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The One Thing.

Issue 2. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Project to envy.
Back in November designer James Curran spent 30 days in NYC, which he documented by creating one GIF every day inspired by something that happened during his stay.

Gifathon is his tribute to the city of New York. 
The One Infographic to be inspired by.
Indeed! 50 is the new 30.

Check the wonderful work by Anna Vital here.
The One To Read and erase.
These are the most popular passwords of 2015. 

Come on, we can do better than this. I believe in us.
The One Book popular at the UN.
The most checked out book at the UN library last year pretty much defines what's keeping people awake at night.
The One Newsletter I love to get.

Just numbers, but so damn interesting.

Just a sample:
The One Problem to solve.
We spend 3.5 days of our lives untangling headphones.
The One Professional desperate to be found.
Via (the very addictive) A Chart A Day 
The One Long read to read.
How the drone was born, developed and institutionalized as the weapon of the 21st century.

Trust me, it's worth your time 
The One Manifesto to follow.
The Doers Manifesto from the Do lectures.
The One Job to apply to.
Lego Model Builders and Designers.

Apparently LegoLand Florida is looking for 50 to hire.
The One Study I believe in.
The One Chance to make an impression.
When we first meet someone we ask ourselves these two questions. And based on the answer, we create the first and probably stubborn opinion:

                 - Can I trust this person?
                 - Can I respect this person?
The One Drink to toast for.
The One Blog Post to read.
Triage Thinking by Dave Trott.
Another brilliant post by one of my favorite thinkers.
The One Company we all use by now.
Slack is killing it!
The One Skill to have.

And you can learn it from my friend and source of unlimited inspiration; Sarah Gregersen, founder of The Other Potential.
The One Tool we needed.

"The Office Stare Machine"

Type an emotion and get a collection of stares from the characters of the show.

Silly? yes.
Brilliant? you tell me.

The One talk to watch.
Jennifer Daniels on Creative Mornings SF.

It's short, provocative and smart (trifecta.) A must for every designer out there.
The One About Pixar inspiration.
The One Thing we all have in common.
The One Hard thing to do.
Easy does it.
Easy for you to say.
To make things easy is the goal.

But we might be overestimating "Easy," and underestimating Hard.

All this to tell you that Easy vs Hard by Matt Ruby is a smart post and you should read it.
The One about life balance.

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