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Message from the Prez

Terry Ochs, Dodge County

Welcome back to work everyone, I hope everyone had a wonder holiday season with family and friends and brought in the New Year with good cheer, thus, giving all of us a chance to relax and forget about work and subconsciously recharging our professional batteries!

With 2015 in the history books, let’s look forward to 2016!  But before doing that I must thank Terri Dopp-Paukstat for doing a great job as President.  Earlier in 2015, movements were made by our association to improve several issues regarding many of the codes in which we deal with.  And then Act 55 hit like an undetected storm.  Terri has been instrumental in addressing these issues by being the professional face for this organization.  Although many of the legislative issues coming down from the Capital are at best contrary to long standing environmental protections, Terri has found ways to say what needs to be said with the utmost professionalism and calm demeanor.  This has opened up seats at the table for future discussions with legislators.  And for that, Terri, I thank you.

I would also like to thank Rod Eslinger for a great job as 1st Vice President, as well as the work he performed during his stint as 2nd Vice President as our legislative chair, keeping everyone up to speed on legal issues during the tumultuous year of 2015.  Unfortunately, Rod had to step down for family reasons, being a dad for the 3rd time is, to say the least, time consuming and Rod is focusing on the most important things in life. I wish him the best and hope he stays in the leadership conversations in the future.

On that note I also want to thank Daniel Everson for volunteering to make my job easier, by stepping up to the plate and assuming the duties as 1st Vice President, unanimously being voted in by our Executive Committee.  As a marathon runner, I know he has enough energy to be 1st Vice President.   

I now move on the Michelle Staff.  If you have not heard, Michelle has held every position in our organization.  She’s currently our Secretary Treasurer, constantly keeping me on track and telling me when I need to get things done (like this letter)!  She will be moving on to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as the new State Floodplain Program Manager.  At least she will still be attending our conferences under different colors.  Good luck in your next venture, you will be missed!

Then there is CeCe Tesky, who currently is our website coordinator, who has decided to graciously fill the vacancy of the Secretary Treasurer.  And I’m sure she’ll do a wonderful job and also will have no problem telling me what to do!  For that I say “Thanks”!

On to business, as we prepare for another year of fast track bills, I hope to do my best in representing our organization with the help of all of you.  I know the diversity of our own organization is challenging, when trying to find the best approach. However, we must take note that the political winds blowing at the current time are going to require us to be well balanced, non-partisan and in some cases, unfortunately, minimalistic. Currently we are sailing in a proverbial storm. We will need to “Batten down the Hatches”, look inward and openly discuss options and interpretations within our organization, which will allow us to present viable options during conversations with legislators. By finding common ground and focusing on key requirements, we can increase the strength of our organization and provide top notch support and services to our members as well as maintaining a spot at the table with the regulators.

In closing, we all sense the pendulum swinging.  Trust me it will swing back.  We just need to maintain our professionalism and find a way to get the pendulum to stop it’s wild ride and balance out somewhere near in the middle!

WCCA will be giving out 2 - $500 scholarships this spring! Applications are due March 11. Click above for more information.

Michelle Staff has moved on to be the new State Floodplain Program Manager! She has been with WCCA for 15 years. She served as our President in 2009 and was Professional of the Year in 2010. She has served as our Secretary Treasurer since 2011. CeCe Tesky will be serving as the interim Secretary / Treasurer until a new one is elected this fall. We will miss you Michelle! Thank you for all you have done for WCCA!
The Spring Conference will be March 31 - April 1 at the Stoney Creek Inn in Mosinee. Click above to get more information. NOTE: BE SURE THE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION AND CHECK ARE MAILED TO THE NEW ADDRESS! HIGHLIGHT THIS ON THE FORM SO YOUR CHECK WRITER WILL SEE IT.
The Executive Board held their annual meeting in January. Find their approved Budget, President goals, Committee Appointments and 2016 Schedule on the website. 
It may seem like things are a little gloomy right now, but keep your chin up. Good times are coming! Click on the link above to read some reminders about thriving during change!


Heather Marquardt, Wood County


Heather Marquardt is the Code Technician for Wood County.  She started in the summer of 2014, shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a major in Soil & Land Management.  Heather’s professional background began while attending High School in a small Northeastern Wisconsin town where she grew up; Lena.    It was there that she was first introduced to an independent soils course from her Agriculture teacher, where she took every opportunity available for different job-shadows in the class, and was asked to be an Earth Team Volunteer for the USDA-NRCS department in Marinette County during her senior year.  From then-on, it was and has been a lifestyle of continuous learning and application of soil conservation and land management and engineering-related practices.  Between the time of high school graduation in 2006 and moving to Wisconsin Rapids to attend UWSP in 2010, Heather had the opportunity to experience the diverse careers in soils-related fields.  She worked for an agricultural co-op immediately upon high-school graduation, which led to networking with more local NRCS agencies- shortly thereafter being offered an internship with an array of NRCS offices in the areas of Marinette, Oconto, Green Bay, Kewaunee, and Door County.  During this time, she also took courses in Civil Engineering in Green Bay, and served as the Civil Engineering club’s Vice President, and member and voice of the Student Senate and NTO program.  During her attendance at UWSP, she held the intern position at the Wood County Land Conservation Department, which opened up the opportunity to apply for the position she currently fulfills.
Heather quickly settled herself in the Wisconsin Rapids area by joining a volleyball league, for which she plays year-round.  Heather is truly gratified with the time she gets to spend with animals- and cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her 9-year old Black Lab, Cupid, and rescued cat, Biggs.  She and Cupid enjoy traveling to her hometown to spend time with her large family of her Mom, Stepdad, 3 older sisters, 1older brother, 1 sister-in-law, 1 brother-in-law, 4 nieces, and 1 nephew, and literally over 100 aunts, uncles, and cousins.  She also enjoys heading up to the Eagle River area to help her Dad with endless outdoor projects, and fishing trips to one of the many lakes of Wisconsin, upper Michigan, or North Dakota. 
One thing people would never guess about Heather is that, as much as she loves the Green Bay Packers, two of her favorite football players are Peyton Manning & ‘Gronk’ (Rob Gronkowski).


Jackson County Zoning, POWTS and Recycling Department


Jackson County Zoning, POWTS and Recycling Department also houses the Jackson County Surveyor and GIS/Real Property Lister Department. Current staff include Terry A. Schmidt, Zoning Administrator; Dustin McCune, Zoning Technician; Beth Storlie, Administrative Assistant. They currenlty admiminister a Sanitary Ordinance; Shoreland Ordinance; Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance; Subdivision Ordinance; Airport height Ordinance; Recycling Ordinance and Floodplain Ordinance.

The first zoning administrator was hired back in 1968 and operated as a one person office for the first few years. In about the middle 1970`s the office had a zoning administrator and a sanitarian with a part time secretary. In around 1981 or 1982 the office was once again reduced to one full time zoner and a part time secretary. The office remained the same until I took over in 1989. At that time we were able to hire a full time office assistant and we remained a two person office until I was finally able to convince the powers to be that we needed additional help. That came about in 2007 when we were able to hire a zoning technician. We now operate as a three person staff and work along side the surveyor, Land Conservation Dept and the GIS/Tax lister. All of our property records are scanned and available for public viewing through the county web based mapping site. Our permitting is also done with Pro –West and their electronic program. Technology sure has made our lives simpler. So in the past 48 years the county has had a total of 4 zoning administrators. 

Jackson County contains approximately 170,000 acres of public land which allows for ample recreation opportunities. Hiking,Snowmobiling,4 wheeling, hunting, etc. The county also boasts one of the deepest clear water lakes in the state known as Lake Wazee. This lake was formed by the reclamation of an old metallic iron mine and has become very popular with divers.
And last, but not least, a little smile sent to us by Eric Wellauer, Sawyer County:

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