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Organised chaos?

At the beginning of this month, I was sitting in the Ivy opposite Japan House in South Kensington. 3 years ago my business partner and I organised an event in London for the Nara Government. After the successful event, I hobbled to the Ivy for some dinner, absolutely shattered from the preceding week's activities and negotiations. Five minutes later I met the world's richest wrestler, now an actor (John Cena). We were both sitting at the bar. He ordered the chicken sandwich and I ordered half a chicken. There was a funny moment as the waitress looked at us both and felt the order was meant to be the other way around. When I took a seat there again this month, it felt like we'd come full circle. 

February started with Masa and I arriving in London after two days in Paris hosting an event at the Isse gallery near the Louvre.

Two days later, we hosted another event at Sway Gallery near Old Street Station for the Kyoto Prefectural Government. We're currently in possession of enough sake to launch a very well-stocked bar.

Following the theme for this month, coincidentally, it's also been three years since I last gave a talk on branding identity and marketing localisation at the Embassy of Lithuania. Just a couple of weeks ago I visited the Embassy of Israel to discuss opportunities for Israeli businesses in the UK and later the same day I was back at the Embassy of Lithuania too. 

An interesting cacophony of successive coincidences or fate? Keep an eye out for our next events, there's plenty on the way for you to enjoy.
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3 Ways to Enhance
PPC Results

by Laura Hodkinson

Embracing identity in marketing is important for audiences to experience brands for their individuality and uniqueness. Giving your audience a positive experience creates huge opportunities; greater levels of trust, consumer loyalty and advocacy.
PPC campaigns (or social media advertising) are a way that brands can create experiences for their audiences both current and new. While platform spends and technical targeting boost the number of eyes you reach, it’s the content that connects your audience and drives their action.
So how can we use brand identity to enhance PPC results?
LOOK THE PART - 65% of consumers are visual learners, so it is important for your creative assets to take centre stage and capture the attention of your audience. Whether using video, graphics, animation or all of the above, your visuals need to make you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your recognition.
SOUND ENGAGING - The way you communicate with your audience is also an essential part of your identity. Audiences connect best with content that sounds authentic and human which will set you apart from your competition. Adding warmth, injecting personality, and showcasing your culture in your copy will engage your users further.
ENCOURAGE ACTION - Pair your creative assets and copy with a confident call to action. Your audience is already enticed - now they need the final nudge. Hook them on an outcome you can help them to achieve and reel them in with your landing page or contact form.
Designing the right PPC content for the right audience will ensure your message resonates strongly. This primes users to take action in the short term and also increases brand recognition so your audience will be more engaged and receptive in the future.
There’s more to PPC than meets the eye. Leave the best results to our experts and get in touch to receive more quality leads.
Digital Marketing Executive

How to Get Stronger
Brand Buy-in

by Karolina Marczak

‘Who am I?’ 

We may think we know the answer to this question, but there are endless possibilities as to how we can interpret it. For years philosophers have wondered about identity, the purpose of existence, and the meaning of life. Even though it is a philosophical question, we marketers have to ask brands to consider this to establish and cement their brand identity. 

Identity is what allows us to connect with people. Through being ourselves, we can express our values, beliefs, interests, and ambitions. It helps us to start new friendships and relationships, but also to establish trust and loyalty. Identity is a particularly important part of marketing as it is a way for businesses to educate their audience about who they are and what they stand for. So how can you establish your company identity?

Start with Authenticity 

Authenticity is an essential part of identity. Through being authentic with ourselves and others, we are able to explore what our identity is and how we want to communicate that to the world. If you keep your brand identity central in your decisions and actions, you will allow your audience to relate to it and feel connected with your values and mission. Think about how you want your audience to feel when they first meet your brand, while they purchase your products or services and when they are part of your community.

Consumers buy based on emotion and then justify their decisions with logic. The decision to buy is made subconsciously. Our subconscious decision to buy is then communicated to the conscious mind via an emotion. The conscious mind then seeks rational reasons for the purchase, and we complete the circle by justifying our emotional signals with logic. To win over your target audience, connecting with their emotions is essential, this has to happen authentically and with a strong value offering to appeal logically too.

Having a clear picture of exactly what your brand identity is and what it stands for will let you confidently communicate, engage and build trust with the right audience. 

Ready to build your brand identity? That's where we come in. Get in touch to start a conversation.
Digital Marketing Executive

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