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The One Thing.

Issue 17.

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Thing we all agree on.
The One Employee who got it.
Steven Sasson gave its employers the innovation everybody craves today: the one disrupting product to rule them all.

Steven made the first Digital camera in 1975 while he was working for Eastman Kodak. He was 24 years old.

What happened with Steve and his invention? You can read it here. But let's just say the main objections came from the marketing and the business departments inside Kodak.
The One Channel Guide from the future.
I can't wait! 

Maybe in just 5 years as Rex Sorgatz suggests in this Medium post.
The One Jacket everybody wants.
It needed $20,000 to start production. It's raised more than $8,000,000
on Kickstarter.
The One Thing nobody can do.
To pull apart two interleaved phone books. 

Nobody, has ever been able to do it! It's impossible.

And we finally know the reason.
The One to Raise a Flag
These are the 4 final designs for a new flag for New Zealand.

The old one reminded people of British imperialist times.

I go for the B&W with the spiral.
The One App that is popular and makes money.
These are the most downloaded apps of all time.

No surprises, really.

But when looking at the most popular in terms of revenue, only one repeats... 
The One Comeback I didn't Expect.
The Audiocassette!

2014 was the Best year sales since the cassette was invented!

Let's start mixing tapes again.
The One Advantage of being Weird.
We tend to remember what's different.
Apparently weird experiences cause a release of dopamine in the part of our brain responsible or discovering, processing and storing sensory impressions.
The One Thing that makes Silicon Valley startup heaven.
A recent study by SparkLabs Global Ventures identifies the top global startup ecosystems in the world, and Silicon Valley comes on top of the list.

One of the factors they found unique to "Hot" startup communities is "Active Mentoring" or "Pay it forward" culture. The will to freely share contacts and wisdom with our fellow entrepreneurs.
The One "Netflix and Chill" explanation.
The beautiful thing about language is that is not afraid of change.

This post takes us through the birth and adoption of one of the idioms that best captures the impact technology has on culture.
The One Guy who can make you sleep like a baby.
Nick Littlehales!

He is a sleep coach, and the one responsible for quality sleeps of the Sky Cycling Team and Chelsea, and Manchester United.

He says that it's all about Marginal Gains.

And that makes me happy.
The One Designer to rule the world.
Really interesting post about the evolution of Design and the skills designers need to add value along the entire process.
The One Number to deal with.
The One Drawing from out of Space.
Made by Alexei Leonov in March 1965, this is the first drawing made while looking at the earth from space.
The One Advice from Larry Page.
The One Event I'll love to attend.
Transition. Organized by Percolate and with an impressive lineup of speakers.

September 24th in NYC.

Let me know if you are going.
The One House I'd love to own.
This beautiful house is located 180 kilometers from Sao Paulo, and was designed by studiomk27.

Wait till you see the inside!

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