Autumn Newsletter
Leadership and Management

Gila Milstein, President

Arik Chaim, Secretary

Dr. Daniel Lieber, Advisor

Dr. Daniel I. Brison, Advisor

Sigal Ankri, Co-Founder & Patients' Director

Batya Levy, Office Manager & Volunteers' Director

Ofra Etzion, Las Vegas Director 
Dear Stand By Me Family, 

Shana Tova! We are so happy to welcome this New Year with good wishes to all, and prayers that everyone in the community experience a complete Refuah Shelaimah in 5776! 

Please continue to spread the word about us. We always need more volunteers. Stand By Me's mission is to help Hebrew-speaking cancer patients in whatever ways we can -- navigating treatment, finding resources, receiving family and personal support, and connecting to community. 
Shana tova card
 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
One of our favorite events of the year is our volunteer appreciation dinner, when we say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers for a year of hard work!

This year the event took place in August, at Saphir restaurant, as more than 50 volunteers enjoyed wine, delicious Mediterranean food, singing, dancing, laughing, and catching up with each other. Thank you to every single volunteer for making a difference!

Hakarat Hatov to:
  • Shaul Ivgi for donating the space and sponsoring the event for the 3rd year in a row! In honor of his ongoing commitment, Shaul received a trophy from Gila Milstein (President of Stand By Me)
  • Sivan Kobi for making a specially-designed delicious cake
  • Eyal Elgrably (aka Eyal Ha’Tsalam) for making sure the evening was well-documented with his wonderful photographs
  • Moshe 'Hayafe' & Pini Cohen for the fantastic music 
  • Yafa Levi for making unique, Kosher hors d'oeuvres 
Information Session with Carmel Bahat

This past September, Stand By Me had an informative session with Carmel Bahat, a personal and business coach and an expert in interpersonal communication skills. Carmel spoke to a group of 30 patients and volunteers. He explained the different types of people and personalities, and how to identify them. Then he spoke about how to achieve your goals based on this improved understanding of people.

Thank you to:

  • Carmel for the wonderful lecture
  • Good Life Academy for hosting
Happy Sukkot and Shana Tova!
The holidays are an opportunity to be with our family and friends. This year, for the 5th year in a row, our community members Rinat and Eyal Shemesh hosted 110 (!) people at their home. We know it is not easy and deeply appreciate the tradition you have created to open your home for the Stand By Me family on Sukkot - it was a pleasure!

It was particularly inspiring to have teenage volunteers at the event. We are very proud to play a role in teaching the younger generation about giving back to the community.

THANK YOU - Yafa Levy, Shaul Ivgi, Pini Cohen, Michal Bone, Moshe Ha'yafe, Eyal Elgrably (Eyal Ha'Tsalam), Etty Moshe, Lizzie Shahar, Michal & Motti Sabag, Yafit Saban, Nira Gat, Daniel Levy, Mai Ankri, Edwein Markoem, Tali Rubinstein, Moshe Brantz, and everyone who helped decorate the Sukka!
We Are Making Strides for Breast Cancer!
The Stand By Me Team proudly joined in the American Cancer Society's October 17th event, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Here are some photos!
Health Corner

Welcome to our new section on health and nutrition!
Nutrition is so important, especially for those whose immune systems could use a boost. In fact, nutrition for cancer patients can differ from what we usually think of as "eating healthy." For example, according to the National Cancer Institute, "When you have cancer, you may need extra protein and calories. At times, your diet may need to include extra milk, cheese, and eggs. If you have trouble chewing and swallowing, you may need to add sauces and gravies."

We have launched this forum to share important information. We'll be sharing tips with you, and hope to hear back.
Here are two links that we found useful:

Center for Food Safety
World Health

And here's one great recipe to kick things off:

Superfood Energy Blast Mix

½ cup goji berries

½ cup golden berries

½ cup cashews

½ cup organic cacao nibs

½ cup almonds

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Enjoy!

We encourage you to send in your own healthy recipes! We'll be happy to share them.

Nutrition is a personal thing and one size does not fit all. Therefore, before taking any advice from the web please make sure to consult with your physician. 
Updates & Reminders
Thank you!
Stand By Me  Laughter Workshop
Thank you to Dganit Abramoff and the students at USC Hillel for donating baskets for the holidays!
In the Media
We are thankful to Israeli Life USA, which provides a platform for our important work. Please read two recent articles [Hebrew]:

Stand By Me is here so that no one will face cancer alone

"The support, the human touch, the prayers, positive thinking gave me strength to fight the disease" 
Stand By Me Video
Stand By Me 2014
Please watch our video from last year, which shows the vital role that Stand By Me plays in helping cancer patients and their families.
Ani Kore אני קורא
We are proud to have a library of 40+ wonderful books in Hebrew. Ora Liebrecht gave us the first batch and initiated the idea, and we would love to offer our community even more books. Please consider donating your used books to our library.

Please see this link for a large image of our collection. If you are interested in borrowing any of the books, please reach out to Batya at
Want to Volunteer with Us?
We need volunteers to help with:
  • Visitation
  • Phone calls and staying in touch with patients
  • Child care / babysitting
  • Driving / deliveries
  • Food preparation
  • Specialty / professional services
Please reach out to our Volunteers' Director, Batya Levy, at:
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