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The One Thing.

Issue 9. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Photo from a higher place.
We didn't have to wait long to have a Drone Photography contest (on its 3rd edition!)

See the very special perspectives only a drone could offer.
The One Job you have this week.
To question conventional wisdom, always!

"the typical worker (in the US) now stays at a job six months longer than the average worker did a decade ago. Taking an even longer-term view, the typical worker has stayed at the same job for more than four and a half years, versus just three and a half years in 1983."
via "The Fallacy of Job Insecurity" at New Yorker
The One Event that I love.
See more spectacular photos of this timely event here.
The One (exagerated) Death.
eBooks didn't kill the paper book. (And since we are at it, digital music didn't kill vinyl either.)

The annual report from the U.S. Publishing industry shows that "eBook unit sales also declined by 9.7%, with eBooks now making up 17.3% of the trade book market."

And guess what? Adult books (as in coloring books) sold more books than any other category! 
The One Dream come true.
What was first a crazy idea, turned into a dream, which became a reality this July 4th:
The Learning Gypsies, (Hazel, Julia -Hazel's mom- Alani, Amaia, Iker and myself) left NYC and started our 1 year long trip around the world visiting schools, interviewing educators, parents, kids and psychologists, in search of the ideal learning system where kids can discover and cultivate their talents to lead a life with purpose.

We started in Lima, Peru, and it's been an eye opening experience to understand the reality and the many challenges facing Education in this country.

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The One Book to read.

This book tells the story of Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, who managed to put in motion a wave of change across communities in developing countries with a small but powerful thought: A single pencil in a child's hand i the first step toward unlocking the promise of self empowerment and a higher quality of life. 

A fascinating and inspiring book, that I think you'll enjoy.
The One Way to build a product.
I really liked this post by Bud Caddell about having the right expectations during a prototyping and creation process.
The One About Iceland's soccer.
I had to! I just love the story of this team too much.
The One Thing job seekers need.
We hear a lot about the needs of companies and executives, but how about the needs of people looking for a job, what do they look for in companies? 

Linkedin is here to answer this question.
The One For the nerd inside of you.
If you like video games you'll like this post.

If you appreciate design and insights about the creation of one of the biggest entertainment blockbusters of all time, you'll love this post about every detail you'd ever wanted to know about Uncharted 4.

PS: For nerds who are not afraid to admit it, this other post about the Blade Runner typeset is beyond awesome.
The One Color that defines you.
The One Flag to raise.
What happens when you deconstruct the design of every country's flag? Flag Stories!
The One Chart to see.
Jason Fried (Founder & CEO at Basecamp) calls it "the best visual description of a company I've ever seen"

Decide for yourself
The One Location that matters less.
This article by The Economist shows that WHAT you study matters more than WHERE you study.
The One Soundtrack to my life.
I've been a big fan of movie soundtracks all my life. Back in the day I would buy only music from movies. From Death in Venice to The Mission. 

Today, I play this playlist almost everyday. Best of Movie Soundtracks by Guillaume Flahaut on Spotify.
The One Extreme average.

Number of times we touch our phone, daily!

Believe it.
The One Resource heaven.
Courtesy of Product Hunt... Random Resources, each time you refresh, you get new goodies.
The One _____ .
The quieter the mind, the more creative we can be.

Or so it says this study.
The One Way to have virtual meetings.
Follow these simple rules:

1- Facilitate the conversation.
2- Make video mandatory.
3- Use only technology that works.

See here for more tips.
The One Trend.
People like eating out.

It sounds like a simple fact, but its actually a reflection on the changing dynamics of the US society: More women in the workforce, more processed foods, and more calories consumed means trouble for american's health. 

I never expected this collection of links to amount to a 100 subscribers, much less to a 1,000. 

Thank you for supporting this hobby turned habit.

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