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CloudCalc Newsletter for
October 2015
Welcome to the October, 2015 edition of the CloudCalc Newsletter, bringing you the latest developments in the world of Structural Analysis in the Cloud
  • This month CloudCalc gained its 1,250th registered user.  Thank you to User moeenakhtar18 who joined us on October 17!  Our next milestone is 1500.  Thanks to everybody who has helped make this happen by signing up and using CloudCalc.  Please encourage your colleagues to join by telling them about your experience!
  • On October 20, Tom Van Laan, CloudCalc CEO, addressed the Rice University Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
CloudCalc’s Ara Zhang awaits the crowd at the SEAoT Conference
  • On October 22-23, CloudCalc exhibited at the Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT) 2015 State Conference, in Houston, TX.  If you missed us there, we look forward to seeing you next year, at the 2016 State Conference in Austin, TX.
Software Update News:

This month CloudCalc delivered its 23rd update of the software since the initial launch in June, 2014.  Remember – since CloudCalc is delivered on the cloud, you are automatically up to date every time every time you access the software, without having to install anything new.  And our updates are always upward compatible, so you never have to convert old models to run on the latest version of the software.

Version 1.02.03
  • Added support for IS 808 (Indian) Structural Sections

    CloudCalc has added over 250 sections from the IS 808 Indian Standard (including Medium Flange Beams, Junior Beams, Light Beams, Wide Flange Beams, Column Sections, Heavy Beams, Angles, Medium Channels, Junior Channels, Light Channels, and Parallel Flange Channels) to the 4,000+ AISC sections already in its online Global Member Library.  See how to add these new sections to (and otherwise manage) your Local Member Library here:
  • Added support for Indian Structural Steel

    CloudCalc has added a number of Indian structural steel grades (from E250 to E650) to in its online Global Material Library.  See how to add these new sections to your Local Material Library here:
  • Added ability to review member and material properties

    You can now review the properties of the selected Member or Material wherever you see the [Prop} button.  See the above videos for details.
Here is the latest from the CloudCalc Blog…Happy Reading!

26.2: The Engineering of Marathon Running

With 50,000 runners stepping with 475-lb force
3 times per second, it’ll be time to fix the roads!
Huff…owww…puff…ouch…pant.  Just nine miles to go this morning…that’s just 18,000 steps…
I am writing this entry from New York City, where the 45th NYC Marathon will take place this Sunday.  On that date, 50,000 hardy souls will run 26.2 miles through the streets of NYC’s 5 boroughs.  For some of these 50,000, a marathon is a regular event (for example, 69 year old Larry Macon set a record by running 239 marathons in 2013).  For others, it will be a first time try – which may end up being the first of many (who knows, maybe there’s a future Larry Macon in the bunch), or it might simply be a onetime only thing, meant to check off one more item on a bucket list. Continue reading →

In honor of October and Halloween, here is a golden oldie brought back from last year:
Happy Halloween: Nature’s Greatest Structural Engineer
Is it Real, or is it CloudCalc?  Only the Spider Knows for Sure
Well it’s Halloween (and how appropriate — this is my 13th blog post!), so I’ve been trying to think of a seasonally appropriate structural engineering topic for this week’s CloudCalc blog.  In order to get inspiration, I walked down my street looking at the decorations on the neighborhood houses.  A Jack o’ Lantern?  No, that’s not a good representative, since after a few days they typically become so mushy that they can’t even support themselves.  There’s a ghost – or actually a sheet of white plastic hanging from a tree.  The best engineering analogy that brought to mind was Tyvek wrap covering a half-built structure.  Over there, a couple of witches…probably not, a blog on aerospace engineering might be a better place to discuss women who manage to get broomsticks to fly.  Continue reading →
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