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MHCA Partners With Pro3 Solutions

The MHCA recently partnered with Pro3 Solutions. Coaches please read the following information and make sure to stop by and see our newest partner at the Coaches Summit this Friday & Saturday!

The NHL does it, major college programs are doing it, but what are we as Coaches doing at the high school level to protect our players?  There are currently extremely dangerous bacteria and viruses that live deep within the fibers of protective equipment that can lead to serious health complications.   

Pro3 Solutions brings what the NHL uses to the high school level and provides the most effective strategy to protect our athletes.  By utilizing high levels of Ozone gas to kill these bacteria and viruses, they not only prevent things like Hand-Foot-Mouth, Impetigo, and MRSA, but it also will help prevent against Strep, Flu and the common cold from taking over your team.  And one nice thing we will all appreciate is that by killing the bacteria, lots of that locker room smell will be controlled! 

Ozone is 150 times more powerful than bleach, works 3,200 times faster, and the process we use is the same method that hospitals employ while disinfecting operating rooms.  The benefit of Ozone is that it penetrates the padding, sanitizing from the inside - out.  The method used to sanitize is completely dry and because it is a naturally occurring gas, the equipment is ready to be worn immediately with no chemical residue to worry about.  

Coaches, please take a moment and give this service some serious consideration.  Whether your team is currently having any issues or has had any in the past, it isn’t too late to begin a treatment strategy this year.  Contact Pro3 Solutions today to discuss with them in detail.  

Make sure to stop and see us at the Coaching Summit this weekend!

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