Shoots glowing String for an ultra-cool in-the-dark experience.

The new SILLY STRING Glow Blaster supercharges glow-in-the-dark fun. Featuring 4 high-powered UV LEDs, the Glow Blaster shoots glowing String to create a magical in-the-dark experience for kids of all ages. When the can of Glow String is empty, users can either reload with another or flip up the LED panel and pull the trigger to illuminate and recharge any Glow String that’s already sprayed out. The Glow Blaster comes packaged with two cans of Glow-in-the-Dark SILLY STRING Spray Streamer and is perfect for nighttime celebrations and play. Recommended for ages 5+.

Visit us at the Fall Toy Preview in Dallas,
October 2-4, Showroom 8220.

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Fax: (315) 788-7467


The New Strategy Game of Tips and Turns

Deblockle is a casual strategy game of tips and turns for two players. Take turns flipping your blocks into adjacent squares and then moving them across the board. Think carefully on which way you flip your block though, because each side of the block has a different symbol that will result in a different movement. Be the first player to successfully remove all of your blocks by maneuvering them onto the final square on the board, and you win!

This game is just as beautiful as it is fun to play. Designed for ages nine through ninety-nine, Deblockle is a perfect gift for a family game that you will want to display on your coffee table and play over and over again!

10% off Deblockle order with the code EDPLAY

Project Genius
(512) 218-7950

Game from Endless Games is RED HOT!

We've all played some variation of The Floor is Lava! You imagine the floor is Hot Lava and hop from cushion to couch to table across the room to stay off the floor.

NOW, with The Floor is Lava game from Endless Games, the furniture gets a break! A Spinner, 25 colored foam tiles, and 27 action cards ramp-up the fun on this classic game of imagination and adventure.


Use the code "EDPLAY2018" and receive 10% OFF
your next Endless Games order!

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Endless Games
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Dallas, TX October 2-4

BOOTH 12-1101

Die-Cast Pull Back Space Shuttle, with lights & sound
Pull Back to Launch!

Kid powered is always a good idea! These easy to pull back, die-cast Space Shuttles go quite the distance. The cargo bay door opens to expose a button. When pushed red and blue lights flash and it gives the countdown to lift off. Recommended for 3 years & up.

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Aeromax, Inc
(877) 776-2291
Fax: (847) 756-4091


Anti Spill Bubble Bottle
Absolutely spill proof

The Anti Spill Pals have the brilliant design that allow kids playing bubble without spill. It come with 3 different colors of the bears and also comes with the necklace that kid can carry it around.
Summer Sale!
15% off orders over $250

D Now Inc dba Uncle Bubble
(408) 564-5450


Triazzle Brain Teasers
The Positively Puzzling, Multi-Award-Winners from Artist Dan Gilbert.

Since 1991 Triazzle has brought joy to millions of enthusiasts around the world. From grade school children to college graduates it offers a seemingly simple challenge . . . can you assemble the triangles with all pictures matching? Its Harder Than It Looks!

Triazzle is for ages 8 and up for 1-3 players - and it's a great parent/child activity. Teachers LOVE Triazzle for the classroom. The deceptively challenging puzzles develop problem-solving skills and strategic thinking and are FUN to play. Triazzle has sold over 5-million copies so we know you LOVE it! And Triazzle is made in the USA from recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.

Free shipping on orders of 32+ puzzles. 16 Puzzles pay only 5%!
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