Our Final Newsletter of 2016!

Leadership and Management

Gila Milstein, President

Arik Chaim, Secretary

Dr. Daniel Lieber, Advisor

Dr. Daniel I. Brison, Advisor

Sigal Ankri, Co-Founder & Patients' Director

Batya Levy, Office Manager & Volunteers' Director

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End-of-Year Greeting from the Board President 

It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2016. The year has flown by, full of joyous moments, major accomplishments, and tragic losses for our Stand By Me family. 

But through it all, our organization was blessed in so many ways —with incredible volunteers who have unbounded passion to help others, with unique services that provide programs in Hebrew—for free—to Israelis in America battling cancer, and, above all, with a strong, supportive, and loving community.

As the year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to make a request: Look back over these 12 months—filled with support groups, trips, challah deliveries, special dinners, and happier families—and realize what a difference you have made. And imagine how much more we can do next year. 

I encourage you to take this end-of-year opportunity to
support us once again—or to join us for the first time. Let's start 2017 even stronger, ensuring together that no one in our community faces cancer alone.

Because remember, that is our mission: We are here so no one in our community faces cancer alone. Help us continue fulfilling this mission.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, warmest wishes to our Stand By Me Family, our donors and all our volunteers.




Monthly Meetings
Coffee Break Breakfast
At our recent monthly meeting, we were thrilled to host Ofek Schlesinger, an educational magician. He spoke about how to awaken the magic within each one of us using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to change habits, improve personal relationships, and make our dreams come true. 

Tsilla Dinay, a volunteer, shares her experience at the breakfast:

"At the last Coffee Break we had a special treat when Ofek Schlesinger, who is a magician and a NLP coach, preformed. He did some magic tricks and surprised us with his skills  in the art of illusion. During the second part of his performance, he demonstrated his NLP coaching skills, which is a technique that helps create changes in our subconsciousness, using language and imagination. We were asked to close our eyes and follow some simple instructions. Ofek guided us on how to look differently at something we have wished to achieve but have held back from because of fear or negative thoughts, and helped us to change those negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This technique is a powerful tool to break through bad habits and inhibitions." 
September Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Stand By Me's success is only possible because of the dedication, passion and hard work of our volunteers. It is our privilege to celebrate them! More than 70 people gathered together for a fun, relaxed evening of music and food and watched proudly as our volunteers received framed certificates for their efforts. 

Our president, Gila Milstein, shared words of praise (translation below):
,ערב טוב למשפחת סטנד ביי מי
,הערב הזה הוא ערב הוקרה למתנדבים שלנו
.זה ערב של אות ועדות להכרת הטוב
,אני רוצה להביע את מלוא הערכתי על עבודת הקודש שאתם עושים
אנו גאים בכם ומרגישים ברי מזל על כך שביחד אנו משרתים
,מטרה נעלה ויוצרים משהו גדול מאיתנו
יש פתגם האומר: לעולם אל תטילו ספק שקבוצה קטנה
,של אנשים איכפתיים יכולים לשנות את העולם
.זה הדבר היחיד שאי פעם הביא לשינוי
!!ואתם הקבוצה הזאת
אני מודה על שניתנה לי הזכות הגדולה להכירכם ולהפוך
,למשפחה אוהבת ותומכת
אלף מילים לא יוכלו לתאר את ליבכם הטהור
,או לספר על הרצון שלכם לעזור
,אלף מילים לא יכלו לתאר את היופי הפנימי שלכם שזוהר ומאיר
אתם נותנים את הכתף והלב החם
תמיד מוכנים להקשיב ולהרגיע כשעל הלב משהו מעיק
,למדנו מניסיון שיש חולים שדקה אחת היא נצח עבורם
ויש חולים שמאבדים לרגע את תקוותם
יש חולים שמוותרים ולא מביטים לאופק
אבל אתם לא מרפים, ידכם תמיד על הדופק
האירגון שלנו לא יכול היה להתקיים בלעדיכם
תודה על ההתנדבות, הנדיבות וטוב הלב היחס המבין והאוהב
על הרכות, הנתינה והעידוד
,ההבנה, הרגישות והליטוף
תודה שאתם משקיעים שעות אין ספור
כשמטרתכם היא אחת- לתת ולעזור
תודה שעליכם אפשר לסמוך
אתם שם תמיד לתמוך
!!אין ספק שאין כמוכם עלי אדמות
,שנה טובה עם בריאות ועשיה
תודה. תודה תודה
Good evening to my Stand By Me family,

Tonight is a night to recognize our volunteers, a night to symbolize and testify to our gratitude, and I want to express my full appreciation for your holy work. We are so proud of you, and feel so fortunate that together, we are serving a higher purpose, and creating something greater than ourselves. There is an expression that says: "Never doubt that a group of caring people can change the world -- indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"

And this is you, you are this group! I'm grateful to have the great privilege to know you and to have become one loving, supportive family. A thousand words can't describe your pure hearts, or tell of your constant desire to help. A thousand words can't describe your shining inner beauty... you give your shoulder, ear, and warm heart to listen and reassure someone who has a burden on their heart.

We learn from experience that patients can lose all hope in a moment, giving up and no longer looking for the horizon, but YOU never give up. You always keep your finger on the pulse. Again and again, I express my full appreciation--our organization would not be able to exist without you. Thank you for your volunteering, your generosity, your kindness, your understand and loving attitude, your gentle encouragement, and your sensitivity. Thank you for investing countless hours towards giving and helping. Thank you so much for making it possible to always trust and rely on you... there is no doubt that there is no one like you on the earth. I wish you a good year full of health and action. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

           (L-R) Michal Sabag, Nira Gat,                 (L-R) Jodi Myers, Sigal Ankri,

               Maya Givati, Natali Levi,                          Dina Maydan, and guest
                   Adi Wolstein Gabay

              Ruth Bassly, Gila Milstein                   (L-R) David Shalon, Nurrit Mimon,
                                                                    Rita Goldsmith, 
Gila Milstein, Sigal Ankri,                                                                                            Avner Gat
                Handmade by Sivan Kobi,                           Volunteer Dinner
                         Sister Kakes
Sukkot Party
Our Stand By Me Sukkot Party 2016 was a huge success. We brought together more than 120 to enjoy delicious food, wonderful company, and spirited singing and dancing. 

Here's what one of our patients, Shalom Warman, had to say:

"Last week, our annual Sukkot party took place at the home of resident donor/ and volunteer. There was a great turnout of patients, former patients, volunteers and their families. As usual there was a lot of delicious food, lively music and even a magician who entertained us all. It was an opportunity to meet friends and former patients of Stand By Me that you don`t get to see during the year."    
Clowning Around

Recently, Michal and Frank Donnel, professional medical clowns from Israel, were in L.A. for a visit -- and spent some time with us! They have more than 30 years of experience in clowning and puppet theater and made our whole group laugh, cry, and have a great time in a different atmosphere, outside of the hospital.

One of the attendees wrote: 

"Michal and Fran are volunteers who work in Israeli hospitals, where they dress as clowns to entertain patients, particularly sick children. They gave us such a incredible evening of fun and entertainment. We need more entertainers like this in hospitals in Los Angeles." 

Learn more about Israel’s famed clown therapy:

Message Board
Spread the word! Stand By Me provides services to Israeli-Americans, for free and in Hebrew. Our services include: 
  • Substantial Care: transportation, cleaning services, childcare, hot meals and challah delivery
  • Emotional Care: visitations, group therapy, psychologists, and therapists for patients and their families; social gatherings and holiday celebrations
  • Additional services: chiropractic treatments, aromatherapy, nutrition, acupuncture, Feldenkrais, beauty treatments and more
Cancer News and Resources:
Health Corner
Ginger and Turmeric Hot Cider
Warm apple cider is the perfect winter comfort drink. This special version combines two potent spices, ginger and turmeric for a unique flavor and nutrition profile. Fresh ginger, for example, contains a pungent substance called gingerol while turmeric gets its characteristic yellow hue from the class of cancer-fighting compounds, curcuminoids. Both are being studied for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

From the American Institute for Cancer Research

Makes 1 Serving


  • 1 cup fresh sweet apple cider
  • 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp. grated fresh turmeric
  • 1½-inch by 1/2-inch strip lemon peel, white part included


In small saucepan, combine cider, ginger, turmeric and lemon peel. Over medium-high heat, heat until ring of bubbles appears around edge of pan, 3 minutes.

Cover pan and set aside to steep for 5 minutes.

Pour hot-spiced cider through fine tea strainer into mug. Serve immediately.

If you would like to see your recipe featured here, please send it via email.
Nutrition is an essential aspect of life, especially for those whose immune systems could use a boost. In fact, nutrition for cancer patients can differ from what we usually think of as “eating healthy.” According to the National Cancer Institute, “eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger. A healthy diet includes eating and drinking enough foods and liquids that have the important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water) that the body needs.”

Nutrition is a personal thing and one size does not fit all. Therefore, before taking any advice from the web, please make sure to consult with your physician. 
Thank You

Our deepest, most heartfelt thanks to:

  • Everyone who helped with the Sukkot party
  • DJ Gilad Emesh
  • Singer Guy Goresh
  • Ofek Schlesinger, Educational Magician
  • Shiren Shpitz, Little Gym
  • Amarinyo Gellato Yegev
  • Eti Moshe, party planner
  • Michal and Matan Sebag for the shawarma
  • Unique Bakery
  • Videographer and photographer Eyal Elgraby
  • All donors and volunteers!
Volunteer with Us!
We need volunteers to help with:
  • Visitation
  • Phone calls and staying in touch with patients
  • Child care / babysitting
  • Driving / deliveries
  • Food preparation
Please reach out to our Volunteers' Director, Batya Levy, at:

Thank you to all Stand By Me Volunteers who consistently commit their time and energy to support Stand By Me and help others. 

"No one is more cherished in this world than someone
who lightens the burden of others."

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