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Blessed Self,
Hari OM and Namaste!


What You Choose will Decide What You Will Become - By Swami Chinmayananda!

Life is a series of challenges. Moment-to-moment we are faced with, as it were, a question mark - to do or not to do - that swims towards us in the flood of time. Temptation after temptation approaches us. Our intellect and discrimination are called upon to value each moment independently and to come to a judgment upon things and beings.

     At each challenge two paths, as it were, are open for us to follow. On one side we are temptingly beckoned to playfully dance through a seemingly well-lit path of the pleasant but the path ultimately leads us to a dark cave of endless sorrow and death.

     And on the other side lies a quite uninviting path, ill-used, winding and uphill, but that which ultimately leads us to the sunlit pasture lands and flowery meadows of eternal living and happiness. This latter path is called the path of the good.

     The ignorant one lives like a mule following the generality and leads the path of least resistance motivated mainly by the animal urges of his body consciousness. He follows the path of the pleasant, the sensuous modes of satisfying every demand of the ever-craving senses and thus ultimately stoop so low as to commit a state of eternal death in the lower scales of evolution.

     If we are to live each moment of our lives as slaves to our passions lusts and craving, we shall in our thoughtlessness and indiscrimination slowly sink down to the level of the animals, and it is certainly but natural that such two-legged animals cannot come to claim the heritage of man, which is a real joy and happiness living in the achieved self-perfection.

     The wise and discriminating man at each moment intelligently judges the various phases of the challenge he is in and solidly determines ever to stick to the path of the good. He continues his pilgrimage and ultimately fulfills the mission of his life.

     This gives an intelligent seeker a direct and effective clue to the ideal way to live life and in the end, he can successfully come to claim a real and abiding success.
Be strong, not merely with the physical strength of a bull, but with the subtle vitality of a calm mind, diligent in its application, consistent in its logical thinking, and replace with a will to win overall negative tendencies that poison and weaken the mind.

With Prem and OM
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