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Blessed Self,
Hari OM and Namaste!



We are afraid of death because we do not know what it is. Fear arises out of ignorance. Death is feared because we have not taken enough time to think about it. Death means fear of leaving the wife, husband, children, property, and so on. We cry. To the wise, death is a pleasant journey.

     Knowledge is your answer to all fears, even of death. 

     What is death? Who exactly is dead? We see that the same body is lying there which was there before death. Yet, when we say Mr. X has died, what we really mean is that the mind and intellect which were receiving and responding to the outer stimuli have left the body. Hence, we conclude that Mr. X, the person who called himself 'I' or 'me', is other than the body.

    This physicla body is composed of the five great elements - space, air, fire, water, and earth. It is the nature of the body to merge back with the same five elements when it is dead, meaning, when the mind and intellect have left it. Therefore, I must conclude that I am the processor or the indweller of the body.

     Similarly, this dwelling is but an instrument through which I express myself in this world, just like my car. If my car is destroyed, why should I think that I am destroyed? I am not the car. I am only the owner of the car. In the same way, if the body is destroyed, I am not destroyed. I am other than the body. My sensees are only those instruments through which I receive stimuli from the outer world. Therefore, it is the mind and intellect which is the real individuality of a person.

     Consciousness reflected in the mind and intellect (subtle body) is the consciousness of things. When the mind and intellect leave the gross body, it is the condition of death of the gross body. Since the subtle body alone can reflect infinite Consciousness, there is no apparent feeling, thinking, or perception for a dead physical body.

     Death is only a pause between two periods of living. A pause between two lives is death - a pause that will revive you and give you more of an appetite to gather more experiences. One life is only one incident in your eternal lifespan.
When the pot breaks, the clay does not die. The wave dies, never the ocean. So too, your name and form alone die, never your essence or Reality. Every body dies. Nobody dies.

With Prem and OM
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