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The One Thing.

Issue 6. 2016

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Positive effect of human invention.
Incredible visualization of the positive impact of vaccines in society. 

Hopefully the most deadly ones will soon look like this too.

via: Visual News
The One Map of names.
An interesting map of the most popular "last names" by country in Europe.
The One Museum of trash.
This is the Treasures in the Trash collection, created entirely out of objects found by Nelson Molina, a now-retired sanitation worker, who began by decorating his locker. Collected over 30 years, it is a visual explosion, organized by type, color, and size. 

Unfortunately, this isn't a collection that keeps regular hours; drop-ins are not allowed. For more information on the occasional organized tours, email
The One Art piece you can play with.
Over at digital arts community B3ta, a user challenged others to create images of fake video games based off of famous artworks. The results are pretty phenomenal, but one user who goes by HappyToast envisioned a version of Pong set inside a Piet Mondrian painting
The One News we need more of.
It sounds like headline straight out of "The Onion", but in fact the Dutch government considers closing five additional prisons, following the closure of 19 penal facilities due to lack of domestic criminals.

Of course, "good news" are always relative; Should five more prisons be closed, it will lead to a 1,900-job reduction.
The One Birthday to celebrate.
"OK" turned 177 years old last week.

This is a brief history of the most spoken word in the world.

"okay made its first printed appearance in the March 23, 1839 issue of the Boston Morning Post, as part of a playful diatribe directed at a rival paper, the Providence Journal"

Read more about its history here.
The One I can't wrap my head around.
“They pose several potential risks for native species, competing for space and resources, they can interbreed with local species and produce hybrid species, which we don’t know will be viable or not,” said Dr Paul Stebbing of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture science.

The One way to frame a story.
Mr. Robot is a brilliant show. It's intense, smart, dark and disturbing. And when you watch it, you actually feel these emotions all at once.

We need to thank (and congratulate) Tod Campbell, the show's cinematographer and his love for breaking the rules of composition.
The One To understand how things work.
Really interesting site that uses gifs to explain how things work.

warning: wormhole of time. 
The One Faster Food Restaurant.
The current gold standard for zipping patrons through a lunch line (what the industry calls "throughput") is Chipotle, which manages to serve 300 meals per hour—a transaction every 12 seconds.

The new Maple restaurant that operates without tables, cash registers, or waiters, set a new record in February: 1,100 meals cooked and delivered in one hour.

This is how they do it.
The One Treehouse I want to live in.
Beautiful concept designed by Almassov of A Masow Architects as an inverted treehouse, intended to provide an escape from the "sweltering concrete boxes" of city life.
The One Crazy idea that actually works.
Space elevator!!!

The patent, which has been granted in the U.K. and the U.S. so far, describes a tower with a space launch platform on top that would initially be built to a height of around 20 kilometres high, but could theoretically be built to more than 200 kilometres high, and reach into low Earth orbit.
The One Unsurprising fact.
The One I bet you didn't know.
How a vinyl record gets made!!!
The One Creative exercise I love.
Imagine all the pictures that all the google cars take while mapping every street around the world.

Now imagine selecting a few of those images to kickstart your new novel, or a short movie, or the goodnight story to your kids.

This experiment in creativity was done by the Awl newsletter.
The One Way to make a living.
You see that line, underscored at the bottom of the image above?

That line is called an exit text. And its the text you desperately want to click to escape the inevitable pop-up ad. (yes, a copywriter needs to write those lines; let's keep him in our prayers.)

These are some samples of Exit Text.
The One TED talk to watch.
Smart, funny, inspiring, educational... Ricardo Semler delivers the perfect talk at TED Rio.

The best 21 minutes of your day.
The One Book scaring me.
My 13th book of the year is about the wonders of computer power and its fast development into Artificial Intelligence. And the very real possibility that Artificial Intelligence might be the end of mankind (or so believes the author.)

The best nonfiction scary story you can read today.
The One Class I would take again.

Intellectual curiosity is one of the most important skills to develop (or is it a habit?) and I've been really curious about developing the skill of facilitation (to enable people and groups to solve challenges).

Two weeks ago (already?) I spent two intense and rewarding days learning from Sarah Gregersen the art and craft of facilitation.

If you are as curious as I am about learning useful and powerful skills, you'll love this one.

The One Way to tell your life story.

In March of 2016, Steve St. Pierre asked his social networks, "If you had to title your life story (up to this point), what would it be called?" A slew of responses came in, and the covers you see are the result of creating a new jacket every day for the respondents.

The One About Minecraft being super awesome.

Minecraft Architecture! 

The Guardian newspaper, created a challenge to build a virtual city that used existing tools and technologies to create the most sustainable urban environment possible. 

The Chicago Architectural Foundation has offered Minecraft summer camps for students from age 7 through 18, and Zaniac, an after-school education center in Utah, has offered Minecraft architecture classes.

The One Wine label you will know.
Wrap your feelings around a bottle of wine with Delicate States.
Fun copywriting attempt aside, this is a cool idea.
The One Hack that worked.
Learn how Audi hacked the New York Auto Show this week with the message that its A4 has surpassed the BMW 328i in many areas.

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