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Hello everyone, here are some of the things I’ve been reading this month. Don’t miss our news about Joe Wicks.


Managing Director ustwo London, Lisbon & Tokyo

🎄 😅 The holidays

I wish you and your families a very happy holiday season. It might feel a bit different this year, I hope you can all hug someone in your bubble. The newsletter will return in January - see you then.

🤸‍♀️ 📱 Pocket Joe Wicks

In the nick of time to rally us through a Tier 3 Christmas of mince pies and Quality Street, portable Joe Wicks is here

We loved working with the Body Coach team. At the end of 2019 Joe asked us to turn his 90-day health and fitness plan into a digital experience. Lots of us at ustwo were already big fans of The Body Coach programme so helping him and his team become a digital-first business was a dream brief. Behind the scenes, our team pulled out all the stops to get it over the line, working closely with a closed beta group to constantly iterate on feedback and design an experience everyone would love.

Rebecca Fulleylove has done a lovely write up at Creative Review quoting our design director Helen Fuchs. It’s “a feel good battery that’s always with you. We wanted to recreate the feeling you get from being with Joe, it’s utterly infectious.”

Btw, we're recruiting for a new Product Lead role who would join our Body Coach product team. Amazing opportunity for someone who loves data, growth metrics, shipping and wellbeing and fitness. (And see our other jobs too!)

👩‍💻🤝‍👩  Work and family

This idea is interesting - we’ve been talking a lot about how remote research and user experience design can and might work. And the idea of asking employees’ partners how things are going is kind of brilliant and… disconcerting at the same time. 

CEO forgoes $100m bonus to look after the children so his wife can pursue her career as a judge. My first thought was: I wonder how this got to be news, but, good! And it turns out there is of course a reputation-management angle for the man’s company.

👵 🌳 Longevity

This Japanese shop Is 1,020 years old. It knows a bit about surviving crises. “The company has declined many opportunities to expand, including, most recently, a request from Uber Eats to start online delivery. Mochi remains the only item on the menu”.

There seem to be two ways companies live hundreds of years. Either they reinvent themselves periodically. Or they continue doing one thing well and value tradition and stability over profit and growth.

🍇 🍒 Quick bites

Every single one of us @ustwo should be watching or reading @Cennydd’s talk on ethical design. We all have a responsibility and this will give us pause for every decision we make. 

How Covid-19 vaccine information has gone viral on TikTok as experts and trial participants share their expertise in easy-to-understand, 60-second videos. (It’s happening on Instagram too.) All social media have a mix of good information and misinformation, but are some platforms better at discouraging or hiding misinformation? This report (pdf) on vaccine misinformation is an interesting read.

Here is a piece about how weird networking is on LinkedIn. It contains the phrase “celebrity workfluencers”, which is just one of the reasons I bring it to your attention.

Inside New York Public Library’s last secret apartments - imagine living in a library!

🗞 ustwo news

Our game Alba is out - it’s a feel-good wildlife adventure you can explore at your own pace.

Jobs: we’re always looking for designers, engineers, strategists and delivery coaches so if you don’t see an open role, why not just get in touch?

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