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… that a futuristic “Forest City” is now under construction in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, China?  Designed by an Italian team Stefano Boeri Architetti of Milan, the city will be covered in greenery consisting of nearly a million plants of more than 100 species, including 40,000 trees. The plants of this future community of about 30,000 inhabitants will absorb almost 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of other pollutants annually, while it produces 900 tons of oxygen. Imagine the freshness of the air its lucky residents will breathe. 

                                                                           Image Credit: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Locally, the forest city will decrease the average air temperature, improve air quality, create noise barriers, generate animal habitats, and improve biodiversity. The city will be self-sufficient in energy, running on renewable sources like geothermal and solar. It will be connected to the city of Liuzhou by high-speed rail. Its expected completion date is 2020. 
To see astonishing photos of a computer model of Liuzhou Forest City and read more details about this futuristic project, click here.



TreeSD Summers

    During the past 18 months, Tree San Diego and its partners have been busy planting and caring for 500 trees in Chula Vista and Logan Heights.  With a planting season from November through March, what happens during the hot summer months?  That’s an ideal time to upgrade and systematize a year-round watering operation to make sure our trees survive and thrive.  
    How does TreeSD go about watering so many trees?  Some that have been planted in city parks and open space will be watered by in-place irrigation, but street trees in neighborhoods need a more creative approach.  Organized by volunteers Cynthia Irmer and Bruce Engelbert, tree-waterings typically take place on Saturdays in 2-hour time-slots from 9 to 3.  Tree San Diego is committed to a 3-year program of follow-up watering so our trees grow into strong, vibrant mature contributors to their neighborhoods. 

On Saturday, August 19th at 9AM in Chula Vista at the corner of Colorado and I Streets, a mini-army of volunteer tree waterers set out to water six blocks of New Zealand Christmas (metrosideros excelsus), Brisbane Box (tristaniopsis conferta) and Red Flowering Gum (cormbia ficifolia) trees. The plan for the morning was to water 11 residential blocks of street trees. To accomplish the watering of hundreds of recently planted trees, TreeSD has rented and fitted a truck to haul and dispense water, hired two part-time drivers and three part-time Tree Ambassadors, whose jobs are to get water from the fire hydrants into 275-gallon tanks on the truck, then dispense water into five gallon buckets, and instruct and mobilize the volunteers in watering the trees. 
    Our intern Abel Alba took footage of the August 19th watering for use as an instructional video.  To view more photos of how a tree-watering works, see our Photo Gallery below. 
To volunteer for tree-watering – this summer or year round – go to TreeSD's Volunteer Opportunities webpage

Tony Endress: Our Everyday Hero

    Every year the California Urban Forestry Council celebrates excellence in urban forestry. Tony Endress, a founding member of the Board of Directors of Tree San Diego, has served as Board Secretary since its inception. Nominated by President Laurie Broedling, Tony was selected from among this year’s applicants for the Everyday Hero award. His selfless dedication to creating and sustaining this new organization has been instrumental to its survival.  He has infused our projects with creative ideas and our collaborative working environment with wit. Tony and all the other winners were honored at the conference:    
“Life Among the Leaves: Urban Forestry and Nature in Our Neighborhood” on August 23rd.

Development of San Diego Regional Tree Steward Program Continues

    Thanks to the continued generosity of the Hunter Family Advised Fund at Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, our development of a regional program to create certified Tree Stewards is steadily progressing. Tree Stewards are people, youth and adult, who volunteer their time to become skilled in one or more aspects of tree selection, monitoring and care. Not only do they apply these skills to their own trees, but they also volunteer to help others in their communities. They function best when organized into local Tree Stewards Corps to help systematically enhance and maintain resilient community forests in their neighborhoods. The program provides common standards for tree steward competencies and a shared set of common training modules that groups all across our region can use.
    The first phase of this program development resulted in a module for “Basic Tree Watering Skills” that was tested in several pilot settings. It also produced a Steering Committee of regional stakeholders who provide guidance on program development, a full set of tree-related competencies to eventually be covered, and a set of governing principles. This second phase includes the creation of a new module, “Basic Tree Planting Skills” and initial pilot implementation of up to four Tree Steward Corps in various locations around our county. 

Tree San Diego Featured in California Garden magazine

Tree San Diego is featured in the July-August 2017 edition of California Garden magazine.  Ours is the lead article.  Read about us in this special Tree Issue of California Garden, a venerable publication of the San Diego Floral Association since 1909. 

Click here to read the full article. 
Photo Gallery of a Saturday Morning Tree-watering

Right: Driver Joaquin Contreras, who also helps with other Tree San Diego projects, smiles from the cab.

Left: Intern Jeffrey Bogart has the tools and know-how to connect the hydrant and the fire hose, which then runs water to fill two large tanks on the truck bed.  Before the watering is over for the morning, the tanks will need refilling at a different hydrant a few blocks away.

Right: Abel takes video footage of Cynthia filling buckets. Two are carried off by Tim Lacey as soon as they're full. Alex, who’s on the truck bed, had the idea to assign carrying and pouring to different volunteers for greater time efficiency.

Left: Tree-watering on Saturday mornings is an ideal way for high school juniors and seniors to earn community service credits for graduation.  Rio Lacey thinks her friends at school would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to rack up hours.
Right: Abel sets a mini-cam to get a
tree-basepoint-of-view of being watered
to add interest to the instructional video.

Left: Volunteers who come to water five times this year will receive this tee-shirt as a thank-you gift.  Of course, our favorite color is green.

To volunteer for this year-round project, go to
TreeSD's Volunteer Opportunities webpage

You can do something positive about San Diego’s tree canopy, mitigating climate change, as well as helping make our air healthier and our region more beautiful. Join TREE SAN DIEGO today. Help us make that difference. By becoming a member, you as a private citizen will be actively helping us increase the number of trees we can plant and maintain as well as expand our choices for locations, reducing the way-too-big gaps in our urban forest. 

Click on the Member Badge to join our team!

Tree San Diego is looking to expand our dedicated team of volunteers for the rest 2017 and into 2018. While we can use volunteers in many capacities, starting in July we need scores of volunteers each weekend to help water and weed around new street trees in northwest Chula Vista and Logan Heights.  If you are passionate about Urban Forestry, Sustainability, and/or being further involved in your local community, please contact Kalli Legakes at to further discuss ways you can join the Tree San Diego team!
If you are, or know of someone actively seeking an internship to increase professional experience and/or fulfill course requirements, please contact Kalli Legakes at with a self-introduction and resume. 

Funding for San Diego Tree Advantage Program 
has been provided by the California Greenhouse
Gas Reduction Fund through the California
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
(CAL FIRE) Urban and Community Forestry Program.


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