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November 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, Diwali, and Guy Fawkes Day from CloudCalc!

That must mean it’s the November, 2015 edition of the CloudCalc Newsletter, bringing you the latest developments in the world of Structural Analysis in the Cloud
  • On November 12, Tom Van Laan, CloudCalc CEO, guest-taught the CloudCalc software to a graduate class in structural dynamics at Rice University.  We invite any other engineering schools to use CloudCalc in their classrooms as well – contact us at if you have any questions.
  • This month CloudCalc reached the magic threshold of 1500 registered users.  Thank you to all who have signed up; special thanks go to User porfirio who joined us on November 20 as user #1500.  Please help us get to our next milestone of 2000 by telling your friends and colleagues about CloudCalc!
Software Update News:

This month we delivered our 24th update of the software since its initial launch in June, 2014.  Remember – since CloudCalc is delivered on the cloud, you are automatically up to date every time every time you access the software, without having to install anything new.  And our updates are always upward compatible, so you never have to convert old models to run on the latest version of the software. 

Version 1.02.04
  • Added the option for either Mass Normalization or Unity Normalization for the extracted Modes of Vibration during dynamic analysis 
  • Removed the limit of 5 when viewing/animating/printing Modes of Vibration
  • For demonstrations of CloudCalc’s Dynamic Analysis, we invite you to visit CloudCalc’s YouTube page.  For an example showing Mode of Vibration extraction, click here:  For an example showing Response Spectrum analysis, click here: 
Enjoy the latest from the CloudCalc Blog…Happy Reading!

Crashing and the Cloud: Lessons Learned!

“We have very good news”, said the tech rep over the phone.
“Great, it’s about time I got some good news regarding a computer,” I thought.  Lately it seemed like the tech gods had been conspiring against me.
“The good news is that the repair will be completely covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Of course due to the extensive problems, we will have to send it back to the factory.  If things go well, we expect the repair to take approximately ten business days.  With 2 days shipping each way, you should expect a call from us in about 14 business days.” Continue reading →
In honor of Thanksgiving here in the United States, here is an appropriate offering the past:

Move over Snoopy and SpongeBob, Future Engineers Join Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Can’t make it as an engineer?  Then maybe consider football player…
I’ve never been able to come up with any association between Thanksgiving and engineering (Tension on a wishbone?  Buckling of pumpkin pie crust?), so I figured I had a good excuse to take this week off from the blog.  But then I read some engineering-flavored Thanksgiving news and decided that when offered inspiration I have to grab it.Continue reading →
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