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Blessed Self,
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Krsna, The Gopis, and 16,008 Wives - By Swami Chinmayananda!

Unless you go naked unto Him, He is not revealed. The Self clothed in the matter is the ego. And the ego cannot realize the Self unless it becomes naked again. The ego is the gopi. She undresses on the Yamuna banks and enters the water to cleanse herself. Dropping our negativities and animalism for the time being, we enter the puja room or our Guru's presence or the temple, to revel in the joyous atmosphere of contemplation of the Divine.

     After the bath, the gopis used to come and wear their old clothes. Ordinary seekers, after their religious moods, come and take back upon themselves the good old animalistic personality. When this is continued for some time, the light of Consciousness emerges out of Its hidden place and steals forward to loot away the dirty bundle of false values of egoism and selfishness. When the practice of regular dip in a scriptural study is undertaken by the 'lovers of the Lord', they soon, one day, discover that their old clothes have disappeared.

     They learn to approach Truth without their ego dress, without their matter envelopments! And the naked Self rediscovers Its own identity with the Paramatman. After this inward experience, the matter vestures are given back to them. The Jivanmuktas - the liberated ones - live within their garb of flesh, and yet, ever free, after their Sri Krsna darsana.

     Krsna stole like a thief. Thefts of what and from whom? If a doctor cuts open a carbuncle and draws its contents out and allows the bad blood to drain off, we don't call it a crime, inasmuch as the doctor has done it, in his better knowledge and efficiency, upon the patient who thereafter would feel happy. Krsna looted the material possessiveness and the vanity of possession from the hearts of his devotees and chastened them.

     The 'childhood of Krsna' means only the early 'awakening of the spiritual urge' in a seeker. When one has taken to the path of God, one finds one's thoughts have no more than negative vasana giving sting in them. They become purer and purer in his bosom as one constantly contemplates upon the Self, Lord Krsna.

     The entire human thought possibilities fall under 16,008 families. In each family are indefinite numbers of specimens. All of them are coupled with Consciousness or else they have no existence. Thus Krsna is married to 16,008 wives! Each thought in His consort. This means that each thought in the life of man is borrowing its entire existence and fulfillment in life from the Self. After releasing them from the prison house of ego and egocentric desires, He married them!
Be a mere fool, a willing cheerful dedicated tool in His hands.

With Prem and OM
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