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Kite Girls
Ruben Lenten - I have Cancer



Windsurfing in Nelson

Bright news from the sunshine capital.

We got in touch with Tim Frazer Harris to give us an idea of whats going on in Nelson.

Tim: "In 2012 I started up the windsurfing school alongside coaching/instructing sailing at Nelson Yacht Club. It was convenient timing, with the Meffan family having bought some Bic Techno 293s and getting in to windsurfing at the same time. We ran weekly training sessions and more and more kids came along and got involved. I also ran week-long learn to windsurf courses over the summer holidays for kids. By the end of last season we had over 20 kids windsurfing each week, more and more picking up gear of their own and some great success at National events with Max and Burty Meffan."

"We've been seeing quite a few windsurfers of old who are coming back to the sport after having kids, being too busy, or even kitesurfing!"
"The next step is trying to integrate the rest of the local windsurfing scene with these newcomers, so we'll be planning a some simple/fun races and a bbq this coming season. We are spoilt for choice with spots here in Nelson, so you'll often have a number of different sailors out at different locations. It is going to take an enthusiastic windsurfer to persuade everyone to get together in one place!"
"Over the next season or two, we'd love to get a bit more racing happening, and host a Techno South Island Champs or a training weekend at Nelson Yacht Club later in the summer. There are already over 10 Techno 293s out and about in the region."

How good is it to hear about growth in the sport and kids getting into it. Congratulations to Tim and anyone else in Nelson who is helping make it happen. As Tim said often it only takes a few really enthusiastic windsurfers to light the spark. We are going to follow this article up with a spot guide on Nelson for anyone thinking of visiting and looking at that those photo's why wouldn't you?

Tauranga Spring Racing

Where: Kulim Park, Tauranga
When: 3rd-4th October 2015
What: Slalom Racing for all abilities.

The Spring Racing in Tauranga marks the beginning of the racing season for most windsurfers around the country.. Kulim park is an awesome venue, consistent breezes and a nice shallow sandy bottom to rest on between races. It hasn't lined up yet but there is always potential for a surf at the beach in the morning if mother nature is feeling kind.

Organizer Pete Head from Elements Watersports does a great job mixing up the racing so there is a combination of downwind slalom, figure 8, distance and destination races. 

I don't want to jinx it but since its inception the sailors have been blessed with ballistic winds on the Saturday followed by gentler breezes on the Sunday.

Apres sailing drinks can go as far as you want, but follow Harry Reed into the Mt for a guaranteed good time. 

Come and join in!

AWA Prize Giving

The Auckland Windsurfing Association held their annual prize giving last week. It was a great chance for everyone to catch up whether they had been hibernating over winter or sporting a glowing tan from escaping to warmer climates. A huge prize pool meaning almost no-one walked away empty handed. 

Huge thanks must go out to the volunteers, Jim Rogers for making the trophies, Rohan Cooke for organizing everything, MC Anton for his dulcet tones, all the sponsors for their generosity and Ropata Marshall for sharing the stoke with a heartfelt speech to get everyone excited for next season.

Congratulations to the winners of the Barfoot and Thompson Whangaparaoa AWA Slalom Series!

1st Dan Thomas
2nd Ian Young
3rd Dave Law

1st Rohan Cooke
2nd Bernard Carey
3rd Rosco

1st Luke Holliday
Rosco going for a chip. Angus looks on.
Success! Angus looks disappointed. 

Kite Girls...

The Wisdom of Rosco

Welcome to our brand new regular segment where we bring you wisdom money can't buy thanks to Rosco

1. Women... "They're like candy, they taste good but they are not good for you. "

2. "Its blowing chihuahuas off dental floss" - Its not that windy (blowing dogs of chains)

3. "At least your not in Otara, fathers days can be a bit confusing there." - Commenting on the higher percentage of single mothers in South Auckland.

*The views in this article are property of Rosco and do not reflect the views of WNZ.

PWA Turkey!

For those who have been following Laurence over the last few years you will have seen him grow to where he is today. He first started as a cheeky ankle bitter who just couldn't get enough of the Pt Chevalier mud flats. Carey is now competing in Turkey; New Calednia and Maui where he plans to do the entire tour next year.

The structure of the PWA is an elimination, so for every round the top four progress until you reach a winners and losers final. With no empty slot in the mens it meant there was 64 racers and an impressive 31 women! This made for some long days as to complete just one mens elimination was 16 rounds and 8 rounds for the womens.
With a very unfavourable forecast made for some light winds meaning it would be a battle on the big gear. for the entire event racers where on their biggest boards and on sails between 8.4-9.6m.
"It was great racing, with a lot learned in terms of the big gear. Its amazing to see how the big boys handle the big boards and sails and they are absolutley flying." - Laurence Carey

The stand out performance was clearly by Pierre Mortefon (North, Fanatic) who dominated the entire event with three winners final bullets and one third. Pierre is said to be the fastest sailor on the tour and that was certainly clear when it was light. In second was Malte Reuscher (NP, JP) who had a storming event taking second place after Matteo Iachino (North, Fanatic) had a disaster of a final round and was kncocked out early pushing him from 2nd to 3rd.
The remianing top 10 was very close with nothing seperating them. Young gun Tristian Algret (Starboard, Severne) had a storming start to the event finishing third in the first two eliminations however an early exit in the final two eliminations meant Reuscher was able to bump him from his first ever podium finish.

Regardless this result is showing an exciting change of dominance where this result holds the youngest ever podium and a top 10 of new young faces. Where you can see Albeau (NP, RRD) and Van der Steen (GA, Tabou) finishing in seventh and eighth. 

Ruben Lenten

I have Cancer

Ruben Lenten dropped some news that rocked the kiting community and continues to ripple out into the wider world of watersports.

"Dear brothers and sisters from all around the world,

I have some really weird news to share with you. I actually still can’t believe it myself.

I have cancer.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to say that…"

Ruben is one of the biggest names in Kiteboarding and often credited as one of the most progressive riders in the sport. He started competing at the tender age of 15, with his career on the PKRA culminating in a runner up finish in the 2005 season. After that he chose to part with the tour, frustrated that the judging criteria didn't represent where kitesurfing was heading. Lenten turned his attention to filming, inspiring some the best projects the sport has ever seen. His signature move is the megaloop, basically going out in gale force winds, jumping 50 feet in the air and then looping the kite through the power zone and getting ripped through the sky. 

Thats part of what makes this news so shocking, Ruben rides like he is invincible and has had so many crashes that would have killed lesser men.

The good news is the cancer is treatable. Lenten is in for a long a difficult fight but if there is anyone can get through it, it will be him.

"As always I feel super positive and am 100% sure I’m going to get through this thing! It’s just a little bump in the road and I will be back on the water before you know it, stronger than ever before! It’s a big rollercoaster ride and I'm ready for it!"

One of the positives to come from the story is the amazing response from everyone looking to help. Treatment in America is not going to be cheap and although insurance will cover most of the costs Ruben has reached out for a little extra support. To date he has reached over $90,000 of his $180,000 target. Please help if you can.

"My lovely friends of the MaiTai community kicked of a very kind fundraiser and I feel very weird about it but am very aware I will need you at this moment in time in order to get back to where I want to be. If you feel like you can support in any way, please help a brother out so that we can ride, fly, meet, hang, party and love life with all of you again as soon as possible"

Here is a link to the page and please know that your support will go a long way:

WSL Tour - Tahiti

Surfing can be a bitch. And If you develop a taste for floating round on a piece of polystyrene wrapped in fiberglass then that bitch become your boss. A Hormonal, bipolar, vindictive and sexy boss. Sometimes surfing smiles at you, tells you you are doing a good job and winks suggestively, sauntering out the door. You feel good about yourself.
But most of time surfing gets angry at you, screaming at you to be fitter, more dedicated and better. To make things worse, sitting in surfing's office is the golden boy. The good surfer. Laughing as surfing chews you out for being average. Good surfers distinguish themselves from you by not blowing takeoffs, doing proper turns, getting barreled, getting excited not scared when its big and having people taking pictures of them. 

The thing about the WSL is there are no good surfers on tour. Your local hero, the good surfer, would be outclassed by the rabid packs that inhabit places like Snapper Rocks, Pipe, Trestles and so on. Even at these hotbeds of exceptional surfers only a tiny handful will bolster their talent with a ruthless training schedule, single minded determination and competitive smarts to have a go at the Qualifying Series. From this pool of hundreds of the best surfers  on the planet, only ten are selected to join the elite tour for the next year. So the WSL doesn't have any good surfers on tour, it only has the best*

This brings us onto Tahiti. One of the events to watch for the average surfer. Not because they cant wait to see JJ Florence get blown out of an impossible wave but because of glorious moments in between. The heavy falls, the clamping barrels and the ocean going flat when they desperately need a score. Tahiti's shows us that surfing can be a bitch to the golden boy's too.
Here's what happened:

1. Gath helmets are cool!

Before the event Jeremy Flores hit the reef in Indo. With his face. Instead of pulling out of the most dangerous event on tour he strapped a helmet onto his fractured skull and gave it a crack. Quite successfully in fact, blowing past Parkinson, Slater and Medina to take the win. 

2. Heat of the Year?
John John was finally back from injury and defending champ Gabriel Medina was finally back in form. In a heat worthy of any final the two leading surfers of their generation traded 9 point somethings from the hooter. Gabby got the nod with a 19.00 heat total over JJFs 18.84 but man it was good to watch.
3. CJ's Dropping 10s.
The 2011 world title winner has already announced his retirement at the end of 2015 and has suffered a series of undignified results. However everyone knows how  much of a threat he can be in hollow lefts, a point Julian Wilson had to take the hard way as CJ dropped the only 10 of the event to ruin his chances of taking the yellow jersey in round three. CJ's run ended in the semis against the eventual winner but he took the AI award as a consolation prize.  
4. Filipe Toledo
Got a 0.00 heat total against compatriot Italo Ferreria. In his defense he had stitches in his elbow and he did get a reasonable result  putting him squarely in world title contention as the tour heads into a run of smaller wave locations. Watch this space.

Stay tuned for Trestles which should be kicking off soon.

- Jack Holliday
2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti: R3, H5 Recap

DK on Stand-up World Tour!

Fresh from winning the ultimate waterman Daniel Kereopa has taken the SUP surfing tour by storm, making the semi finals.

The story is made even more remarkable by the fact that DK had to crowdfund his way into the trials to just to have a chance to earn his spot in the main event. With everything on the line he surfed all the way into the finals booking his spot in the main event.

Against the worlds best he showed his class, sliding through solid Tahitian barrels and laying down huge backside turns to make it through heat after heat.

DK's run was finally halted by eventual winner, Hawaiian Zane Schweitzer in the Semis.

He was the story of the event and showed he deserves to represent NZ full time on the tour.

Gossip Sessions

Dan Thomas
Age: 38
Height: 188
Weight: 94
Favourite discipline: Wave
Most sailed location: Bayswater
Relationship status: Married with children, but I don't sell womens shoes for those of you that used to watch the tv show

What got you into windsurfing?  My uncle
Favourite discipline and why?  You can't beat the feeling of dropping down a mast high buttery smooth face then laying down into a bottom turn
Is there a story behind NZL 237?  Not really, grew up in the water and get excited to go sailing as many people figure out when I'm there at daybreak (or before) when a nor-easter and swell are around.
Who is your least favourite windsurfer?  They're all awesome, but sometimes you just need to chill out and enjoy life.
Which NZ windsurfer do you admire the most? 
Big or small?  Big - the wave faces are usually smoother when it's light
Would you ever be a house husband/wife?  If it meant that I could go sailing every day then yes but that probably wouldn't pay the bills or buy new toys.
Which is your favorite child?  The one that's not screaming, hitting, arguing or talking back
What’s your favorite position? Upside down
Have you sailed overseas?  Yes - Maui, Western Australia, Egypt, England
Where is your dream location?  Somewhere warm and windy with waves.  Maui is pretty good but always keen to try somewhere new
Do your parents windsurf?  Dad can but is a bit of a beginner
What is your goal with every session?  Go faster, jump higher and beat Jack
Have you made any videos?  Hasn't everyone?
What’s your windsurfing plans for the future?  Tauranga, Taranaki Wave Classic, Noumea and of course the AWA race series
What’s your most memorable windsurfing experience?  That's tough as there are so many but I can remember light 5.3 day at Pungarehu, mast high swell with buttery smooth faces sailing with my mates and some absolutely awesome rides
Favourite quote?  Pain is only temporary

Antoine Albeau


Where you are from: France ile de Ré
Favourite windsurfing Spots: Hawaii New Caledonia, Tahiti, ile de Ré
Favourite discipline: I like all
Most memerable windsurf: first time in Jaws, all my World Title, my 2 World Speed Record
What is windsurfing to you? my life
What Gear do you use? Neilpryde, Roberto Ricci boards, Quiksilver and I fly Turkish Airlines
What do you look for in a sail? it depend if it is a wave sail or salom sail, in wave I want some light power and moneuverable, in SL I want so speed and light
What do you think the key is to winning a race? There is no key, you have to train a lot and tune your staff, this is the key
In your opinion what are your best results: 22 x World Champ I think
What is something most people wouldn’t know about you? that I am and will be me all the time and what ever happen

How long have you windsurfed ? I started at 5, you count !
Have you been to New Zealand? one day, very nice people as I met a lot and nice county,I would like to spend more time there for sure
What attracted you to the sport? My dad was one of the first guy to windsurf in France in the 70's, and he made me do it
What is the one thing you have always wanted to do on a windsurfer but have not done yet? I did everything on the windsurf !!

"trash the competition not the planet"
If you have anyone (including yourself) you would like to nominate for an interview then please reply to this newsletter or contact us directly.

WNZ Calendar



Taranaki Wave Classic (24th-26th)
Maui wave season starts


January 2016

NZ Slalom Nationals (21st - 23rd)

International Calendar



PWA Klitmoller  (14th - 20th) Wave
PWA Sylt, Germany (25th- Oct 5th) Wave, Slalom, Freestyle



PWA Crozon Morgat, France (16th - 22nd) Wave
PWA Maui, Hawaii (28th - Nov 10th) Wave



PWA New Caledonia (24th - 29th)  Slalom

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