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The One Thing.

Issue 4. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Place to be.
Last year 5,775 Photographers submitted 82,951 images to World Press Photo. 

The winner of the Nature Series happened to be at Bondi Beach in Sydney on Nov 6th, when this "Cloud Tsunami" rolled in from the sea, turning the sky almost black.

The best photos of the year remind us how precious life is, and how fragile.
The One Sound too loud.
I didn't know this existed (beyond the imagination of science fiction writers) but apparently there are "Silent Discos" In Switzerland, places where music is enjoyed using headphones instead of traditional speakers.

Apparently, locals in Lausanne complaint about the loud noise made by participants singing along the music, which resulted in the cancellation of the parties's permit.
The One Crime Series on Instagram.
Of course, every network is a channel, but I have to admit that using Instagram to distribute an episodic thriller is genius.

If you haven't yet, follow shieldfive. It''s a smart new way of using our most loved channels.
The One Magazine cover you could've done.
Bon Appetit Magazine shot every photo in their March's issue using an iPhone.

Obviously, some are already objecting to that.
The One Place to go for book inspiration.
It's nice that, one of my favorite design e-magazines, has a section called Bookshelf, where "Every week we invite someone from the creative industries to share a rundown of their five favorite books in the whole ruddy world, which have inspired, excited or educated them."

You'll see what Creative Director Dave Trott, futurist Dominic Wilcox, or or Pentagram's Jessica Svendsen treasure from their bookshelf.

Instant fan!
The One Issue that matters.
The selection of a new member of the supreme court is a significant event.

A passionate debate has been taken place since Justice Scalia passed away, leaving an opening for his replacement.

And of course The New York Times has created a beautiful visualization of the impact of the new justice's ideological inclination.
The One Piece of art you can sleep at.
The Art Institute of Chicago created a 3D replica of Van Gogh’s Bedroom painting, 
making the room available for rent on Airbnb for only US$10 a night.

Hurry up, the room is available until May 10, 2016.
The One Profession we love.
Bloomberg Business has created a really interesting infographic around an intriguing question: Is it fate that brings people together?

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey, they explored how people are pairing up.

Apparently, CEOs do in fact marry their secretaries.
The One Time to live like a celebrity.
Interested in knowing what it's like to have Taylor's Swifts Instagram account?  Or having Elon Musk 313k followers on Instagram?

Now you can with Being.

A bit creepy, but so many things are.
The One Creation that turned against its creator.
Patty McCord is credited with creating one of the most modern and dynamics corporate cultures in America: Netflix. (Her "Netflix Culture. Fredom and Responsablity." slideshare doc has been shared over 13 million times.)

She designed such a self-learning and intelligent environment, that eventually she became dispensable.

A telling story about culture, people and moving on.
The One Site to be in the know. uses crowdsourcing to offer "The Best of..." across categories like Tech, Books, Games and Podcasts.
The One Project I wish I had created.
The Inventors! Project asked 450 kids to draw their inventions. An then gathered designers and manufacturers to help bring those ideas to life.

So inspiring!
The One Way to grow: Acquisition.
The One That will change your mind.
Researchers at Cornell University analyzed nearly two years of postings on ChangeMyView, a forum on the internet community reddit where posters present an argument and invite people to reason against them.

They find that first person pronouns (“I”) indicate an opinion is malleable, but first person plural pronouns (“we”) suggest the opposite. 

We should read this article.
The One Habit to build.
Develop a strong first hour in the morning routine.
The One Awesome trip to take.
My dear friend Andrew Pascal has embarked in an incredible (and challenging) trip; He is going to try and visit every UNESCO World Heritage site in their list.

There are over 1,000 locations around the world, an he estimates that its going to take him more than 3 years to accomplish it. 

You can follow his adventures, and enjoy his wonderful photos at his Facebook feed.
The One Screen I'd love to have.
Flexible screens are the future.
The One Measurement that matters.

Buzzfeed's monthly viewership just crossed 5 billion.

The One Box worth $450.
Cereal box collectors pay that much for a cereal box, but the real expensive ones (over $2,000) are the classic ones from 50's and 60's.
The One New way of getting the news.
Quartz just launched a new app! A totally new way of delivering the news, and I think that you should try it.

It's fast, interactive and fun. The news!

Imagine that!

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