Call to Experienced Coaches 

Transition Coach & Mentor Training for The Third Act

Human Longevity has created a whole new Third Act in our lives, as different to our second act as our second act was to our first. We are living 25-30 years longer than previous generations. In fact two thirds of those who have ever lived over the age of 65 are alive to-day. So what does this mean for you in your profession as a coach?

In the developed world at least, 30,000 people a day (11,000,000 per year) are coming into this period of their lives and they have a choice; to live out their third age as the passive recipients of improvements in life conditions or actively live in their Third Act, which they create for themselves. If they choose the latter, then they must TRANSITION!


So what is involved in the six month training? Who is facilitating it? What does it cost and how might I apply?



The programme is co-facilitated by Liz Norris and Edward Kelly and they are accompanied by experienced Third Act facilitators and supervisors, bio's below. We are offering this programme, which we believe to be the first of its kind, at €2,000. This includes two weekend workshops, six months transition coaching under supervision (one to one and group) and access to other Third Act Transition coaches. 


For more details on the programme click here. Also, check out the facilitators below.

Liz Norris
Ailbhe Harrington

Edward Kelly
Nick Owen
Mary-Kelly Borgatta
Diana Theodores
Michael Cahill

To make contact with us, send us an email, Click here

Liz & Ed

PS1. We are limited to 20 people and 12 people are already on the list, so please contact ASAP as we just launching this initiative now.

PS2. Also, please bring this to the attention of other coaches who you feel might be interested and to people who you know who would be like to be coached in their transition as we will be offering a reduced rate during the programme.