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A Light of Hope to Those in Need


August 2015
In Loving Memory of Michael Pacheco, 8/11/68 - 12/29/10


The rising sun and morning dew, a birdsong, wildlife stirs.

God's green earth so awesome.

Beauty abounds. Words cannot say.

A ray of sunlight makes it past my shade.

It warms and soothes me.

I am greeted with a smile by my baby that's sealed with a kiss.

This is the closest I'll ever get to heaven while my feet are on this earth.

A pessimist by nature, I try and cherish these things God has touched, but I am only a mortal man and often just see what's wrong.

At times fear nearly consumes me -- why?

The birds don't gather food nor do lilies spin.

Life mingles in perfect harmony.  

There must be a rhyme and reason to it all -- an all-seeing eye behind the sky. 


How I want to believe.

Time and space, where did it come from? 

Who, when, why, how -- I could question into infinity -- but no time for that.

Life trudges on.

Lightning strikes, then thunder shatters the silence.

You are an awesome God.

That's all I know for sure.

And I still go astray, pitting my will against yours -- failing every time.

I cry out to you again, I'm not worthy, yet you forgive and take me under your wing.

Mighty and merciful are you.

I look forward to the day when my trials here are done.

I want to live with you always behind the sky where your loving kindness envelopes me for evermore.

~by Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco is the brother of Rachael Pacheco, who is a Beacon board member and the dear, lovely woman who brings flowers to all the tables in the sanctuary each week. Michael's untimely death has brought a lot of sadness to Rachael's life, but was also a catalyst that brought her back to God, leading her to the spiritual journey she walks today. The following is Michael's bio, written by Rachael's mother.

Michael Pacheco was an amazing person, a loving man, honest, insightful, and creative. He had a love of music and studied that. He loved nature and animals and the true beauty of God's world. He loved his family. He confessed a love of God, a love of truth, a belief in treating others as you want to be treated and loved, a forgiveness towards others, a sincere desire to make amends for any wrong he had done, an integrity of spirit and person, an undying endless love for his family. Michael also fell prey to the deceptiveness and blinding temporary illusion of comfort found in drugs and alcohol, which became all-consuming for a period of time, leaving him powerless and a prisoner of despair. He spent many years in recovery and was blessed by the new hope found in programs offered and also and foremost a recognition of his need for God which brought him to a new relationship with his maker and ruler of all things to whom he surrendered over and over again.
Our Biggest Needs Right Now:
For our meal services:
  • Large containers of coffee, creamer, and sugar
  • Cans of powdered drink mix, like Tang and pink lemonade
For our clothes closet:
  • Men's clothing, including shorts and pants, sizes 32-38
  • New socks, boxers, and underwear
  • Travel-size toiletries, especially toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, soap, shampoo, and deodorant
For Home Sweet Home:
  • Household cleaning products (brooms and mops, sponges, scrubbers, and general household cleansers. (These are by far our biggest needs.)
  • Full-sized toiletries, especially soap, shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Dish towels, bath mats, and shower curtains, rods, and hooks.
  • Blankets and bedding for twin, full, and queen sized beds.

All donations can be dropped off at our facility (439 West Anaheim, LB, 90813) M-F, from 9am to 6pm. 


If you'd like to make an online donation, CLICK HERE.
Join us on Facebook
Join us on Facebook
Visit our website
Visit our website
Upcoming Fundraiser:
Saturday, August 15th, 2015, 1-3 pm:

T-Lilly is coming to Beacon (at 439 Anaheim Blvd., LB, 90813) with another great lip sync performance in her play titled "Spend A Day With Granny."


Tickets cost $20, and will be sold at the door. 25% of ticket sales will go directly to Beacon For Him Ministries.

Contact us for more information.

Our Current Hours of Operation:
Mondays Matter:
Soup Outreach, Clothes Closet, Library, Home Sweet Home
9:00am until noon
Bible Study
Dinner at 6:30pm, Study at 7:00pm
Hosted by The Branch:
Laundry Love (Free Laundry Services @ Anaheim & Cedar)
11:30am, 1st and 3rd Thursday only
Food Distribution
10:30am, 2nd and 4th Thursday only

Spanish Church Services, hosted by Mana’ del Cielo
7:00 pm
Meal outreach, on selected Fridays
(Times and dates vary. Contact us for more information.) 

Church Services, hosted by The Branch
Spanish Church Services, hosted by Mana’ del Cielo
Celebrate Recovery
Dinner at 5:00pm, Worship, Testimony, and Teaching at 5:30pm
Beacon For Him is a fast-growing organization and our hours are ever-changing. The above schedule represents our hours of operation as they stand today. Sack Lunch Tuesdays have been temporarily removed from the schedule.
A Poetic Aside:
A Selection of Summer Haikus
by James Bockrath
When then within reach,
In August be at the beach.
Much is there for each.
Sand be upon land,
Breezes meet our urgent demand,
Waves ashore expand.
When clear sun does shine,
Play in water not too brine.
Wear clothes that be fine.
Enjoy the day there,
Doing things with utmost care,
Even what has flair.
When you next return,
With your planning do discern,
But still have concern.

*To read more about Beacon Writer Jim Bockrath, CLICK HERE.

A Poem About Beacon For Him,
Written by Rochelle Johnson,
One of the many amazing soldiers at MHA Village

A Beacon For Him . . is doing things--changing many lives,

Offering that piece of hope--with skills to move and strive.

No matter where you've been in life--no matter what you've done,

A Beacon For Him . . . will shine the light--a new day has begun.

Through homelessness, through drug abuse,

Through poverty of fear,

Through loss, through pain, through plain old doubt,

There's someone who will hear.

To listen to your problems--to guide you to your goals,

The service and the mission--is touching hearts and souls.

A Beacon For Him . . . is doing things--changing many lives

Weloming with open arms--feel free to stop on by.
Copyright © 2015 Beacon For Him Ministries, All rights reserved.

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