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GOD SYMBOLISM - Sri Narayana - 2 - By Swami Chinmayananda!

Traditionally, He is described as blue in color, clothed in yellow, wearing a crown, and standing upon a lotus divine. Blue is the color of the Infinite and whatever is immeasurable can appear to the mortal eye only as blue, like a cloudless summer sky. Yellow represents the earth. Anything that is buried in the earth gathers a yellowish hue, and in fire, the earth (mud, silica) glows yellowish. Thus, Sri Narayana represents the immeasurable, all-pervading Reality (blue color) clothed in the earthy matter (yellow color) - meaning Sri Narayana is the Infinite clothed in matter. He is the Infinite expressed through a form.

     The Lord wears a divine crown on His head to indicate His sovereignty and lordship over all names and forms. He is the sole proprietor of the entire universe. This might infinite Lord dwells in the core of our personality as the very Self in us. He has four hands and He holds in them the conch (sankha), the discus (chakra), the mace (gada), and the lotus (Padma).

     He blows the conch, calling man to live the nobler values of life so that he may turn away from all his world preoccupations and ultimately reach Him and receive from Him an infinite bliss of unbroken peace and perfection. This 'final goal', indicated in our scriptures, is represented in Hindu tradition as the lotus. With a tender anxiety to give the devotee the highest experience of perfect happiness He calls; and man, roaming with his sensuous urges and animal propensities, hears the echos of the shrill notes of his inner conscience calling him to stop and retire. Generally, man has no ears to hear; or even when he hears, he has no heart to obey. He still dashes forth in the quest for sense gratifications. It is at such times, out of sheer love, the Lord wields His mace to knock a man down with disappointments, dissatisfactions, and a growing sense of restlessness.

     Even in spite of these punishments, if the devotee is not turning towards the spiritual path and is not progressively moving towards the final destination, the Lord has the total annihilating power of the discus, which can destroy the equipment and lift him from his present life of unhealthy circumstances. This is true of an individual, a community, or a nation.
One must have the subtle sensitivity of a poet, the ruthless intellect of a scientist, and soft heart of the beloved, in order to enter into the enchanted realm of mysticism created by the poet-seer, Veda-vyasa.

With Prem and OM
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