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🛒 Retail transformation: refilling rather than recycling? 🌳

The milkman for the modern age that picks up and refills your favorite household goods” - TerraCycle Loop is a service in several US states that’ll come to your home and refill product containers. Even easier recycling: it’s interesting that service and logistics are the guiding principles of this approach, rather than rubbish collection and sorting.

Image of the month: artist Sigalit Landau uses the Dead Sea as a readymade medium, growing a salt-crystal encrusted ballgown

🌀 The risks of AI in healthcare 💊

Here’s a great article about the risks of using Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: AI amplifies inequalities that are already in the system, so lots of care is needed. As ever, technology isn’t neutral, but it is indifferent.


🚙 Where are the self-driving trains and buses? 🚌

Where are the self driving trains and buses?, asks Horace Dediu, because those would probably be easier wins than cars. Does this reflect that autonomy is currently led by companies in countries with different attitudes to public transport? Or do their absence mean autonomy is simply not happening any time soon?

Related: you can download our book of self-driving mobility, Humanising Autonomy.


💸 Contactless payments vs security, and helpful bank accounts 🏦

One in every five contactless payments are now getting blocked due to new European rules. Interestingly, this doesn’t affect Apple Pay and Google Pay because their use of biometrics makes them more secure (and so they don’t need to periodically pause payments to re-authenticate card holders).

NatWest and agency Fjord have created an app-only bank account which “helps you spend less and save more”. It doesn’t do as much as fellow challenger banks Monzo or Starling (yet?), but we like the sound of any bank account that tries to help you out.

⛺ Permanent temporary cities 🏠

These are the cities of tomorrow [...] The average stay today in a camp is 17 years. That’s a generation. In the Middle East, we were building camps: storage facilities for people. But the refugees were building a city”. This piece is a few years old now, but never more relevant because as climate change bites migration will increase. So refugee camps may be what future urban planning looks like. Can design play more of a part here?

🧠 Life on the internet 🤷

Progress bars in UIs makes waiting more positive because it helps manage the user\s expectations. And showing people the actual work a service is doing is even more effective because it adds transparency on top.

“Haley is on her way to getting the thing she wants, the thing all of her friends want. To be a very online young person in 2019 is to share the same goal: have the kind of social media following wherein performing your life online becomes a paying job.”


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Bringing a physical space to life with an AR mural: “A team of designers at our Sydney studio wanted to showcase ustwo's local presence by creating an augmented reality 'welcome mural' for our studio door, that would create a delightful experience for the public, and encourage curiosity about our studio from passersby.”

Fast Company's innovation by design awards 2019 honoured ustwo for our Safe Place, Moon and other projects.

“Make, Learn, Change” is our new book! - it’s a brief guide to agile working and how to do it both at an organisational and at a personal level.

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