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National Recycling Week 2018

National Recycling Week this year is Monday 12 to Sunday 18 November

Planet Ark founded National Recycling Week in 1996, to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. NRW is now in its 23rd year continuing to educate and stimulate behaviour

change, by:

·Promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiatives

·Giving people the tools to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home,

work and school.

This year’s theme, for NRW has been taken from the ABC’s War on Waste.

From Waste War to Recycling Reboot, aims to educate us and resolve some of the confusion surrounding what happens to our recycling and how to recycle right. In SA we are fortunate to have

genuine recycling programs. However, we all must ask the questions where is our recycling going?

As part of NRW Planet Ark has suggested a couple of special events you might like to try in your work-place or with you family.

Here are some ideas from Planet Ark for you to try in NRW.

Friday File fling

Get rid of those paper files piling up in the office and flinging

·         it into the recycling bin at a Friday File

·         Fling! A great way de-clutter and to give your desk some special.

·         Host a Fling and engage your work colleagues to get quality office paper back into circulation in a fun, easy to organise event. Make it

·         into a fun event by rewarding people with nibbles and drinks or give prizes for who 'flings' the most. 

Collaborative consumption—Share N Save in SA

‘Collaborative consumption' is about people sharing access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership. This is good for your wallet and great for the environment and for society.  When we share products, we share the costs and we also share the energy and resources that go into the production of ‘stuff'. Time magazine has named this movements as one of ten ideas that will change the world. Modern technology is making it easier and cheaper to share, rent and exchange our tangible and intangible assets.

This growing movement has websites or apps for cars, food, clothes, holidays, housing, bikes, finance, education, desks, tasks and even errands. Share N Save, is South Australia's new collaborative consumption website. This is a great example of the sharing economy. The sharing activities taking place across SA include community gardens and fruit and vegetable swaps; great for keeping purchasing and produce local.

Visit the web site and begin swapping and saving:

Buy it Back

Unless you're buying recycled products, you are not really recycling!

There is now a growing number of products made from recycled materials When you ‘buy it back’ you save the resources and energy that go into making products from virgin materials. This means you are also reducing the need for mining, conserving raw materials and creating less stuff, reducing the waste going to landfill.

Visit Planet Ark for a list of recycled products you can buy:

 The Australian Recycling label

A helping hand to recycle right is now available with the launch of the Australasian Recycling Label, pictured above. It aims to help consumers understand which bin a piece of packaging should be placed in. Labels are found on the packaging of participating brands. If your favourite brands are not using the Australasian Recycling Label, let them know your care by asking them to become a part of the program.

Save the date - Weaving with Natural Materials
Due to high demand for our network session and weaving workshop in October we have another planned for Monday February 25th 2019. Nolda from Basketry SA will be again be our guest presenter. Venue to be decided but possibly north of the city. Share your current projects and ideas with other educators. Network sessions are free to members.
Bookings on Eventbrite from early 2019

In the end, we will conserve

only what we love,

we will love only what we understand,

and we will understand

only what we experience.


Baba Dioum, Senegalese environmentalist

Less stuff bring the world more joy

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