($50 billion in direct public spending) in mandatory child care spending to start building the child care system that an equitable recovery demands.

Child care in the news 

CA: Canadian doctors call for schools to return to in-classroom learning
Globe and Mail, 2 February 2021 

NS: Early childhood educators launch campaign calling for pay equity
CBC News, 28 January 2021

ON: ECE students calling on Ford government for better treatment of early childhood educators
The Dialog, 28 January 2021 

BC: Eighty-five new childcare spaces created at Vancouver’s Lord Tennyson Elementary School
Voice, 28 January 2021

YT: YG moves forward on child care, early kindergarten
Whitehorse Daily Star, 2 February 2021

AUS: Child care fees continue to bounce back as COVID-19 relief measures fade
The Sector, 28 January 2021
UK: Nursery staff are being treated like cannon fodder so 'higher-value' work can go on
The Guardian, 28 January 2021
UK: COVID stress ‘driving hundreds of childcare workers to quit profession'
The Guardian, 31 January 2021

US: The economic recovery has a child-care problem
Bloomberg, 29 January 2021

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