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The One Thing.

Issue 3. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Photo of Jonas.
The path of the snow blizzard (Jonas) that covered in white the east coast 2 weeks ago.

The Blizzard was the second-biggest snowstorm in NYC history, dumping 26.8 inches of snow in Central Park.

For weather hard core fans, EUMETSAT just released a video with the global weather activity in 2015, in amazing high definition from space!!! 8 minutes of hurricanes, rainy seasons and weather patterns about the warmest year on record. Maybe we can learn something from it.
The One That will make you laugh. Guranteed.
Wonderful article by Vulture about all those funny moments that belong to humanities' collective memory.

There is a video of every sketch and every moment, which makes it a wonderful distraction for the weekend. 

My favorite one? Hard to pick, but I'll go with Seinfeld. Followed closely by Bush vs Bush by Jon Stewart.
The One Simpsons database.
Since I have you in a funny mode, enjoy this database created by Frinkiac: a search engine for Simpsons quotes. It contains nearly 3 million screenshots (every episode from season 1 through 15) indexed by the quote they are associated with."
The One Book mandatory in US colleges.
We know this thanks to The Open Syllabus Project, a collection of over a 1 million curricula from English-language colleges and universities over the las 15 years.

Want to know the top 10 books at Harvard? Yale? Columbia? MIT? Stanford? 
The One Pause we need to make.
Want to know what increases productivity?
The One Question to ask new hires.
What is your favorite property in Monopoly and why?

As suggested by Ken Moelis, founder and CEO of Moelis & Co, an investment bank, because "its a great way to hear how people think of risk and rewards"
The One Exciting news for Entrepreneur kids.
Sesame Street is launching venture arm to invest in startups that help kids.
The One Self-Revealing fact.
The One Milestone to reach.
WhatsApp has more than doubled in users since Facebook bought it and on Monday reached 1 billion
The One Thing(s) on your wife's mind.
Straight from Reddit, this drawing is the result of someone who asked his wife to draw a picture of what's on her mind. 
The One Resource for strategy nerds. has it all. From Strategists to follow and trends, to Social Media data and Case Studies for inspiration.
The One Message we get.
The One Advice for negotiating with your kids.
From hostage negotiation experts (just so we are clear about what we are dealing with here)
The One About unicorns.
There are now 229 unicorn startups with $175B in funding and $1.3T valuation. 
The One When size matters.
The One Discovery about free time.
Apparently we enjoy more our free time when we align it with the free time of our friends and loved ones.

The secret to work-life balance, turns out, is to coordinate days-off and free time with other people, instead of making plans on your own.
The One List we need to remember.
A list of Basic Human Needs:
The One Advice from experience.

We look for advice and wisdom in unicorns and startups, but let's not forget to ask the aged, the experience and the elders. 

They know a thing or two.

The One Where we discover we are in this together.
It used to be that there were 6 degrees of separation between any two humans on earth (at least in 1929, when the theory was created by F. Karinthy.

The latest research shows that on Facebook the gap is shortening, and is just 3,57 degrees of separation between anyone on the social network.
The One Project to eat.
The Doughnut Project, located on 10 Morton street in NYC.
The One About People's place in history.
An amazing visualization of History's Timeline, that brings to life personalities and their place in history.
The One Podcast that will make you happier.
Emma Seppala, Stanford researcher and author of the Happines Track, explains in this Podcast the proven benefits of a positive outlook: 

"Creativity doesn't come when you are overly stressed, overly focused... creativity comes when you are idle, when you are having fun. Creativity emerges when you are day dreamy sort of space" 
The One Way to start the day.

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