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James Court - Wellington Wave Guru
Paul Vliestra - The Efficient Mountain Lion


Taranaki Wave Classic

Labour Day weekend epic{ness}

Since it began back in 1979 the Taranaki Wave Classic has been through many changes. It’s simple expression session format means nobody is forced to sit on the beach and watch after being knocked out in round one. Everyone gets to sail and share the stoke with the best of New Zealand and their friends learning and laughing. The lucky top 10 will go through to a final while to remaining entrants sit back and enjoy a beer and a sausage from the BBQ. It really is an event about participation and with sponsored riders and suppliers from across New Zealand joining in there are plenty of people around to give advice and help anyone new to wave sailing.

Warm up day: 23rd
Date: Labour day weekend - 24th-26th 
End of day BBQ’s and our world famous TWC prize giving bring everyone together and help wear the kids down before bedtime. This year the party is catered by the amazing kitchen at Stoney River Motel is included in your entry ticket also including free beers, wines and waters to get re-hydrate after hopefully and amazing day on the water. If your bringing your better half extra tickets are also available just sent us an email or include them in your entry. To top it all off many of our amazing sponsors are back this year with spot prizes up for grabs on award night including Carbon Art's free board going to one lucky entrant for the 18th year running.
 So don’t miss out get your friends, your family and your kids together. Load up your vans and trailers and book yourself in for the best windsurfing event of the year.
To enter visit the event website
CLICK HERE for information on accommodation
If you would like to support the event in any way with spot prizes or sponsorship please email the Taranaki Windsurf Club

- James Dinnis

Kiwis on Maui 2015

Since windsurfing first boomed in the 70's Maui, Hawaii has been the hub of windsurfing. All the leading brands have done their development here and their top riders have trained and been a large part of the community. WIth consistent wind in the summer and dream waves in the winter, it is a watermans paradise which explains why so many of the best have come from this amazing country.

Since the glory days of Scott Fenton, Barbara and Bruce Kendall, Kiwis have been traveling to Maui to battle with the pros and the locals. Recently this has increased a lot where at one time we have had over 30 windsurfers taking over the beach and basically making it ours for a few weeks. There are a few aussies that come over also, but I can happily say Kiwis are much preferred than that dodgy kangaroo meat. 
Above is a picture of some of the crew which came this year wearing the awesome Maui T-Shirts courtesy of Jim Rodgers. If you ask anyone about the sailing it is certainly something special and is worth doing at least once in your windsurfing life. This year Maui has been overwhelmed with strange conditions where the traditional North East wind was less frequent turning further north. This however is no negative as it provides excess of wind at Kihei. Kihei has a small reef providing some relaxed waves and blastng conditions. Usually when Kanaha is below 15knots, Kihei will be in excess of 25knots... Epic{ness}
There is no excess of learning and seeing where the sport is growing and how the industry works. There is always something going on down at the beach or at the cannery... from new board concepts, sail designs, pro's training and testing to just having some beers and a BBQ at the beach. I recommend coming over with some friends and being apart of the fun as I can gaurantee you will learn so much and have the time of your life. Don't hesitate to contact myself for questions of when is best to come over and what places you should go.
Maui Race Series
Well this years Maui Race Series will go down in the record books as one of the weirdest ever. It was plagued with light winds and unfortunate forecasts where they struggled to complete the race days in full. 

The forecast for the State Champs was looking 50/50 due to the cyclone passing north of Maui. It was expected that it would at least bring a light trade wind in for some good 7.0 racing. However it never managed to develop. Racing continued and those with 7.8's and bigger blasted around the course. Unfortunately for the majority of Kiwi's though, they didn't bring big enough gear.

There was however some outstanding performances where we saw Paul Vlistra (Vman) come in first to the top mark beating the wild springbok Peter Slate. However Slate applied the pressure and Vman took a tumble. Laurence Carey, Angus Butterfield, Chris 'The Wild' Bolt and Kiwi born Peter John were in the 19-39 division with their biggest competition being Mark Boersma. Mark is a coach for HST and is planing on going for RIO for the USA. 

The 19-39 was a hard battle where Mark took the first race on his 9.0. Peter John took the next race where Mark would win the next race taking out the division. Overall the Kiwis got two places on the podium with Laurence (2nd) and Peter John (3rd).

However, I think the biggest stand out performance goes to Bernard Carey... With some hard work and dedication Bernard managed to take a phenomenal 2nd place beating many of the top locals including captain Greg, ted Hunter and Tod Macfarlane... yeowww! It goes to show some people perform best when impressing the ladies (love ya dad).

- Laurence Carey

IFCA Slalom World Champs

The IFCA slalom world champs are one of the worlds biggest slalom events, usually pitting past and future PWA stars against the cream of European talent. The numbers show just how big windsurfing still is over in Europe with over 120,000 spectators watching 90 competitors from 17 nations battle it out.

Held in Sylt, Germany, riders had to deal with light conditions on the first day and slightly better conditions for day two before a storm called halt to proceedings for the remaining 3 days of competition. 

Coming out on top was the German Vincent Langer (GER-1) . The reigning German Champion laid built an unassailable lead after dominating the first two eliminations. The third elimination was only a formality, with riders able to drop their worst result the German had it all wrapped up. 

"I am stoked! I am the Slalom World Champion!" smiles the fresh title holder to continue "Last year I was third. The year before Vice-World Champion. Now, in the third attempt it has finally worked out. I am even more proud to achieve this success in my home country. This is the maximum! {German for pretty sweet}"

Langer was followed home by the great Dane Sebastian Kornum (DEN-24). Ever consistent, PWA sailor Kornum did enough to secure second with a domination of the last elimination, improving on his third place last year. 

Sebastion was gracious in defeat; "I am happy to be Vice-World Champion. Normally it is already a kind of defeat if you are second. But Vincent really deserves the title. He has presented a great performance on the water and is promoting windsurfing a lot among the youth in Germany.  If somebody is a rightful champion then him!". What a guy.

Nicolas Warembourg (FRA-531) from France follows close behind with 4.0 points.  In two races he conquered the second place. Once he got sixth.

In the Women's fleet Turkish Lena Erdil (TUR-33) was able to dominate. She won six out of seven races, earning her the right to be named "IFCA Slalom Women Champion 2015". She was followed by Maria Andres (ESP-2) from Spain and she was followed by Esther de Geus (NED-16) from the Netherlands.

Kite Girls...

The History of Windsurfing

Windsurfing has come a very long way since it was thought of way back in the 1930’s, where a surfboard had a sail put on it and the sailor didn’t even stand up! Now days people are travelling in excess of 40 knots and barely even touching the water.

This short little Documentary follows the journey of the windsurfer since then all the way up to the early 2000’s. There is footage from way back in the day, up until the 2000’s showing some of the drastic changes the sport has seen through in all of those years. Also some pretty epic windsurfing stories are shared making some very exciting watching.

- Wise Sam Davie

AWA Prize Giving


Its that time of year again and thanks  to the support from our industry and out of industry sponsor we have had another great season. Come along and catch up with all your buddies who have been hibernating or sailing overseas.

We will have heaps of spot prizes up for grabs for all AWA Members so you have a better chance of scoring at the bar than normal, and don't stress if you aren't a member you can always sign up on the night.

AWA AGM: 24th August
AWA Prizegiving: 27th August

Kiwis on the World Tour

Our boy Laurence Carey has just been accepted for the PWA Turkey event in Alacati on August 17th-22nd!

This will be Laurence's second PWA appearance after his debut in New Caledonia last year and a step towards his goal of establishing himself full time on the tour and bringing New Zealand a world title. Since graduating university in June, Carey has been based in Maui training and tuning with the local slalom royalty and will be excited to mix it with the pros with some proper preparation under his belt.

"It will be awesome and I expect to learn a lot, where it is the hardest and most competitive event of the Tour. I have been training hard so it will be interesting to see how I go against the pros, lets hope for some powered 7.8 racing!!"

It will be awesome to see an NZL flying against the best again so check out the live stream on the PWA website, and be sure to contact legendary commentator Ben Proffit with any dirt you have on Laurence so he can give him some stick.

- Jack Holliday

Formula Kite Worlds

It was a week of action, drama and intensity for the  2015 Kite Race World Championships in Italy. Fresh from winning the mens European’s in Turkey the previous week, Olly Bridge took an early lead in the qualifying series. These 2 days establishes a silver & Gold fleet, however with only 1 discard for this series racers must take care avoid tangles & incidents. 
The Gold fleet raced a further 8 races over the next 2 days then the top 10 get a final day of medal races to determine the overall world champion. However, some incidents on and off the water meant that going into deal race day - any of the top 5 positions could have won the tittle. 
The stategy for Medal race day for Olly was

"that he had to ensure Maxime was behind him"  - Steph Bridge
this was going well securing 2 x 1st position initially. Race 3 was when the drama began - a Port & starboard incident on the upwind leg between fellow competitors Blasco & Olly meant that both were making a protest & it went in favour of Blasco which cost Olly his world Tittle & pushed him to silver position while Maxime Nocher took Gold & Blasco took Bronze.
There was far less testosterone amongst the woman's fleet although incredible tight racing between current world Champion - Steph Bridge the young Russian sailor - Eleanor kalinia . These 2 dominated 1st & 2nd places through out the event however it was Eleanor that made the point difference and took the woman world Tittle with Steph taking the Silver. The rest of the woman racing was a close battle between North rider Ariane Imbert (FRA), Anastasia (RUS) & Aga (POL) The lighter conditions on medal race day was to the Russian’s advantage taking her into 3rd and Ariane 4th.
The formula Kite racers next prepare for the Pan American Continental National Championships in Brazil followed by the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Abu Dhabi. 

- Laurence Carey

WSL Tour - J-Bay

J-Bay 2015 will go down as the most notorious surf event in history. Even if you don't follow surfing you will know why, which in itself is amazing. For a brief moment surfing was the most talked about news item around the world. Shark attacks are ratings smashes at the best of times even if coverage is  limited to eye witness reports and sketchy home videos on the beach. So to see it go down, live, in high definition, with commentary from former world champ Martin Potter alongside Joe Turpel was a package too sweet to resist for the world media. It had everything, emotional interviews, the Julian Wilson hero story, punches thrown and above all, a fairy tale ending. I'm not going to add anything because every tiny angle and detail has been scrutinized by more illustrious media entities than your humble WNZ newsletter so Ill will have a bit of a look instead at what happened before the attack.   

1. The Title Race
Is starting to get interesting, The top four (Adriano, Mick, Julian and Filipe) are starting to put some distance between themselves and the chasing pack. I would venture to say that Owen, Kelly and Nat are the only surfers outside the top four that have realistic shot at the title now. That is barring an exceptional run of form from the likes of Gabriel Medina, Josh Kerr or John John.   

2. Gabby's Back
Defending world champion Gabriel Medina has had a shocker this year. However J-Bay was a solid return to form for the 20 year old. He got one back off Glen Hall after their heated match up on the Gold Coast and then took out the 'super heat' against fellow world champs Slater and Fanning. He eventually faltered against an on fire Slater in their rematch in the quarters but he will be bringing some mojo into the nest event in Tahiti.

3. Jordy Smith
Heralded as one of the best at J-Bay, unfortunately Jordy couldn't shake off a lingering injury falling to a round 2 defeat. It hasn't been a great year for the big South African it will be interesting to watch him pick himself up as even qualification could become a question mark as it did for Julian last year. 

4. Ricardo Christie
AGAIN! In the most heartbreaking heat of the event the Kiwi was absolutely ripping pulling out a huge heat total of 18.13. The only problem was he was up against Joel Parkinson, who's many people had pegged as a favorite heading into the event. Joel just got the nod by less than half a point. I nearly cried. Surely Ric will get the break he deserves soon.

Stay tuned for Tahiti which should be kicking off soon.

- Jack Holliday

Molokai to Oahu 2015

The 2015 edition of one of the worlds premier paddle board races was even more grueling than usual.

In stark contrast to last years event the ocean was almost flat calm with no wind meaning competitors had to grind out the 32 mile course with little assistance from nature. Then with the finish line in sight the competitors had to deal with a solid 8 foot south swell into the finish line.

Aussie Travis Grant showed guts to take the win in the solo unlimited class over Kai Lenny, previous event champion Connor Baxter had to pull out with stomach cramps.

 For the Kiwi's it was a huge effort by Annabel Anderson which saw her win the ladies stock 14' and take out second overall, at times she was leading the race against opponents on 17 foot unlimited boards. Penelope Strickland also backed up an amazing result last year by moving another step up the podium to second in the ladies unlimited. Huge efforts by the girls!

- Jack Holliday

Gossip Sessions

Wellington Wave Guru - James Court
Age: 43
Height: 183cm
Weight: 75 kg
Favourite discipline: Wave
Most sailed location: Lyall Bay, Wellington
Relationship status: Married with Children
What got you into windsurfing?  Wanting to hang with my cool (or at least who I thought were cool at the time) older cousins who windsurfed. Plus my father was right into it and I had ready access to gear. I learnt to windsurf on the Hamilton Lake, but once I had access to transport and I got good enough, Raglan became my local spot until moving to Wellington in 1999.

Favourite discipline and why? Wave sailing primarily because it involves surfing waves in mostly uncrowded conditions.  It combines surfing, jumping and freestyle into one discipline.  It takes a lot of patience, time and travelling to get really good at.   Also the better you get the more you can enjoy it in a wide variety of conditions from 10 knots cross off to 40 knots onshore.

Have you tried all disciplines and if had access to it would you compete in them all? I have competed in Wave, Freestyle, Slalom, and Formula at local and national level.  I enjoy all and any form of windsurfing but have to prioritise due to time constraints.

Who is your least favourite windsurfer?  My least favourite windsurfers are those that bring a bad or arrogant attitude onto the water, snaking, dropping in, not giving way, and pissing off other water users. Fortunately windsurfing, as compared to surfing, is remarkably free from this blight, and is another reason why I have enjoyed this sport so much.

Which NZ windsurfer do you admire the most? Hmmm . . probably the windsurfer that is having the most fun on the water, always hooting, giving you a wave, flashing a big smile, genuinely stoked on the sport and positively sharing that stoke.  Esteban Funes and Anton Og are two that come to mind in Wellington.

Big or small? I like it when it’s big and I like going big.

Would you ever be a house husband/wife?   I have already served two tours of duty as a house husband and currently work part time to care for the kids after school.  It’s rewarding but hard work and, contrary to popular belief, is not conducive to more windsurfing.

What’s your favourite position?  Big lay down bottom turn on an logo high, orange peel smooth wave, looking up at a feathering lip knowing that I am going to throw buckets, or launch a snappy aerial. 
Have you sailed overseas? Where is your dream location?  Hawaii three times and Fiji. My dream location is reasonably close to home, holds any size swell and is incredibly heavy, plus scares the shit out of me.  It is also very fickle, but when it’s on  . . . unforgettable.

I think New Zealand is relatively unexplored as far as wave sailing spots go and has a large number of virgin and potentially epic wave sailing spots that are waiting to be discovered.  Some of the best wave sailing on the planet is now being done in big perfect surf but very light, gusty cross-offshore, using big volume wave boards and sometimes jet ski assist.  We need to be looking around the corner at home and pushing our boundaries more. A couple of un sailed spots and areas in the Wairarapa, Gisborne and East Cape immediately come to mind. However, most surf exposed beaches reefs that are not tucked into cliffs will have serious potential.

Do your parents windsurf? My father Mike is a bit of an old legend in the NZ surfing scene, and he also windsurfed, starting in the late seventies, early eighties. I actually have pictures of him sailing one of the first Supersession wave boards at Manu Bay, Raglan around 1980. 

What is your goal with every session? I usually start each session with a specific goal in mind, usually to work on a certain move, to complete a specific number of moves, or to focus on wave riding rather than jumping.

Have you made any videos? Yes, I made a couple of grainy videos over 10 years ago of the Wellington lads while recovering from a broken leg, otherwise I don’t have the patience to take footage.

Do you prefer stiff or soft masts? Um, I have no idea  . . .  I use platinum North RDMs - light and durable.

What’s your windsurfing plans for the future?  My focus is on continuing to enjoy my sailing and to keep progressing my down the line wave sailing.  More exploring and discovering of new wave sailing spots.

What’s your most memorable windsurfing experience?  Probably sailing “Windies” in the Waiarapa for the first time in 2010, getting it big, scary and epic, and at the same time knowing that it was likely the first time any one had ever wave sailed it.

Favourite quote? “The best advice I've ever received is, 'No one else knows what they're doing either.” ― Ricky Gervais
The Efficient Mountain Lion - Paul Vliestra
Nickname: Veeman
Age: 49
Height: 5'9 1/2" (don't forget the half) ha ha
Weight: ideal 84kg current 90kg
Favourite discipline: Slalom
Most sailed location: Dunedin Harbour
Relationship status: Married Interview questions
What got you into windsurfing? A friend had been doing it for a few years back in the early '80's while living in Aussie and then another friend left Dunedin said that I could use his gear while he went on his OE... Learned the hard way....on my own.... Until my friends from Aussie came back to Dunedin then it was all on....

Favourite discipline and why? Slalom, because to me it's like the Formula 1 of windsurfing and I like speed, I like scaring myself which makes me feel alive!

Have you tried all disciplines and if had access to it would you compete in them all? I would compete in any discipline that was on offer if I had an endless supply of gear! Even Olympic sailing still excites me. I personally have done slalom, wave, course racing, course slalom, I may be getting a little too old for freestyle?

Who is your least favourite windsurfer? Anyone who thinks they are the best or "up themselves" or I mean, I know you have to have belief in yourself so that you give yourself every chance to win but you shouldn't project that out to other people!

Which windsurfer's do you admire the most? There are Many many Great New Zealand windsurfers for various reasons, but unfortunately a lot of those I looked up to have now left the sport. Simon Jones for his ability, Ross Monk for his knowledge yet care free attitude, Mike Sinclair for his undeterred enthusiasm, Peter Slate for his encouraging happy styles, Barbara Preston-Vlietstra for her determination and outstanding enjoyment in the sport. Jim Rodgers for his generous and fun loving personality and so many people I could mention for different reasons.

Interested in Males or females? I'm not gay if that's what you're asking?

Blonde or brunette? Blonde of course!

Big or small? Because this question is in between what would be deemed personal and not really about windsurfing I would have to say small to medium but if it was directed towards windsurfing then I would have to say small.

Would you ever be a house husband/wife? No

Where is your dream location? Several places, but so far there is nothing quite as good as Maui, Hawaii.

What is your goal with every session? To meet my friends again and have great times make great memories

Do you prefer stiff or soft masts? Stiff black one ones

Whats your windsurfing plans for the future? Lancelin, (did I spell that right) in WA, January 2016 Wats your most memorable windsurfing experience? I have many great memories but sailing out the mouth of Dunedin Harbour with the replica Endeavour tall ship in 3m swells and two albatross beside me was pretty awesome.

Favourite quote? "My friends are making my life story awesome"!
If you have anyone (including yourself) you would like to nominate for an interview then please reply to this newsletter or contact us directly.

WNZ Calendar



Kiwi's go to Maui - Slalom/freeride mostly


Taranaki Wave Classic (24th-26th)
Maui wave season starts


January 2016

NZ Slalom Nationals (21st - 23rd)

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PWA Alacati,Turkey (17th - 22nd) Slalom
Euro-Cup Izmir, Turkey (25th - 29th) Slalom


PWA Klitmoller  (14th - 20th) Wave
PWA Sylt, Germany (25th- Oct 5th) Wave, Slalom, Freestyle



PWA Crozon Morgat, France (16th - 22nd) Wave
PWA Maui, Hawaii (28th - Nov 10th) Wave



PWA New Caledonia (24th - 29th) (possibly cancelled) Slalom

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