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Blessed Self,

Hari OM and Namaste!


Meditation Tips - Have Patience - By Swami Chinmayananda!

Progress in meditation is never achieved according to any fixed schedule. Regularity and sincerity are the secrets of success. Hurry-bury will never take you anywhere accept to the lunatic asylum. Go slowly. Allow the momentum of meditation to lift you up to it. Remember you are the recipient. You must learn to wait.

How long must ave we waited as a rock before the stone-life evolved into the plant-life. How long nature must have knocked at the plant to make it a living animal. How many trillions of years it must have taken the animal to become man. Now, at this moment, because of our rational intellect and mind,we have to an extent got the freedom to hasten evolution. That doesn't mean you can dash His palace chamber. Let that intellectual vanity get completely dried up in all of us. In all humility let us learn to surrender.

     It is not a question of our dashing into it; it comes and envelopes us. We can never dash into sleep can we? We prepare the ground for it, and invoke sleep. If one is anxious to sleep, his expression of that anxiety should be to invoke sleep by more efficiently quietening and folding up his mind.

     Everything in nature is slow and steady and continuous, except earthquakes and storms.The opening of the flower, the germination of the seeds, the growth of the trees, the sunrise and the moon rise, the sun and moon setting, the high tide and the low tide - all are slow processes, though they are precisely timed.

     Spiritual life is an attempt at hastening the evolution; it is not a call for revolution. There is no question of pulling down everything and burning and blasting. Out of our present condition it is the inauguration and invoking of a slow creative process.

     The tamas in us is to be sublimated to rajas; and the rajas is to be purified into sattva. With the sattvika mind we invoke the Higher. To the degree sattva is invoked, to that degree the Higher descends into us.

     So meditation is a process of tuning ourselves to it, but you have to wait; it is only when you try to dash into it that the experience freaks out. Wait for it to descend. If it is not descending, there is no question of becoming impatient.t It only means that the tuning-up is not complete.

It is not possible that for six days you live a foul life and on the seventh day, you dash into the presence of the Lord and say 'Hello' to  Him. That is not the way.

With Prem and OM
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