March! Building/Saving Websites and LinkedIn.
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As the end of this year's first quarter comes to a close many of us find ourselves reflecting on the difference three months can make in our lives and businesses. Our Mantras for this coming quarter are 'don't wait for tomorrow' and 'driven by ethics, guided by knowledge'. Now is definitely the time to take action on becoming more visible online. In this month's newsletter there's case studies, awesome recommendations from our customers and info on next month's LinkedIn training seminar in Sheffield.

Stay Positive, Stay Connected


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LinkedIn Training

If you want to generate sales through LinkedIn, then this is the course for you. Our 4 hour LinkedIn training course is designed to give you knowledge and skills to support your business growth. We are often asked how we get so many inbound enquiries through social media.

One of the major differences in our training sessions is that you'll be shown exactly what to do, how to do it and why do it in that way. This is an 100% actionable course.

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This month we have built three websites. We designed this one in particular with a specific CMS to give the client extra editing functionality. This has meant that they can now easily make changes to many aspects of their website that would normally require the rehiring of a web designer to change. Putting functionality back into the hands of the user is important to us.



This month we've conducted four website migrations. This usually happens when someone is happy with their website design but not happy with having no ability to edit anything. There's a history of website developers purposefully doing this but times are changing and we're happy to say that this month in particular we've been able to save many companies from losing a lot of money.



We've run two separate social media competitions this month with Visit Magna and the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. They both invested relatively small ad budgets for their email subscriber campaigns and in each we greatly increased their email subscribers. 


Monthly Testimonials

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