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The One Thing.

Issue 17.

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Show that gets you at hello.
Exactly what episode makes you fall in love with a show?

Netflix released data today that shows that different shows hook you at a different episode.

Scandal does at the 2nd, just like Breaking Bad. 

It also shows that different countries get hooked at a different pace... fascinating!
The One Question to think about.
The BBC has created a site that lets you check how long is going to take before your job is taken by a Robot... 

It looks like Terminator won't be coming any time soon to take my job... I believe the reason would be the salary, more than anything else.
The One Podcast that challenges everything you know!
It's no secret that I LOVE the 99% invisible Podcast.

What is incredibly surprising is how many things we assume to know about things, when in fact we know very little about them.

Like what, you might wonder? Fortune cookies. Everything we think we know about them is wrong!

The story about the "Chinese" sweet is the best 20 minutes you'll spend all weekend. (unless you are married to my wife)
The One Example of creativity in unexpected places.
When something goes wrong with your web page, you could just show the expected "404 error" page, or you could try to do something a bit more original.

The Financial Times, of course, chose to give us a nice lesson in Economics.
The One Future we need.
Learning has never been more accesible, more important and more necessary. And yet, to imagine the future of learning, is to imagine a very different education universe. Sandy Speicher from IDEO gives us a peek.
The One Fact we all expected.
Streaming accounts for more than 1 billion dollars for the first 6 months of the year. 
The One Job I'd love to have.
Book Cover designer! 

And now we can see and admire hundreds of them on this archive of Book Cover Designs and Designers.
The One Place to be judgemental.
Talking about book covers... Judgey invites you to review book covers and then it compares your score with the average review the book got on Amazon. Fun!
The One Place to get lost.
To continue the theme of books, a list of the most beautiful bookshops around the world.

The one in the picture is Librería Acqua Alta in Venice, Italy.

That'd be a great project: the best 100 places in the workd to read a book.
The One Way to make Lego movies.
Phonetic minifig heads! Of course.
The One Theme Park to visit.
Hayao Miyazaki (The Director of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo) is opening a Theme Park in Japan, aimed at encouraging children to engage with the natural world.
The One Bookstore that sells only One book.
Morioka Shoten in the Ginza District, sells just one book per week. 
The One Chart to question our assumptions.
via digital music news
The One Planet I love.
In case you are not familiar with its latest photo, this is PLUTO!

And I have a crush on this little planet. Calle it dwarft, call it what you will. I think that is beautiful.
The One story that explains the "drill and the hole" meme.
It all started in 1983..
"People don’t buy products, they buy the expectation of benefits"
The One List to complete before you die.
The One Network killing it.
The One Question to ask to always hire Top Performers.
Actually, it's a set of 7 characteristics, all of them useful and some, really surprising!
The One Place to confess yourself publicly.
There is an art project at the Brighton Train station that is displaying people's secrets on a digital screen.
The One Quote I love by Yogi Berra.
"The future is not what it used to be"
R.I.P. Yogi Berra Yankees Baseball player. 1925- 2015.

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