A Light of Hope to Those in Need

April 2015
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We are excited to announce a partnership with MHA (Mental Health America) Village in Long Beach for a new project we’re calling Home Sweet Home. The purpose of this project is to assist recently homeless individuals who have been housed by The Village in getting basic household items into their apartments.

Unfurnished homes can become depressing for the client and a hindrance to progress. We want to help these clients succeed in this exciting transition by coming alongside them, filling their apartments with necessities and love, while building supportive relationships with them.

For this project, we are asking for donations of items like bedding, shower curtains, towels and washcloths, bath mats, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, mugs, coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and other small, good-condition household items, including inspirational artwork and wall decor.

Are you an artist? We're also looking for donations of handmade, inspirational home decor.

For more information on Home Sweet Home, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about Home Sweet Home, or anything else...

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If Not Now, When?

I've been volunteering at Beacon For Him for six months now, and I’ve noticed a repeating theme: Men and women who are stuck in a cycle of homelessness are also stuck in a cycle of hopelessness. They believe they aren't worth anything. They're sure God's favor would never point in their direction. I hear it coming from their mouths in one conversation after another after another.

And every time I hear it, it’s like a knife slicing through my heart.

I want to tell them a story from the Bible about a man named Gideon, a man who wasn't important or courageous or strong—at least, he didn't seem to think he was. In fact, when God’s messenger found him, Gideon was cowering, hiding from his enemy. But then something amazing happened. The angel of the LORD approached Gideon and addressed him as mighty warrior. What on earth possessed the angel to do that?
Priscilla Shirer sheds some light on this scene in Gideon: Your weakness. God’s Strength. She explains that while Gideon may have been under the shadow of his enemy, God was not. "God could see beyond the exterior, calling out of Gideon something that the timid man probably didn't even realize was in him. Gideon wasn't a scared farmer. Not really. That’s how he was behaving.”

I believe Gideon's story relates to everyone—and I mean everyone—but I also believe the truth found within this story is most significant to those who are at their weakest. When we feel fearful, God sees us as courageous. When we feel incompetent, ungifted, or worthless, God sees us as capable, equipped, and valuable. This is more than a bright light on a dreary day. This is good news. We are more than our perceptions of ourselves. God makes us capable. He equips us and loves us, and while we may feel rejected, he finds us special.

At Beacon For Him, we strive to shift perceptions. We want everyone to see themselves the way we believe God sees them: Capable. Equipped. Valuable. It’s the little things, like a dining setting with round tables and white tablecloths, fresh flower centerpieces, and regular, day-to-day conversations between the homed and homeless. And necessary things, like offering food, clean clothes, and connections to much-needed resources. And immeasurable things, like making a point of seeing those who are often ignored.

Our vision is that every homeless and at-risk man, woman, and child in our community finds the kind of hope that takes root. We believe the time to love our neighbor is now.
~Theresa Santy
Volunteer Opportunities

Beacon For Him is a 100% volunteer organization and we love volunteers! Opportunities to serve include working on the soup line, in the kitchen, in the dining hall, or in the library for our Monday morning soup service from 9:00 until noon, or helping out on sack lunch meal outreach, which we host every third and fourth Tuesday.

If you're interested in volunteering, you can simply show up at either our Monday or Tuesday meal services. We're located at 439 Anaheim Street, Long Beach, 90813.

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Grant writing
  • Assisting guests in the Library with computer navigation to access resources and build resumes
  • Working with the Home Sweet Home team to help transition newly homed men and women into their new apartments
  • Creating handmade home and wall decor for Home Sweet Home
  • Signing up to make a large pot of soup for the Monday soup line
  • Collecting toiletries and assembling toiletry kits to be handed out

If you would like to come and volunteer in a large group, or if you have any kind of specialized skill you would like to offer, or if you have any other questions about volunteering, please CONTACT US.

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April Events:

All proceeds will be donated to:

Beacon For Him Ministries
a homeless outreach
in Long Beach

All donations welcome. If you have any donations for our fundraiser, please drop them off at Beacon For Him:
439 Anaheim Street,
Long Beach 90813

Questions about the yard sale? Call Rachael: 562-234-1970

It's A Jesus Thing

Join us at 439 West Anaheim Street on April 25th for the performance of a very special play called It's a Jesus Thing, including a lip sync performance by T-Lily! It's a Jesus Thing is the story of a mother's love for her son and her love for the Lord. It's a story of redemption, salvation, and spiritual awakening.

Juice and popcorn will be served during the performance, which will run from 12-1PM, and a pizza party will follow. Looking forward to seeing you there!

A Poetic Aside
The Things of Easter
by Jim B.

For the feast of Easter, at least for this year, let your focus be on this rhyme as the locus for your time. Our care is on the HARE, and not on the bear. After all, without any fear, and even if you call it what you will, you can hear this clear, and without a tear. RABBITS have their habits. A pair can become two pair, or four pair, or even eight pair, as you stare; or then again maybe more pair as you glare, at them there. In a way it is fair to say that, on any given day, the hare is fond of the carrot, as if the two had a bond. For on this food, so orange, rabbits do binge, as befits their mood, unless forces from many sources do infringe. In their lair within the landscape the hare may gloat over an escape from a smote. Better maybe to be a parrot who can talk as well as walk, or even gawk, if you don't rock the boat when you dote on it.
"A TISKET, A TASKET, A GREEN AND YELLOW BASKET": as a tune, is sure not a gasket, or even a casket. Upon the grass that you may find inside it, and despite the crass harass that you may find outside it, lie the eggs that symbolize Easter. The color of one seems duller, or gleams more, than does that of another; but it begs the question as to whether they ought first be sought in thought before they are bought, and then brought. New life, or life rife with renewal, is the jewel for the mind to find.
To read more about Beacon Writer Jim B., and to read his Easter piece in its entirety,
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