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Flourish in Diversity
Newsletter April 2023

Happy April, Dear Ones!!! :D

We hope you had a good Easter in Nature, with/without our beloved (human) beings, abroad or around Wagenigen.

In April almost everything around us is manifestly awakened: flowers are blooming and "dressed up" with their most beautiful colours, bumblebees are pollinating them, all the diverse perfumes from the earth pierce even more through our noses, animals start coupling, and us... Are we awakening/awakened to All This Beauty around us and within us?

Look at what Dr. Malcom Sayer (Robin Williams) said about being awakened in our human spirit in a movie that we recommend you watching: "Awakenings" (1990). He told:

"The human spirit is more powerful than any needs to be nourished with: work, play, friendship, family."

Can you joyfully smile at the human beings you meet at the University or around the streets?
Can you still be amazed by the rising up and setting of the Sun that each days dies and is born again for us?
 Can you experience the immense gratitude of walking on this Earth, kissing it with each of your footsteps?

Are you nurturing your human spirit with fun activities, friendship and family?

We hope that our activities this month will awaken you to all that it is here, now, around you, within you, and through you, with a compassionate, attentive, and kind glance at everything/everyone! Coming to our monthly activities, in chronological order we will have:


Weekly Meditation- Every Monday & Thursday
Lost a parent- Support Group (only in Dutch- at the moment)- every 2 weeks on Monday
Sunset Meditation Workshop with ISOW- April 13th
Introduction to Watercolour Painting- April 14th FULL
Creative Writing Workshop- April 18th
Retreat & Recharge- April 19th
Forest Bathing-April 20th

Reiki with David- April 20th
Partner Yoga with Petra- April 26th
Grief & Writing workshop- April 30th
Meditation course- May 1st to May 4th
Spectrum's Philosophy Group- May 3rd



Scroll down to find out more and see you at our activities:)

Weekly Mindfulness Meditation
Every Monday and Thursdays | 12:30- 13:15| Forum Library, room 366       

"Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you are good enough, self-compassion asks:
what is good for you?" [K. Neff]

Take a moment to train in mindful awareness, calming your body and mind, giving love and kind acceptance to yourself.
This activity is open to both beginners and advanced practitioners.  

Register here
Lost a Parent- Support Group:
Only available at the moment for Dutch students

Georganiseerd door en voor studenten die een ouder hebben verloren. Twee keer in de maand komt een groepje studenten bij elkaar die recentelijk, of langer geleden een ouder hebben verloren. Om ervaringen te delen en herkenning te vinden. Om samen een weg te vinden hoe je ruimte maakt voor rouw in je drukke dagelijkse leven, hoe je er met anderen over praat of hoe je weer ontspanning en een stabiel fundament vindt in jezelf.


Sunset Meditation Workshop with ISOW
Thursday, 13th April | 19- 21 | Global Lounge, Plantage 2

We start the evening with grounding. We focus on what gives energy and how to find more balance in life.

Then, we will do some easy movements and breathing exercises to relax and release our body and mind.
We close off with a wonderful sunset meditation, calming down even more, we'll be inspired by this beautiful and fascinating natural wonder of life.

If possible, kindly bring your yoga mat.
Sign up here!
Watercolour painting Workshop FULL
Friday, 14th April | 19-20:30 | Canteen of the Clockhouse

The watercolor workshop will take place on Friday, April 14th at 19:00 until 20:30 at the Canteen of the Clockhouse, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, 6703BL, Wageningen. It is organized by Marina Stavrakaki in collaboration with Spectrum Wageningen. It is free of charge and art supplies are provided.  In the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use watercolor paints
  • Learn the basic watercolor techniques
  • Learn how to plan a simple painting composition
  • Create your own painting

More information about the teacher: marinastavrakaki.artinstagramtiktok
If you have any questions you can message her on WhatsApp: +306989181711.

Register here
Creative Writing Workshop with Willem
Tuesday 18th April | 18-19:30 | Attic of the Clock House

Together we will work through several exercises to practice rhythm and sound in writing. These concepts are often new to people with little writing experience but can deepen the feeling represented in your writings. 
We will use stream of consciousness and haiku form to get the creative juices flowing. Lastly, we will explore the meaning of identity and what we base it on. 

Of course, the ultimate aim of poetry is non of these exercises, but honest self-expression and this is what the whole evening is about. The exercises merely seek to "open the gate", so to gain awareness of the possibilities and your personal style and taste. Through poetry, you can explore yourself. 

Please bring a pen and notebook.

We will serve warm tea and coffee. 
Register here
Retreat and Recharge evening
Wednesday, 19th April | 19:30-21 |  Forum Library, room 366

Are you longing for some inner silence and reflection? At the monthly Retreat & Recharge Evenings we slowly digest an inspirational quote. Without hurries, we read, meditate and share. A nurturing way to retreat from our busy lives and recharge. The evening will involve a meditation on the quote, using a four-step technique called Lectio Divina. Don't forget to wear some easy pants, that make you sit comfortably on a meditation pillow or chair.  
Make sure you are on time.

Student testimonies
“A precious moment to disconnect from the outside hectic world”.
“I never know what I'm going to find during the evenings, but it is always humbling and valuable.” 

About the facilitators
Jeannette den Ouden is theologist and pastor of the Arboretum Church and student chaplain for Spectrum. She has worked over 15 years with Lectio Divina and uses it for her daily inspiration. Marloes Harkema works for Spectrum as coordinator for Buddhist activities and life coach for the WUR. For the last years we have used quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Pema Chodron, Etty Hillesum and Tara Brach.

For more information please mail

Next dates: 
Wednesday 24th May
Wednesday 14th June


Sign up here!
Forest Bathing
Thursday, 20th April | 6:30 | De Ontmoeting, Emmaleen 1, Bennekom

Forest bathing is a mindful and meditative way of visiting the forest. You will be guided in some exercises to slow down, find silence and connect with your own body, mind and soul and the forest.
We take a forest bath in the morning, around sunrise. Our forest bath takes 45 minutes, it will give a nice starting energy to the rest of your day.

We gather at our building ‘De Ontmoeting’, Emmalaan 1 , Bennekom. It is 10 minutes of cycling from Wageningen campus.

We leave ‘De Ontmoeting’ at 8.00 o’clock and walk in 6 minutes to the entrance of the forest at the end of Algemeer/Bornweg.

Forest Bathing will be Dutch and English spoken.

This activity is free, but please register at You will receive an email with more detailed information on what to bring and what to expect.
Reiki with David
Thursday, 20th April| 18-19:30| Forum, V0031/ V0034

Dr. Mikao Usui developed reiki in the early 1900s, deriving the term from the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, which refers to "the vital life force energy that flows through all living things". 

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing known also as "hands-on-body healing".  The energy that flows through (the palms of) our hands encourages emotional or physical healing. But we leave the floor to our David to explain you better what Reiki is... :P

David is a Master student from Colombia who has a diploma as a Reiki teacher, he is very knowledgeable and talented in this discipline.

Curious to know (more) about Reiki?
Come and join our first Reiki session with David!! ;D

No costs involved. (Possibly, bring your yoga mat).

Location will be announced later on.

Sign up here!
Partner Yoga with Petra
Wednesday, 26th April| 19:30-21:30| Forum B0103
Petra is an exchanging Bachelor student from Norway, who has a lot of experience in yoga and is happy to teach it to you :D

Petra’s next yoga session on the 26th of April will be partner yoga, where we try out different yoga poses in pairs to be a little bit more playful and help each other stretch. We will try out poses inspired by acroyoga and some poses where we help each other in familiar stretches before we finish up individually on our own mats. Bring a friend or come alone and partner up with someone there!

As usual, this activity has no cost, and all you need to do is to fill in this form and sign up for it!
Kindly, bring your yoga mat  :)

See you there!

Namasté! <|:O)
Sign up here!
Grief & Writing Workshop

Sunday, 30th April | 15:30 - 17:30 | Online TEAMS

By using small creative writing exercises, we will express our stories of grief, give voice to our sadness or pen down our warm memories of loved ones. This can be healing on its own. You can then share your experiences and advice with others as well as learn from them. As everyone deals with grief differently, this can lead to new ideas. You will work from home: having your own safe space to write, while we will share online our personal stories and give voice to feelings of grief.
The workshop is planned every last Sunday of the month for 2023. You can join in any time, and the sessions stand on their own: you can join once, or multiple times.

Student testimony
"I really appreciated the workshop. It was such a unique safe and open space: I felt much less lonely in my grieving process, connecting with people going through similar emotions. The writing helped to organize my thoughts and I also can continue on my own to process the feelings further."

About the trainer
Marloes Harkema, author of a book about grief, will lead these sessions. After having lost her husband when she was 28, she discovered how healing it is to write and how essential it is to connect with others. Now 10 years later, she facilitates writing workshops, walks and talks on grief. She works as life coach and communication trainer for the university and as Buddhist coordinator for Spectrum, student chaplaincy Wageningen.

Sign up
The session is free for students and you will receive more information and a TEAMS link a few days before the workshop. If you like to withdraw or cancel, please always notify me through email.
For more information, contact:


Sign up here!
Meditation Course 1st- 4th May

from the 1st of May to 4th of May | 12:30- 13:15 | Room to be announced

Spectrum organizes a 4 day meditation course during lunchtime in the first week of May (study week). It is open for beginners and experienced meditators. Preferable you commit to coming each day.

A stable posture is the foundation of our meditation practice. When our body becomes still our mind will follow.

Our breath is a natural process that is always with us and connects us with everything. Through our breath we can realize our natural openness, flexibility, and creativity.

Whatever arises in our mind or in our heart is totally workable. We can begin to see this as we become more intimate with our inner landscape.

The openness and stillness that we cultivate in meditation can, with practice, be brought into our daily lives. Coming from this space we can navigate situations more gracefully.


Wayne Gregoire, Buddhist monk has been a fulltime resident for 6 years at Zen River Temple and is a student of the abbot Tenkei Roshi. Raised on a cattle ranch in Montana and then starting a career as Software Engineer in the games industry, there was little in his environment to suggest that one day his favourite time would be sitting in a meditation hall. Zen River Temple is an international meditation centre in the North of the Netherlands, and Spectrum organises twice a year an outing to visit and practice with this Buddhist community. 

Time, Where & Sign Up
12:30 - 13:15  / Forum, Library Room 366.
20 places available.
If you like to be sure for a place, sign up through this form, or show up at the Library on time. 

Sign up here!
Spectrum's Philosophy Group
What is the difference between women and men's philosophy? Or is there no difference?
 Wednesday 3rd May| 19:00-21:00 | Clockhouse WUR, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, 6703 BL Wageningen (room 2007)

Are you a person that likes thinking about deep questions in life and to have open-hearted conversations with other people about it? 

 Come and join Spectrum’s philosophy group! We will serve you a hot tea, a warm soup, bread and hummus so we can enjoy a delicious dinner together!

We will meet at the Building with the clock from 7pm till 9pm, there are no costs and there is no membership required! 

This time the topic we will treat is :
What is the difference between women and men's philosophy? Or is there no difference?

        Register below and we'll keep you updated  :)

Sign up here!
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