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The One Thing.

Issue 6. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
Happy mother's day.
The One Picasso we can own.
Ever wanted to use the exact same colors used by famous painters to create their masterpieces? 

Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes used by the worlds greatest artists.

From Klimt and Botero, to Dali and Van Gogh.
The One Croissant to eat.
The Croissant made at Lune in Melbourne, Australia claims to be the best in the world.

Kate Reid, the founder studied aerospace engineering and spent several years working for a Formula One racing team before apprenticing at the famed Paris boulangerie Du Pain et des Idees.

Talking about career path!
The One Correlation that works.
Ping Pong Table sales and VC deals!!!
via WSJ
The One Correlation that also works.
The One I didn't see coming.
The New York Times will start delivering Meal Kits to your home. 

It's not April fool's day, so It has to be true.
The One Bold prediction.
Can Foursquare predict sales for the Burrito chain based on check-ins?
The One Obsession with data we love.
An interactive chart of EVERY SHOT Kobe ever took!
The One Surprising win.
I loooove Leicester claiming the Premier Title! 

Soccer is a sport where usually the same 15 teams dominate the glory and the triumphs.
But not this year!  
This year belongs to the underdog, really, really under dog!
But the Economist believes that underdogs are overrated!
The One Store I'm addicted to.
A pencil store in the Lower East Side in Manhattan has become my weekly pilgrimage in search of the perfect pencil.

Some people spend up to $4,000 in pencils. I have set a limit of $40 per visit!
The One Lesson to learn.
Why some startups fail?

If you are curious to learn about the post-mortems of some of the most talked-about names in Silicon Valley, click here.
The One Skill to teach.
I, too love my Alexa.

It's become part of my family life. The kids love "her", my wife loves her, my friends love her.

And now that I can teach Alexa my own set of skills, I'm even more in love.

Is there an end to this love story?

Alexa, play romantic music!
The One to be thankful for.
We are trying to share with our kids the importance of being grateful. Not as easy as it sounds in the context of Brooklyn, NY, Uber rides, good school, and organic food, but we try everyday our best to put things in perspective for them.

But perhaps we adults could use a good dose of Gratefulness.
The One Place to ask for money.
The One WebPage you'll ever need.
If you are a designer, this page will become your immediate virtual best friend.
The One that shows that knowledge is power.
What makes us click on one image over another one?

Netflix knows.
The One Addiction we share.
Our addiction to our Smart Phones.

It might not be surprising to know that we open our iPhone over 80 times per day.

But to think that Android users do it even more: 110 times per day
The One To admire.
Buzzfeed is doing a whole lot of interesting things in the agency/media/news/content/distribution industry.

This article tells you why their strategy is so damn brilliant.
The One Boy to listen to.
The best 11 minutes you'll spend this weekend.

Be a hacker!

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