Season 1 Finale! Where to from here?
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Vlad's News

All three videos from the first season are now available on YouTube, and I hope you've enjoyed your foray into the realm of supernatural shopping.

I'd like to take this moment to congratulate the winners of our first ever Zombie Adoption Event! Pam Briar, Carson Dallum, and Jessica Notman are all proud new caregivers to their very own domesticated zombies. Here are a few pictures of the celebrations:

Director Micaela Colman draws names from a hat.

The zombies prepare for travel.

One of the zombies in her new home.


In other news, my human compatriots are busily working on a new season for you to enjoy, and have informed me that a hiatus is necessary for them to focus their efforts. Based on their feedback, I have decided that our newsletter, Dear Abigail blog posts, and other activity will be placed on hold so that a new season may be developed. We will continue adding to the Paranormal Library, as well as limited social media posting. And rest assured that we will send out newsletters if anything of interest develops related to our web series.

Until Next Time,

Dear Abigail

This month, Abbi Normal answers questions about whether or not vampires can become ghosts, and how to keep a ghost from stalking you!

Read more on our website.

Note: Our Dear Abigail column will be on hiatus as we develop season 2.

Season 1 Webisodes

Paramercial #1
Our first episode offers up mail-order, lab-grown brains for domesticated zombies. We make it easy to care for your undead loved ones!

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Paramercial #2
For vampires who struggle with blood breath, Transylvanian Breath Mints will get you back to the hunt. Or date. Whatever it's called now.
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Paramercial #3
The Ghostly Positioning and Possession System helps ghosts with unfinished business find - and possess - the living.

Watch Now

Book of the Month

Phantom Effect by Michael Aronovitz

If you’ve watched this month’s webisode about the Ghostly Positioning & Possession Service, you’ll know that we like a good tale of ghostly (or is it ghastly?) revenge. So we enjoyed rooting for Marissa Madison, the latest target of serial killer Jonathan Martin Delaware Deseronto. Marissa was a powerful psychic in life, and in death she uses her abilities to force Deseronto to face not only her past, but his own.

Not for the faint of heart, this psychological horror alternates between Deseronto’s first person and Madison’s third person points of view, building to a climax that weaves seemingly unrelated subplots into a spectacular, and surprising, finale.

Email Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes Trivia

The dress worn by the ghost in the season 1 finale is a vintage 1950s dress. The zipper had never been replaced, and it broke when our actress put it on; she had to be sewn into the costume so we could begin filming!

Filmmaker Forum: from the producer

We've now released all three videos from the first season, and I want to personally thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm.

It's been nearly two years since I first had the idea for Paranormal Shopping Network, and the process of making them has been an incredibly rewarding and educational experience. I've met many amazingly talented people, discovered things about social media that I never knew, and have definitely grown as a storyteller.

As mentioned above in Vlad's section, we'll be taking a haitus from sending out regular newsletters while we begin to develop Season 2.  However, we will be submitting PSN to film festivals, and if we have news related to acceptance or awards, we will definitely let you know.

Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement, and I hope to have more to share with you soon!


K Bethany Sawyer
Writer & Producer

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