Listen to the voices of reason about TMT.
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The Voices of Reason

Aloha <<First Name>>

Today, three Hawaii media outlets ran three separate pieces in support of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). If you haven’t yet read them, please do, as they offer true voices of reason:

The debate over the Thirty Meter Telescope planned for Mauna Kea has generated more heat than light in recent weeks, so much so that people who deserve to have a voice may have backed away, hesitant even to touch such a hot subject… Read the editorial here.
I want to believe that I live in a democracy in which the majority rules. However, here in Hawaii, we are too often subjected to the tyranny of the vocal minority… Read the viewpoint here.
It's easy to get the impression native Hawaiian issues weren't thoroughly considered when the Thirty Meter Telescope was approved. But they were. …Read Ian Lind’s column here
It’s not too late to make your voice heard!

If you haven’t yet completed OHA’s anonymous five-question online survey seeking public opinion based on several stances they may opt to take related to TMT, please do so via the link below: 
OHA Survey
We’d also love to see - and hear - you at tomorrow’s OHA Board of Trustees Special Meeting, which is scheduled for 10a. 

Mahalo for your support.
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