2016 is nearly over which means this will be the final newsletter of the year. Check out some water sport epic(ness) and have an enjoyable week before Christmas.




Surf & SUP

WSL Big Wave - Peahi Challenge
McFanning - Legend
Should I Try SUP racing?
Worlds No. 1 Jumbo Surfer Loses Arm!


NZ Kitesurf Nationals


Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup


From a tropical paradise to girls in bikinis, you cant say Noumea isn't one of the most beautiful places in world to windsurf. This year we had four kiwis take on the best in the world and they certainly made us proud. Laurence Carey (North/Starboard), Jack Holliday (North/JP), Tim Wood(GA/Tabou) and Dan Thomas (NP/JP) each had some great races and also had some heart breakers.
All the kiwis arrived a few days before the PWA kicked off meaning they had time to indulge in some french culture and take part in th Chateau Royal Grand Prix. Dan and Tim took part in the long distance race where Laurence and Jack were not allowed to enter as they had reached their safety maximum of 95 racers. 

Tim and Dan did well where Dan also broke his harness during the race. As Dan is quite the hero and is used to caring for 5 kids this was nothing to worry about. He crushed the race and still finished. What a legend! 
The PWA started with a BANG! Antoine Albeau breaks two masts, Matteo doesnt cross the finish line and the underdog Pierre Mortefon wins the opening Elimination! What a way to start the event. To make it simple, this was the world title event where Pierre, Matteo or Anotine could win the title. Pierre was the least likely where he had to win the event and Matteo or Antoine had to finish outside the top four. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though and move back to whats important.... The kiwi domination!

Jack certainly made a name for himself where he had blistering speed however was unable totake advantage f it in the turns. He was going at such high octane speeds he managed to destroy a competitors mast when he crashed into the sail at the first mark, also destroying a fin he was borrowing from Laurence. Jack however did not look back from then on and sailed like a champion. He came consecutive fifths meaning he never quite made it through the first round. 49th Overall

Dan and TIm both had great events also however also never quite managed to make it through the first round. They finished a respectable 52nd and 58th overall.

Laurence was the final kiwi to take it the big boys and certainly stepped up to the mark. He grew as the event went on and showed he has what it takes to race the best in the world. With a slow start he ended the event making a winners final and two loser finals where he was unlucky to not make another semi-final due to gear failure. Laurence is the first kiwi since Scott Fenton back in the late 80's/90's to make a winners final so lets hope his success continues. Laurence finished 25th.
The overal PWA World ranking was also decided at this event where it came down to a tie break. Pierre managed to win the event where Antoine finished 4th. This meant Matteo was pushed to 3rd and 1st was to be decided by a tie breaker, however unlike the eliminations (where winner is decided by who beat who last) the overall result is decided by who has beaten who more over the year. This meant that Antoine was crowned world champion!  Yeow!

NZ Slalom Nationals

With only a month until Nationals entries are flying in and it is looking like we will have some high level racing with people traveling from Maui, Hawaii and possibly even Australia and New Caledonia!  

Up and coming superstar's and hopefuls

Womens Fleet is said to have the queen Annie Crombie competing but does she have what it takes to maintain her title. Sue has been pushing hard so who knows what might happen. The most likely superstar is Fenella Bowater, after traveling Europe and falling in love with countless men she is focussed and ready "to have some fun"... she has a strong head space and is always willing to play mind games (the youngest child) so be careful ladies and make sure your husbands stay at home.

Silver Fleet is also shaping up to be quite the division with the wild Gregor Bowater said to have a new carbon art board he is one to watch this year. Bernard Carey will also have a target on his head as he will be trying to extend his North Island Champion status to a national level. Keith Stark is also one who has said to have been training hard for his first ever Slalom Nationals

Youth Fleet has a range of high level sailors where the Max's are some of the most skilled sailors around. Both competing in Techno and short boards they have a mythical skill set to watch. Ben Loud Davie is also a hopeful this year where rumours have said he has been out training most days... Could this be his year?

Gold Fleet will see the rise of Angus Butterfield who won the Silver fleet last year by a hair against the lepricorn Jim Rodgers. Angus has spent some time in Maui this year so we could easily see him reaching the top 10? Peter Hulk John is making his return to the New Zealand race world where he has a full set of 2016 Norths and fanatic boards. He has been living in Maui for over 10 years so will he be able to take out Gareth Wood, James Dinnis and Laurence Carey? Or will Jack Holiday make his rise to power, creating havoc ensuring his way to world domination...

For all the up and coming superstars there will be a youth camp in Christchurch where you can live on site! Laurence Carey and Fenella Bowater will be the main coaches and 

The week before the nationals Laurence will also be running some private race coaching for all ages and possibly a clinic so if you want to tune up your race tactics get in touch with him.

If you have any questions or queries about accommodation, containers, closest bars to the event site and more then please contact the crew.

Lake Clearwater Show Weekend

The annual CWA camping trip to late Clearwater was on once again this year with a very promising forecast predicted with some very strong Nor Westers looking likely on Saturday!

Getting up to the Lake on Thursday night after sitting an English exam was extremely relaxing but very very cold. After a cold nights sleep some people were game enough to go out for a run and I have no clue why anyone would want to do that but good on them!! Most of the day was spent sitting round a fire up in one of the houses but finally a very gusty and up and down easterly came through late in the day. Meg had some good techno training and light wind sailing on big gear was all the day ended up being, but there was nothing to complain about since we weren’t expecting any wind.

Saturday came in with a very strong Nor Wester with around 30-35 knots coming across the lake. Everyone was rigging small around 4.5’s except for me who stupidly rigged a 5.5 and went out and got nicely hammered but after stealing Ben’s gear it ended up being a great day of sailing. There would have been a solid 20-30 sailors out for most of the day making the most of the epic conditions. Big jumps and epic crashes were seen all over the lake for the whole day. Massive improvements were seen with the junior group that made the trip with water starts getting much much better and even some people getting out on a short board for their first ever time in some very strong winds!!

Sunday was just horrible, waking up to a cold southerly packing up and going home was the only thing that was on everyone’s minds but the trip home wouldn’t be complete without the traditional Mt Somers ice cream at the local store. After a long weekend of lots of sailing injuries were evident weather they be from bikes or windsurfing but still everyone had a great time and next year should be even better we hope.

Samuel Davie

The Starks need your help to defend Raglan.

Are you familiar with the epic Game of Thrones books turned sexy TV show? If so you will be aware of Benjen Stark, leader of the nights watch who maintain the thin line between the wildlings and civilisation. Wildlings? Savage unwashed beasts, without any clear sense of direction. Kitesurfers in other words.

Back down in reality we are also lucky enough to have a Stark protecting all that is moral and just. His battlefront is the Raglan estuary mouth and his name is Keith Stark*. Often the lone windsurfer against a backdrop of wildling kiters Stark cannot continue to hold out alone.

To join Benjen Stark in castle black you have normally been convicted of a hideous crime and are afforded two options; death or to join the nights watch. Some choose death. Its not very pleasant.

On the other hand to join Keith Stark you wait for a sunny day with low tide somewhere between 1-5pm. You cruise two hours down the highway if your coming from Auckland. Leave early if you wanna surf the world class points or leave late if your lazy. Seabreeze will kick in sometime in the afternoon, guaranteed. The outgoing tide can give you up to 7knots assistance but beware if something goes wrong you will be deposited somewhere out to sea. Incoming flattens the chop but can take some of the grunt from your sail.

Get down there and help Keith Stark defend Raglan from the Kiters!

*Unsubstantiated rumors have it that Keith is Angus Butterfield's true father.

New Sail Numbers

It has been a long time since we have seen numbers reallocated which haven't been used for years so Windsurfing NZ is looking at finding which numbers are not in use and putting them back into a pool for current windsurfer competing at events.

Things you need to know Windsurfing NZ is updating our database to ensure all current members are kept up to date with what we are spending money on and what our goals are for the future. So to ensure you are apart of the exciting stuff in the future contact your local clubs or WNZ directly.

If you are a member and want a sail number then CLICK HERE to see the list of numbers available.

Craigs Investment Partners Eastbourne Slalom +

Another phenomenal forecast meant for some great racing. The silver fleet had some fierce competition with the likes of Esteban Funes, Peter H, William Novak and the mighty John Davie who all made top positions. Peter had great race techniques and we can expect him to be in the gold fleet next year. Speed demon John Davie had some great races however, struggled in the wild wellington chop to trump Peter on the 1st place finishing 2nd.
The Gold fleet had some close racing with the return of Laurence Carey and Tim Wood from the PWA a week earlier. Laurence claimed 1st leaving Luke Holliday (Jacks homeless brother) Tim Wood and Harry Reed to battle for podium. Luke looked ready to claim 2nd however with one poor result it gave Tim the chance to sneak in with his very consistent results. Harry had some signs of promise where his lay down gybes made for a great show on the beach however his starts let him down. The remaining fleet had sailed very well and should be proud... especially Chris Bolt wo sailed on a 114l board and 7.0 all day. What a legend!

The Wisdom of Rosco- The Dingo Edition

We met some Aussies in Noumea. Laurence named one of them Dingo which turned out to suit him perfectly. Here's some things he said:

1. "Got a wristy this morning" - We are very happy for you Dingo.

2. "I was f!#$ing fanging mate, but there where too many good c$#!s in my heat" - Post race analysis

3. "Didn't catch your last race mate, how'd ya go?" - To Laurence after he broke his mast on the final

4. "Carey! Yeah ridgey didge mate! It's been honken out west so been sailing heaps." - How have you been recently Dingo?

*The views in this article are property of Dingo and do not reflect the views of WNZ.

Newsletter information and stories

We love receiving stories and information about what you have been doing and also the great events you are organising around the country. If you have any news please send it through before the 30th of each month to ensure we can add it correctly to the newsletter.

WSL - Pe'ahi Challenge

Highlights: Surfers vs. Nature at Pe'ahi Challenge
Running a big wave event is very difficult. Mainly because number one on the list of requirements is big waves. You see waves on the scale needed to make a place like Jaws break don't actually happen that often. To make things even more interesting the organizers have to make a 48hr 'green light' call where everybody (entered in the contest) drops what they are doing and boards the nearest plane. Now big wave surfers are not as well funded as their high performance WSL brothers so the last minute tickets are a huge commitment. If it all goes well the bunched up little isobars on the weather map the organizers are looking at will create lovely dark ominous purples on the swell map which then materialize as extremely large lumps of water. If it doesn't go well and the tide/wind/swell/size/direction doesn't happen as predicted you have 20 or so very angry and jetlagged surfers and a bunch of fans slamming their beers down in disgust.

However on the 6th of December all the elements came together. 30-50 foot faces, groomed to perfection by a gentle offshore breeze marched in orderly lines towards the line. 24 men with very large boards and very large balls stroked out to a wave that until recently was considered unridable without jetski assist. Before the contest even began Aussie hellman Mark Matthews scratched into an absolute behemoth, somehow stuck the drop and then got detonated, separating his shoulder. Kai Lenny, Shane Dorian and others got bombs that will have to be considered for rides of the year.

By the time the contest started even I was getting nervous. The best place to sit in a line up changes, sit too far out and your not gonna catch any waves, sit too far in and the waves are gonna break behind you. Not a problem if the waves are 3 foot, more of a problem if they are 50 foot. From the privileged position in front of the computer you can see the biggest sets capping way to far out, see these little dots in brightly coloured singlet's, arms wind-milling in desperation. Some guys make it over, some guys have no choice but to take one last breath and get ready for a beating of a severity us mere mortals would have no concept of. I saw Kai Lenny get caught inside three times in the space of 10 minuets. To spice up his last one, the ski driver got to him a little late and got mown down by the next wave with poor Kai on the back. I was having a hard time watching but he wasn't, he just grabbed another board and paddled straight back out there.

Which really was the tone of the day. The competitors fed of each others craziness and pushed deeper with each set. Greg Long casually stood tall into a 20 foot cavern that just shut down. Billy Kemper, Alby Layer and Shane Dorian were emerging as the standouts but everyone was just charging. The top guys almost had it easy because they were making most of their waves but there were guys just getting slammed and slammed and slammed.

In the end Hawaii's own Billy Kemper took out the contest and the 25k, but if there ever was a time where the PC bullshit term "everyone that competed was a winner" applies that was it. Watch it.


Mick Fanning - What a legend

The eve of the World Championship event Fanning's has a huge battle ahead. News has come out that Fanning's brother has passed away which explains his emotions on the water today! Our heart goes out to the guy and lets hope he can get that world title cause lets not forget, he was also nearly eaten by a shark this year!


Worlds no.1 Jumbo surfer

loses Arm!

There is nothing unusual about someone with a penchant for the worlds big hollow waves. Similarly there is nothing unusual about someone being very fat. A combination of the two however is pure novelty. Introducing James 'Jimbo' Pellegrine who glides through life with his middle finger raised at the occupational hazards of his lifestyle; drowing and diabetes.

Unfortunately for Jimbo he has had a rough run of late. The story begins as many good ones do, over a few drinks with his mates. Some of the drinks may have even contained alcohol but that is for the US courts to decide.

Anyway Jimbo saddled up behind the wheel and almost immediately crashed into a parked car. Undeterred our hero marched straight into a nearby bar to enlist help in unsticking the two cars. Once the cars where disconnected he took the cops arrival as a his cue to leave. Visibility was somewhat hindered by the bonnet pushed up in front of the broken windscreen. To combat this Jimbo simply stuck his head and arm out the side window to see where he was going. This appeared to work well until he sideswiped a truck, severing his arm at the elbow. He managed to make it to the nearest firestation where he was rushed to hospital.

Unfortunately the story doesn't end there for Mr Pellegrin. Upon release he was sent directly to jail facing a range of charges:  DUI, reckless driving, inattention, driving without a license and terroristic threats.  Terroristic threats? Apparently Jimbo said some unkind things to the ambulance officers on his way to hospital. Fair enough said his lawyer, “Curse words were used. If you lost your arm, your honor, if anybody lost their arm, and were requesting pain medication, you may say some words you may regret later on.”

Sounds reasonable, however according to the prosecuting attorney the 'curse words' may have been along the lines of; “Once this is over, I’m going to put a bullet in your head…”

Whatever becomes of Jimbo, he did have one sweet moment of victory. His lawyer mentioned that he is “considered one of the top five jumbo surfers in the world…” to which he arose to set the record straight “I’m number one on that list, actually.”

Only one question remains, who is New Zealand's top jumbo windsurfer? Al Holt?

Should I try SUP racing?

The funny thing with SUP is that nothing newsworthy has happened since the last newsletter. This interesting fact has nothing to do with the fact that I am lazy and tired rendering me unable to do any proper research.

So instead here's a story from my personal archives to answer that burning question, Should I try SUP racing?

SUP racing is alot of things; challenging, character building, testing, difficult. In fact SUP racing is so full of these things that there is no room for other things, such as enjoyment. The reason for this is not the SUP part, its the racing part. Because at the end of the day we are all hopelessly competitive. Take me as an example.

I really wanted to not care. My pre-race routine was to get a huge meal from Burger King to eat in front of the 'serious guys' cramming electrolytes before the race. Miss the briefing so I could go annoy the the 'serious guys' by asking them all what the course was. Wear impracticable clothing. Refuse to stretch. And finally talk to the person next to me as they try and concentrate on the 10 second countdown. Yet every week it was all in vain.

The second the gun went my competitive urges took over. Without fail by the 50 meter mark my carefree pre-race smile had melted into a hideous grimace that spoke of pain and determination. By 100 meters I wanted to catch the guy in front of me more than I wanted a long life of health and happiness. By 200 meters I usually felt very seriously ill from physical exertion and undigested Burger King.

Why? Its not like it mattered. My 'epic' battles we're usually for 5th or 6th in the short distance surfboard class, ie guys not serious enough to even own a raceboard. I mean I would never willingly subject myself to paddle furiously for an extended period of time under any other circumstance. Yet every week after I dragged my sorry carcass up the beach, intently focused on not fainting I would make a solemn vow never to exert myself again. Never worked. Even after a few days of serious pain as a result of refusing to stretch.

So whats the solution? Can you SUP race and still have fun? Mine was to quit, but not before I told Laurence to come down to join in the fun... He celebrated completing his first race by throwing up for 15 minutes.

If someone offers you to go SUP racing, don't. But if you do then try and smash into the inflatable boards as they round the marks. No damage to the boards but it usually makes them fall in. Fun.

Kitesurfing News

The 2015 National Championships were held down at Foxton Beach in Manawatu recently (I cant remember the exact dates). Its not somewhere that immediately pops to mind when thinking of kiting locations but apparently its really good.

Unfortunately nowhere is very good without wind and the competitors had to wait out a few lay days before getting underway. It was a case of be careful what you wish for with the prayers for wind being answered in full with 35 knot+ gusts tearing through the competition area. 

In the open mens Mark Jacobs, who competes on the kitesurfing version of the PWA,showed his class scooping his 8th national title in a row! He was followed in by legend Jamie Barrow and Christchurch ripper Jackson Mills. 

NZ Kiteboarding Nats '15 - Day 3

WNZ Calendar



Eastbourne Slalom Plus (5th - 6th) - Wellington
Sir Peter Blake (All Classes) (5-6th)

January 2016

Aveimore Classic (1st-3rd)
Bowater Windsurf Camp (10th - 13th)
RSX/Techno South Island Cup (Christchurch) (16th - 19th)
NZ Slalom Nationals (Christchurch) (21st - 23rd/24th)



Otago Championships (6th-8th)
Jr. Sail Auckland (6th-7th)
Sail Auckland (24th-28th)


International Calendar

January 2016

Ledge to Lancelin - Australia (16th - 17th)

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