News for the Week of April 1, 2018
Easter Sunday Worship Theme:
"The Mystery of the Tomb"
  • Sacred Scripture: Mark 16:1-8 
  • Overview: The story of the women at the tomb is one of surprise and fear, as they find a stone that has been rolled away, and a mysterious figure inside who tells them the dead has been raised. Out of their fear, they tell no one.
  • Human Need: To enter the mystery of death and resurrection without fear.
  • Community Challenge: When we are confronted with this mystery, what is our response? How might we turn our grief to amazement, our sorrow to joy, and our fear to hope.  READ MORE

Pastor's Perspective

One of the best parts about the Matrix series are the Christological themes we can discover within these movies. Many films have used Christ figures to enrich their stories. In The Matrix trilogy, however, the Christ figure motif goes beyond superficial plot enhancements and forms the fundamental core of a three-part story. Neo's messianic growth (in self-awareness and power) and his eventual bringing of peace and salvation to humanity form the essential plot of the trilogy. Neo gradually transforms from mild-mannered software programmer and hacker into a messianic figure who discovers the power within himself to defeat the machine enemy. But it’s his journey to self-realization that prepares him for becoming the One.I think it is fitting that our scripture text for this morning is also about journeys—specifically Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem

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