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Blessed Self,

Hari OM and Namaste! Happy New Year!


Self Realization -  Why Remember God Throughout the Day? -  By Swami Chinmayananda!

The mental attitude is of supreme importance, much more than the mere physical act. And this is a fact that ordinarily the seekers forget. The one Self revels everywhere - in the Teacher, in the devotees and in the Lord. In all our life's transactions we behave, act, deal with other names and forms, and all of the, we know, require the existence of the Self to uphold them.

     In a cloth shop where there are cotton clothes of different colors and sizes, textures and prices, the shopkeeper is advised always to remember that he is dealing with cotton clothing. In the same way, it is only for his own benefit that goldsmith is asked to remember that he is working on gold. Just as cotton is in all cloth, gold in all ornaments, the Self is the essential substance in all names and forms. A devotee who can constantly remember the Divine in all his contacts in life is alone the one who can give to life the respect and reverence that it deserves.

     It is a law of life that as you give unto life, so shall life give unto you. Smile at life and life smiles; frown at life and life frowns at you. Approach life with due reverence and respect, born out of cognition of the divine essence in it, and life shall respect and revere you.

     Even while living through the turmoils of existence, a true seeker must  learn to keep his mind continuously upon the awareness of his real nature and the substratum of the world in one vast embrace of blissful homogeneity. This is not difficult, nor is it impracticable.

     An actor, playing the part of a king in the drama, can never completely forget that he has a wife and a child in his own house on the outskirts of the city. If he forgets his personal identity and acts as the king even outside the state, he will immediately be segregated, and moved to a lunatic asylum for the safety of the society!

     He is efficient as the actor because he constantly remembers his own real identity. Similarly, even with continuous cognition of our divine nature, we can act in the world without any hindrance, and thereby add a glow to our achievements, and soften the reactions of any disappointments that we might meet within life's pilgrimage.

     When we perform our activities in a spirit of offering, not only our love for the Supreme increases but also our entire life becomes sanctified with a noble purpose and a divine aim. This is an efficient and secret method to be practiced not in the deep jungles, nor in the secret caves, but right in the field of life's daily contentions.
To remember the Self during all transactions of life is to remember the substratum.

With Prem and OM
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