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Meditation - An Introduction - By Swami Chinmayananda!

Meditation is an effortless state where all actions cease. To reach this state, however, various spiritual practices are necessary to help control, regulate, and redirect the thought processes.

     Mind is thought flow. From these thoughts our entire world is projected; and this flow has to be dried up. A complete drying up is not possible right away, but the direction of the flow can be changed. At this moment, our mind is oriented toward the external world of sense objects. To turn it toward the spring of Consciousness in ourselves is the aim of meditation.

     Processes to meditation are not meditation. Truly speaking, meditation can never be a verb. It is always a noun. As long as it is a verb, that is, as long as we are trying to meditate, it is only a sadhana (spiritual practice). When we reach the sadhya (the end or goal) it becomes  a noun.

      The Masters of meditation, the great rsis, have given us elaborate instructions on how we can slowly train the mind. They gave us various techniques by which our thoughts can be brought into complete harmony until ultimately all thoughts cease. We then come to recognize the very Source from which all thoughts arise. To cease the process of thinking is to the the mind. When the mind has collapsed, the individuality ceases. 'I', the individual, wakes up at that moment to a new dimension of the Infinite. It is a state that cannot be explained; it has to be experienced.

     The scriptures that indicate this pure state of Being are the Upanisads. When reading the Upanisads some of us come to the erroneous conclusion that since we already are That, we only need to read the scriptures, but this is not sufficient. It has to be brought into our direct experience> To make it our experience we have to train the mind, and persuade it in a number of ways to become quiet. These efforts constitute jnana sadhana, which is loosely translated as meditation.
Sublimation is achieved by 'reprogramming' the inner computer. At present it is working under ego-centered inputs.

With Prem and OM
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