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The OMS Recovery Progam is based on rigorous scientific research and evidence and sets out key lifestyle and diet changes which can contribute to improved quality of life for people with MS. Our 'drawshop' videos below explain the fundamentals of the OMS program and are worth viewing whether you're a newcomer on the OMS journey or just as a refresher if you're already on the program. If you have any questions, or wish to learn more, please visit the OMS community forums, where you'll find dedicated forums for each of these key areas.

The MS Society is hosting MS Life 2016 at ExCel, London this weekend, September 17th and 18th. OMS is on stand 210, so if you can make it, do pop over for a chat. Our stand will be manned by a team of OMSers, some already following the OMS program, and they will happily share their personal stories with you. Admission to this event is free.
More information on MS LIfe 2016
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 OMS Diet

Several long-term studies show a close connection between saturated fats and the development and progression of MS. People with MS who avoid saturated fats but consume unsaturated fats typically have reduced progression of the disease.
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OMS Exercise

Why is it important?
What are my exercise options?
Exercises for all levels
Exercise is vital for general health. It is also been shown to have immense healing and restorative effects.
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Given the pace and pressures of modern life, everyone could benefit from practicing meditation, but especially people with chronic illness and those with higher levels of stress.
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Sunlight and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is formed in the body from the action of sunlight on the skin.There is lots of evidence supporting the connection between vitamin D deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis.
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Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Recovery Program in summary

Diet and supplements
A plant-based wholefood diet plus seafood, with no saturated fat, as far as is practical
Omega-3 fatty acid supplements: Take 20-40mls of flaxseed oil daily; fish oil can be used instead if desired
Optional B group vitamins or B12 supplement if needed

Sunlight and Vitamin D
Sunlight 15 minutes daily 3-5 times a week as close to all over as practical
Vitamin D3 supplement of at least 5000IU daily, adjusted to blood level
Aim to keep blood level of vitamin D high, that is between 150-225nmol/L (may require up to 10,000IU daily)

30 minutes daily

20-30 minutes around five times a week, preferably outdoors

In consultation with your doctor, if a wait and see approach is not appropriate, take one of the disease-modifying drugs (many may not need a drug, and drug selection should be carefully weighed against side effects)
Steroids for any acute relapse that is distressing
One of the more potent drugs if the disease is rapidly progressive
The OMS Community Forums are a great place to investigate further.
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