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Twist 'n Write Ergonomic Pencils
Teach Kids How to Write the Right Way!

Help kids experience the freedom and joy of writing with the Twist ‘n Write ergonomic pencil! Its unique shape helps children hold the natural tripod grip and use the natural weight of the hand to create downward pressure to write. This means kids can focus on holding and guiding the Twist ‘n Write without forcefully gripping and pushing on the pencil.

Parents, teachers and occupational therapists love the Twist ‘n Write because it accelerates and improves kids’ handwriting skills; and it’s a simple, innovative and educational tool! Public customer reviews say:

“These pencils have made a world of difference…the battles we had over writing and homework have ceased.” – Mom

“I have used this pencil with a number of students who had a hard time holding a pencil…and it really helped them develop a functional grasp pattern.” – Teacher

“Great tool we’ve been using for years with children who need help with the pencil grip.”
– Occupational Therapist

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Playsystem #7644-02

Playsystem #7644-02 has something fun and challenging for every child including those in wheelchairs. ADA playgrounds are a big seller. You get the lead; we do the work; you make the sale. Relationships with schools will lead to you making playground sales. We will train you to sell. We provide product literature including a sale flyer to drop off or email. We also arrange the installation and safety surfacing. You are covered by our insurance. Isn't it worth checking us out? Contact us for a "How to Sell Playgrounds" worksheet.

Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc.


Reading Skills Puzzles: Alphabet

Beautifully illustrated, these 26 two-piece puzzles are illustrated with animals and other objects familiar to young students.

Didax, Inc.
Fax: 978-948-2340


Kore Design® Floor Wobbler™ 
Balance Disc for Kids Seating, Standing Desks, or Fitness

The unique Floor Wobbler™ lets children sit comfortably on the floor, allowing for active sitting and natural body movement yet remaining in one spot. Continuous movement while sitting helps increase focus. Ideal for classrooms that require flexible or alternative seating.

A stable gently rounded base moves with child and the patented anti-tip safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls. A generous amount of finger room around the rim prevents pinches. The Floor Wobbler™ is manufactured with an FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

All plastic Kore Design® Floor Wobblers™ are available in different vibrant colors, manufactured in the USA and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Kore Design, LLC


Safe, non-toxic & easy to use!

Finally an arts and crafts tape that performs like a glue and is completely safe to use in schools and libraries. A unique and innovative form of liquid adhesive that is both waterproof and weatherproof. UGlu® is a removable adhesive glue in a convenient tape-like format which bonds to most any surface, including rough or uneven surfaces. Non-toxic and acid-free. UGlu® comes in a variety of shapes like adhesive dots/dashes, strips and rolls.

Bonds to: fiberglass, metal, cement, brick, sealed wood, plastics, carpet, canvas, leather, foam, glass and ceramics. Can be cut to size, cleanly removable and is made in the USA.

Pro Tapes


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