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Invitation to a sustainability time-out

and is it religion?

More and more people are becoming atheists due to the problems with religion and extremism.

That does not mean they don’t have deep and caring values, it just means that they don’t necessarily believe in any higher power - or want to belong to a religious group.
This has left many in a vacuum. 

So what about spirituality?

What is the difference between religion and spirituality? 

Do we really need spirituality to get through modern life?


Talk and debate led by Mary Aver

Mary is a recognized spiritual psychologist and healer from Ireland, living and practicing in London. She began her practice in the early eighties and has specialized in teaching others how to draw on the personal reservoir of wisdom and learn how to navigate their lives.
She is passionate about connecting people to purpose and coaches in strategies for fulfilling personal potential. 


Want to join?

What: Talk and debate

When: Thursday November 2, 2017
4-6 pm (16-18)

Where: Sortedam Dossering 3D, 2. sal
2200 København N 

Participation: 200 DKK
Registration by mobilepay at number 25324
No-show, no refund

Charlotte Winther
+45 53884684