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 …there’s a regional social media public information campaign “Help Your Trees Weather the Weather,” about how to keep trees healthy. Actually, if you receive Instagram messaging from TreeSD, you may already know.

The San Diego County Water Authority, City of San Diego’s Department of Public Utilities, and SD Regional Urban Forest Council worked together in a series of meetings over a period of several months to come up with core messages for the public on trees and water.  The campaign is intended to provide reminders and information to the public on helping trees through periods when they may be vulnerable because of extreme heat, drought, and low water. In addition, water agencies want property owners to know that because of the well-recognized civic benefits of trees, even during official droughts, they will be permitted to water their trees.

The campaign materials comprise a toolkit that any organization could tap into year after year, any time of year, to send out tree-watering messages. Interested parties are encouraged to use the messaging -- prepared facebook, Instagram, and twitter
posts -- in their own campaigns.

Many of the water agencies have begun using these messages, and you have likely already seen some of them. 

A sample twitter message might be something like this: 
● Help Your Trees Weather the Weather: Prepare for heat. Water trees a few days ahead extreme heat. More tree care information and resources at

Go ahead and try the link.  It will take you to the SD Regional Urban Forest Council website’s “Help your trees weather the weather” page. 

Isn’t it reassuring to know that we have such collaborative and cooperative agencies in our region, giving us helpful guidance about how to care for our precious trees?  Thank you SDCWA, City of SD and SDRUFC for your efforts on behalf of this precious resource. 

You can find an abundance of tree care information on the SDRUFC website:





Volunteer Opportunites

(1) Saturday Tree Watering- Two Hour shifts

Tree San Diego is committed to a 3-year program of watering our newly planted trees in the neighborhoods of NW Chula Vista and Logan Heights, but we depend on volunteers to assist. Please help by joining us! Tree Waterings are taking place on Saturdays in 2-hour time-slots, 9:30 to 11:30 or 1:30-3:30 pm.To get more information and volunteer for tree-watering go to TreeSD's Volunteer Opportunities webpage. It’s a way to make a difference, have fun, be outdoors, and get some exercise. Bring friends and family. Children are welcome provided they have adult supervision.

(2) Help TreeSD Build Young Tree Stewards

Monday, November 6th will be bustling with activity near the corner of Park Boulevard and Morley Drive. This will be a day of hands-on field training for all 5th graders from Porter Elementary School in San Diego’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Based on our experience last March with a similar project, we expect this certification workshop to be highly appreciated by the students and their teachers. Because Porter Elementary has four 5th-grade classes of about 37 students each, we will engage almost 150 students!

Following a classroom educational module, these youngsters will learn the benefits of trees to human and environmental health; how some benefits are calculated using state-of-the-art mapping and computational technology; and practice proper watering of both newly planted and mature trees in our climate. Upon completion Tree San Diego will award each student a “Tree Steward” certificate as competent in Basic Tree Watering Skills from the San Diego Regional Tree Steward Program.

To make this happen, we need volunteers to assist with set-up (7 am – 10 am); monitoring during the event (9:30 am – 2:00 pm); and/or tear-down (2 – 3:30 pm). Please contact Rachele Melious if you can volunteer:; (858) 354-4158. Your help will be much appreciated. We can guarantee your time will be filled with energy, learning, and enthusiasm!

This project is funded by the Outdoor Foundation, San Diego Foundation, and individual contributors from the Balboa Park Conservancy and Tree San Diego and supported by the City’s Park and Recreation Department, the Conservancy, Tree San Diego and One San Diego. Thanks to all who contributed. We anticipate this day will be an enjoyable and meaningful experience for the students and add youthful stewards who will support the Park’s trees for years to come. 

SDG&E Awards Grant to TreeSD and Balboa Park Conservancy

TreeSD is honored to have been selected last Spr by SDG&E for a grant to develop and deliver an educational workshop to teach people, including youth, how trees positively impact climate and associated environmental features such as water, soil, fauna; and in turn their impact on human physical and mental well-being. The workshop will be delivered both in Balboa Park spaces and in virtual space. The virtual component will be based on Tree San Diego's Tree Tracker. This tool automatically computes several environmental benefits from trees and can be directly linked to any physical tree. When complete the workshop will be incorporated into Tree San Diego's Regional Tree Steward Certification Program and the Balboa Park Conservancy's Tree Steward Program. 

TreeSD Volunteer Profile: Bruce Engelbert

A proud banana slug (campus mascot) from UC Santa Cruz, Bruce spent many wonderful hours reading and studying under magnificent coastal redwoods, inhaling their energy and focusing his career goals. A few years ago, he retired from a 35-year career with the Environmental Protection Agency, where the focus of his last years was on conflict resolution and public participation. 
Bruce’s EPA job was primarily situated in an office but he has always loved the outdoors, and he wanted to get outside and get his hands dirty. So he became an active volunteer for a nonprofit that raised native plants to be used for restoring forests and river basins in the mid-Atlantic region.  Starting with 1,000 or so plants of three tree species, the nursery -run almost entirely by volunteerswas producing 100,000 plants representing over 80 species of native trees and herbivorous plants, the largest native plant nursery in the National Capital region by the time Bruce left. He learned a lot about volunteering and the value of nonprofits from this experience.
When Bruce and his wife Cynthia Irmer retired, they decided to open a new chapter of their lives, ending up in San Diego. Through Bruce’s college roommate, who was aware of a new environmental organization trying to get started, Bruce found TreeSD.  He wasn’t sure what he would be doing, but with TreeSD’s growth, his work in community engagement for support of tree planting and, maintenance, especially watering, has been instrumental in keeping our new trees alive.   (For more about Bruce’s work, see our summer newsletter.) 
It’s clear from his background that Bruce has always been interested in the natural environment. He aims to help reduce our human footprint on Planet Earth, especially his own.  Working outside, working with people, doing something that’s a real, long-term investment in the future feeds his spirit. It’s an added bonus that working for TreeSD has given him an opportunity to work closely with Cynthia on what they both believe in. Part of this sense of overall well-being comes from knowing that his work for TreeSD dovetails with San Diego’s Climate Action Plan as well as the urban forestry movement in this country and throughout the world. 

You can do something positive about San Diego’s tree canopy, mitigating climate change, as well as helping make our air healthier and our region more beautiful. Join TREE SAN DIEGO today. Help us make that difference. By becoming a member, you as a private citizen will be actively helping us increase the number of trees we can plant and maintain as well as expand our choices for locations, reducing the way-too-big gaps in our urban forest. 

Click on the Member Badge to join our team!

Tree San Diego is looking to expand our dedicated team of volunteers for the rest 2017 and into 2018. While we can use volunteers in many capacities, starting in July we need scores of volunteers each weekend to help water and weed around new street trees in northwest Chula Vista and Logan Heights.  If you are passionate about Urban Forestry, Sustainability, and/or being further involved in your local community, please contact Kalli Legakes at to further discuss ways you can join the Tree San Diego team!
If you are, or know of someone actively seeking an internship to increase professional experience and/or fulfill course requirements, please contact Kalli Legakes at with a self-introduction and resume. 

Funding for San Diego Tree Advantage Program 
has been provided by the California Greenhouse
Gas Reduction Fund through the California
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
(CAL FIRE) Urban and Community Forestry Program.


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