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The One Thing.

Issue 21.

2015, you were exceltional. Here is to another year full of wonder and awesomeness. 
There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Photo to remind us of winter.
Not that I miss the bitter cold and the 7 layers of clothing, but... Christmas is nicer in white!

Visit this wonderful tumblr called New York City feelings for incredible pictures of this amazing city I call home.
The One Reminder that we are not getting any younger.
There are more old people in the world than in 1970, where the population under 15 years old was overwhelmingly larger than any other age.

What does this mean for business and people? Watch this 5 min video to find out what the shape of the population will be by 2060.
The One True tower of Babel.
This infographic is part of the winners of the 2015 Information is Beautiful Awards. So much to see here.
The One Book I enjoyed the most in 2015.
2015 has been a wonderful year for reading. You can see the 62 books I've read this year, and even recommend some for 2016 if you want by sending me an email here
The One RT that I didn't expect.
A list of the most Retweeted tweets from around the world in 2015.

I guess I didn't expect One Direction to be so, so, so popular.
The One Reason to be optimistic about the future.
The One number to be even more optimistic about the future.
73% of 16-24 year olds prefer print over digital books!!!
The One Uhm???
The US Postal Service is testing a notification system that EMAILS customers their mail.
The One Company involved in these inventions.
The One Word of the year.
This year the word Minion captured our curiosity, but is the suffix -ism that was declared the Word of The Year by Merriam-Webster.

Merriam-Webster has been announcing the word of the year for more than 10 years, based on frequency of search during that year.
The One Interactive documentary I loved.
This incredible account of the deaths during WWII will blow you away. 

Not just the smart use of technology, but the fascinating subject matter make it a must watch for anybody who wants to put a historical perspective where we come from and where we are heading.
The One I wish I had created myself.
The One Company where you'll be happy.
What makes a company a good place to work? 
The One Time when first class was first class.
If you don't get depressed easily, take a look at the way airlines used to treat first class passengers.
The One Day in the life of Americans.
Beautiful visualization of the activities of Americans at different times of the day.
The One Help we need to handle a breakup.

Of course that experience has to be designed, and who better than facebook to optimize how we go through the awkward moment after a break up.

The One Question to answer in 2016.
When we finally colonize Mars (and some estimates have us doing in 2033) should Humans give up their earth citizenship?
The One Challenge to take on.
Emanuel Lubezki, the Director of Photography of the Revenant, shot the entire film with natural light.

That means he didn't use any artificial light during the making of the movie. #wow
The One Chart to reflect upon.
The One App you can't live without.
What happens when you shut down WhatsApp in Brazil for 12 hours? All kinds of "end-of-the-world" mayhem. 
The One Trick to get people to like you in 2 seconds.
Talk to them as if you already knew them.
The One Class we need more of.

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