Build First Nations Culture Confidence Together

Collaborative conference

This combined EESSA and EChO conference will build on the Cultural knowledge and understanding of educators as they continue to embed First Nations curriculum in culturally appropriate ways. Educators consistently express their need for mentorship in this area of curriculum and engagement which will be provided through the diverse expertise of First Nations presenters and a range of workshops. A specific outcome is to broaden our reach in our provision of professional learning by enabling remote and rural participants to attend the conference and painting workshop via live streaming. A package of materials will be mailed to each online participant prior to the conference.
Tickets are now available.
Organising this event has been constant work for the past few months but finally achieved thanks to the great work from the people on the EChO Rap and EESSA Inc committees. We have been required to make several changes to our original plan as we see our local Indigenous Elders a bit overwhelmed with a range of commitments. Our latest changes only happened last week so we will not have Ivan Tiwu Copley as advertised. However we are very pleased to welcome Andrew Plastow.

Venue: St Peter's Girls' School Stonyfell Road, Stonyfell, SA
Date: Saturday 17 September 2022
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm (ACST)
Please arrive at 12:30pm for 1:00pm start
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Andrew is a highly experienced and visionary school leader. He is passionate about creating opportunities for children to express themselves in diverse ways and to pursue their passions. Andrew is committed to working with families to build a strong College culture, which brings our values to life. He is a Kamilaroi man 
An innovative educator and Aboriginal community leader currently developing a new K-12 College in Woodville North, opened in 2021. Ngutu College is a model for the seamless integration of Aboriginal knowledges and formal curriculum in experiential learning environments. With drive and vision, I strive to open up opportunities for children and young people in finding their strengths. My leadership in achieving successful educational outcomes, is documented in evidence-based research and the attainment of formal accreditation.
"It was that frustration of Aboriginal children being seen in the deficit — 'close the gap, close the gap, close the gap'," he said.
"All of our Aboriginal kids come with incredible skill sets that just weren't being acknowledged in a very, very Western-dominated education system."
We are sure Andrew will provide you with insight into how educators can support both Indigenous learners and Indigenous learning.


There is no Planet B  and the most recent Australian Government the State of the Environment report indicates our natural environment is under extreme pressure. Climate change is intensifying the pressure on our ecosystems and our native species are in sharp decline. Land clearing, urban expansion, pollution and other human impacts are hastening these processes.
Changing this starts and home and in your workplace. 25% of Australia’s threatened plants and 46% of threatened animals live in urban environments. Planting native habitats in our local areas, including our education services can help create wildlife corridors. Include a variety of plants including grasses and small shrubs around your education service and your home provides habitat for a wide range of insects and birds. One mature tree can provide food for hundreds of species.
Most of our resource consumption also happens at home and in our workplaces. Composting , recycling, going solar are some things we should all be doing. Conscious consumption, knowing about the products we purchase, where and how they are made and considering the circular economy will see us all make wiser choices.

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