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The One Thing.

Issue 1. 2016

Some leftover links from last year and exciting new fresh ones to kick off 2016. 
There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Building I have feelings for.
It's shape, it height, its location, its ornaments, its history... I just love it.

And apparently I'm not the only one. The Flatiron building is the most photograph building in New York City. Not bad considering the competition in this city.

A few months back I read a fascinating book about the history of its construction and it remains one of my all time favorite books.   
The One about Star Wars.
As the new Star Wars movie breaks every record in film history, a nostalgic look at the movies that started it all, courtesy of George Lucas and some rare photos from his collection.
The One Podcast to listen.
Its not Serial, and its not 99% invisible... (not that there is anything wrong with those)

Its Song Explorer and Natalia Lafourcade talking about the creation of "Hasta la Raiz", the winner of Sonf of the year in 2015.

The creative process deconstructed by a smart, talented young singer.
The One Question to ask about a new job.
Hint: It's about culture; values and practices. And the stories we tell to share them.
The One Job I'd actually pay to do.
Chief Official White House Photographer.

Check the best photos of 2015, and see if you disagree.
The One Place where "a certain" politician would be happier.
Korea has barely any immigration. 

Surprised by Switzerland, Sweden and Estonia. talking about diversity!
The One Who got it right.
F#@& that meditation.

Puts things in perspective, simply and effectively.
The One Reason why flying is such a pain.
Ready for this? 

"Basic service, without fees, must be sufficiently degraded in order to make people want to pay to escape it. And that’s where the suffering begins."
The One News too crazy to be made up.
People all over the world are changing their official names to Star Wars characters: Darth Vader, Yoda Reeves, Laura Mathews Skywalker... 
The One Project to have in your portfolio.
Designer of the Universal Transportation symbols.

Yes, its real, and this is the very interesting story behind the process, told by the people who worked on the project. 
The One We all got wrong.
Print books are back. (where they ever gone?)

Vinyl is back too. and iPad sales are down.

But, swiss watches are really struggling.

Drones are a huge hit, that we can ride now, and are less dangerous than turtles to aircraft.
The One We need to see it to believe it.
Flying cars!

Well, get ready to believe because the FAA just approved the testing phase for this prototype.  
The One Job to have in the future.
Take a look at some of the cool jobs designers will have in the future.
My favorite one: Machine Learning Designer.
Looking for a career in design? the amazing program 30 weeks, organized by Google and Hyper Island, is taking applications now.
The One Data source to spend your day away.
The Atlas of economic complexity.

Enough said!
The One Year in books. (not mine)
Austin Kleon, (Steal like an artist) shares my habit and obsession of reading as much as possible.

Here is his year in reading.
The One Project that ended.

The Alani Challenge. A project @hazeliz and took on to live a year as our 10 year old daughter lives, which is with severe allergies to dairy (Anaphylactic).

Living without any cheese, milk, bread and any product that was made using milk or butter was a challenge, a hard challenge to tell you the truth. But it has giving us a (passionate) reason to start a new project.

We have decided to work on developing a solution to "allergy accidents" in restaurants and supermarkets. 

More on this project coming up shortly.

The One "Best of 2015" worth sharing.
The Year in review of Tumblr is one of my favorite "Best of" every year. It's a raw and honest portrait of humanity in the networked world.

The most viral section will humble your view of humans and what we consider worth sharing. It is also extremely entertaining.
The One Time we love Jealousy.
Bloomberg selects a list of articles written by journalists who don't work for them.

Positive Jealousy is a powerful driver; to improve by acknowledging what other did better than you.

Lots of great journalism in the list. Enjoy it.
The One List to check if you hate your job.
The One that proves that Amazon is Santa.
The One Birthday to celebrate.
Batty, the replicant Nexus 6 from Blade Runner, celebrates his birth today. Out of Tyrell Corporation, he is one of the first androids to question the meaning of life.

If you have not seen it, please watch Blade Runner this weekend.
The One To help us how To think.

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