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October 2016

Volume 2

I told you this would be irregular.

Short issue this time around; I've just got a couple of things to mention. Hope your summer has gone well. And your spring. 



Don't Stop Believing Teaser Image
Don't Stop Believing is now available exclusively for Kindle, for the moment. Come December, it'll be available both in dead-tree version and in other digital formats. It's a different story than TSG, and not even part of that universe. This one is about Scott, a freelance photographer who's a newish Christian with a new woman in his life. She disappears for a couple of days, then reappears in police custody, charged with murder. Scott also learns that Samantha owns a strip club. 

I'll be appearing at at book signing in Muskogee on December 3rd. If you're there, you'll have the opportunity to pick up signed copies of both Don't Stop Believing and The Sad Girl. 

Here's the really cool news, if you like my books. Part 2 of The Sad Girl is finished, and I'm looking for beta readers. What's a beta reader? Glad you asked. Here's the Wikipedia definition. What it means is you get to read the next book before anyone else has a chance to. You're helping me look for obvious errors, like plot holes, or changing someone's hair or eye color, or even gender. It's not a line-byline edit; I've got someone lined up for that. But I want to give my editor a good manuscript, and that's where betas come in. Here's a decent guide on beta reading. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, shoot an email to with the subject "Finding Angie Beta Reader," and let me know what file format you'd like to see.

I'm in the process of redesigning my website, before I move it over to That URL is live, but it redirects you to the existing site at You can get a sneak preview here. Be warned that appearance and format are subject to change.


I don't have a lot of new content for my Voice issues at the website. I need to work on that. But I have been adding articles to my Flipboard magazines and Pinterest boards on a regular basis. 

Wrongful Convictions
Police Misconduct
Human Trafficking

Wrongful Convictions
Injustice in the Justice System


As part of my classwork for JRMC 1123 News Writing and Reporting, the class is running a news blog for the rest of the semester. Somehow I got roped in to being the managing edtior. It's just live right now, with no content, but you can follow us here.

I'm also serving as a Contributing Writer for the TCC Connection, the school newspaper. My first article should appear in the next issue. See it here.

I'm finally back on two wheels. I picked up a '96 Honda Goldwing in September. A friend in Ohio was looking to sell his, so I bought it, blew up to Ohio, and road it home. The first of several posts about that trip is here.

I've updated my social media account listing at the bottom. Be sure to follow me where you haven't. See you next issue.

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