We are proud to announce that The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ will be in residence at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, every summer starting next July.
The updated and augmented three-tier program will begin a new phase at this fine university in the Cleveland suburbs. Jeanie is delighted to have such an excellent home for her acclaimed training that will start on July 22, 2017 (Level I: July 22-24, Level II: July 25-27, Level III: July 28-30). Each Level is 3 days, with the program wrapping on the 30th. More detailed information will follow soon, but save the dates now, as we expect a very big turnout!
Jeanie is just back from spending two days at the National Center for Voice and Speech in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she lectured, taught, and lead discussions with the participants of Dr. Ingo Titze's Vocology training program. She had a terrific time discussing Vocal Pedagogy; including belting, what it means to "mix" and helping people find the best way to achieve the formant/harmonic configuration Dr. Titze was seeking. Students contrasted belting with classical singing using voice science and singing training at the same time! A fun, dynamic and engaging experience for all!
(Pictured: Jeannette LoVetri & Dr. Ingo Titze at the National Centre for Voice and Speech)

Next up for Jeanie is the Fall Voice Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, in mid-October. Jeanie will be a panel moderator during the Pre-Conference, along with colleagues Dr. Eric Hunter and Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, both SLPs and voice pathologists. The conference runs in confluence with the PAVA meeting and will be attended by voice scientists, speech and voice pathologists, singing teachers and voice experts from all over the world. For further information click here.
Jeanie will be in DC for a Teacher Support Group and Teacher Training Day on the October 1st & 2nd. To register for the Somatic Voicework™ weekend (only SVW grads may attend, please contact Jennifer Seuss by clicking here.) Jeanie is organizing a visit to Boston in the fall for a similar series of workshops, more details will follow soon.
In November, Jeanie will be the guest of noted European laryngologist, Dr. Markus Hess, at his Stimmklinik in Hamburg, Germany, doing a two-day workshop for singers, teachers, medical doctors and voice experts of all disciplines. If you have any colleagues in Europe who would be interested in attending, you will find the information here.
At the end of the year, Jeanie and her husband, Jerry Kaplan, will be traveling to Toowoomba, Australia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with stops in Los Angeles and in Santiago, Chile, as Jeanie continues to introduce Somatic Voicework™ to the world. More details on these adventures soon!
Spotlight on Jeff Costello:

Where did you go to College? And, How did you get started in Music? 
I signed on as a Voice Major (Performance Stream) at Central Michigan University in 1985, graduated in 1991. The reason it took 6 years is because I started playing and singing in Rock Bands and ended up working 4-6 nights/week gigging as a professional musician with my rock band, Paris BlueOnce I graduated from University, we proceeded to go on the road from1991-1994

Click here for video of Paris Blue performing in 1993!
Paris Blue in the early 90's, Jeff Costello second from the left.
Tell me about the struggles of being a working Rock Singer in a Classical Music University program.
It was almost a constant struggle. One time I brought in a recording of one my favourite rock singers, and my voice teacher said “pop is out, man” and I was “going to ruin my voice.” He didn’t even want to listen to it. I asked him to listen to these singers; we are talking about incredible rock tenors who live around tenor high A (A4), then the singer whipped out a soprano high A! It was exhilarating to listen to; my Voice teacher said, “Oh, that’s just falsetto.” I thought, “Dude, I know how to sing in falsetto- that is not falsetto.” (Editor Note: song Jeff is referring to is “Never Gonna Let You Go” by SteelHeart).
When did you meet Jeanie LoVetri? What did her work do for you?
I saw that Jeanie was coming to Albion College, and I read that she worked with injured voices. For about a year prior to working with Jeanie, I was really struggling vocally, I didn’t know why I couldn’t sing anything above middle-C. I had completely lost my upper chest register from the demands of being a middle school music teacher.
On the first day, I approached Jeanie on a break and told her my story and she asked if I would like to work with her. In three 20-minute sessions, she completely straightened out my voice. Jeanie called me up for about 20 minutes on Friday and I felt things starting to gel; she called me up again on Saturday; and by the time she called me up on Sunday, it was just incredible! The next weekend I had a gig with my other band, Cos & Cos, I could sing whatever I wanted to sing. It was the most musically and vocally rewarding series of performances I’ve ever had, rivaling my very first performance ever, it was that cool.
Tell Me about Applying Somatic Voicework in a Choral Context.
I teach a lot of students who are totally new to reading music; I talk to them about “Singing Smart”, where we talk about registration and how that will help you find your note. The kids quickly begin to understand that they should be singing in a certain register in certain pitch ranges, they are able to use registration as a way to lock into their harmony parts. My Altos and Tenors sing harmony way better than they did 10 years ago because they have a strategy.
We are able to talk about how to approach repertoire technically and stylistically, using brighter or darker vowels with a headier or chestier mix to be stylistically accurate.The result of this is getting all the kids in the same register on the same vowel, it’s magical, the blend fixes itself, and then I just get to play!
How Has Jeanie’s Work Inspired You?

When I sat in Jeanie’s Level I workshop of Somatic Voicework™- The LoVetri Method at Albion College in 2008 and heard Jeanie talk about equally respecting all genres of music, I heard that and knew, “I’m Home.” Someone was publicly stating, and teaching, what I had known in my heart for years. My University professor told me that rock was going to ruin my voice and it didn’t. Here was Jeanie, teaching and singing rock, and then singing opera seamlessly. It was inspiring, to say the least.
Tell me about the colossal success of your Rock Choirs and the huge media attention your Year-End Showcase received.
This past year was my 20th year of teaching and I wanted to do something special. I decided to get my rock band, Paris Blue, to back up my students in a full fledged Pop-Rock performance for our Spring Concert.
We opened the show with all 225 of my students accompanied by my rock band.  Then, each choir sang a few numbers,  accompanied by my band. We closed with all 225 of my students doing a rock medley; it was a blast! 
We were on TV, we were featured in our local newspapers because of the success of our year end show. There are so many great things culturally that exist in Pop-Rock music, you can teach young people about the importance of different genres that you wouldn’t even get to touch if you stuck with the Classical-only model of Choral Teaching. 

Click here for Media Coverage of Jeff's Rock of Ages Spring Concert.
DC Area Teacher Workshops 

Germantown, MD
October 1-2 (Saturday, Sunday)

Phone: 301-977-2605
(more details below)

The Fall Voice Conference
 Pre-Conference Panel Moderator

Scottsdale, AZ 
October 13-15


Guest Lecturer & Workshop Leader

Deutsche Stimmklinik
Hamburg, Germany
November 12-13, 2016
Contact: Jale Papila 

Level I, II, III  Somatic Voicework™

USQ Artsworx 
Toowoomba, Australia
Monday, January 9th  to Monday, 16th, 2017
Assisted by Brenda Earle Stokes
Contact: Melissa Forbes

Level I  Somatic Voicework™ + Conference (Tentative)

Sao Paulo, Brazil
January 24 - 28, 2017
Details TBA
Contact: Joana Mariz


Level I, II, III  Somatic Voicework™

Baldwin Wallace University
Berea, Ohio
July 22-July 30, 2017
(Level I: July 22-24, Level II: July 25-27, Level III: July 28-30)

Contact: Adam Sheldon

The next DC Area Teacher Workshops are set for October 1-2, 2016
Location: Jennifer Suess’ House
Address: 14120 Berryville Rd., Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: 301-977-2605
Email Address:

Saturday, October 1st will be all day (10am to 5pm with time for lunch). Fee $125. Teacher Training Day. Teachers teach each other with Jeanie observing. Teachers are encouraged but not required to participate as either student or teacher.
Sunday, October 2nd is in the afternoon from 1:30 to 5:30pm. Fee $85. Teacher Support Group. Two students will sing with one backup. If you have a student you wish to have participate, email Kaoruko Pilkington at after you have paid and registered.
Minimum Requirement for courses with Jeanie LoVetri: Level I
Payment: through PayPal using Jeanie's email:
This who do not want to use Paypal should contact Jeanie directly. Those who want to attend both workshops can send one check.
Registration: after payment, email Kaoruko Pilkington at
and CC Jennifer Suess at

Jeanie just celebrated the first episode of her new television program, The Jeanie LoVetri Show, “Our Vocal Universe.” 

The first episode featured Gabriele Tranchina, jazz vocalist and children’s music educator in a discussion of her life and career. Jeanie is very grateful to Gabriele for helping kick-off the program which is filmed at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studios in mid-town. 

Episode 2 will feature Jack Eppler (photographed above) who is a singer, singing teacher and choral conductor in New York City. Air Dates for Episode 2 will be announced shortly, stay tuned!

Right now, the shows are only available to Manhattan residents. The series will produce shows that will eventually be shown on a YouTube channel, but we are building up inventory first.

The program will interview people from all the various voice-related disciplines including, of course, singers, but also actors, poets, composers of vocal literature, conductors, music directors, medical doctors (laryngologists), voice scientists, speech language pathologists, speech teachers, and, perhaps also writers. We will eventually be able to Skype in guests from all over the world!
Jeannette LoVetri, known to her friends as Jeanie, is creator of Somatic Voicework™, her method for teaching Contemporary Commercial Music, or the styles formerly referred to as "non-classical". She created the term Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) in 2000 and it has since been widely used to describe styles born or developed here in the United States including music theater, jazz, rock, pop, country, Gospel, R&B, blues, bluegrass, rap, alternative and derivatives of each of them.  Continue reading HERE.
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