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The Graduate Message

Just as a pū‘olo, a bundle or package, carries gifts of aloha, we offer this newsletter with the same spirit of gratitude as we work collectively towards excellence in graduate education.
Fall 2015 | Issue 1
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
In this issue:
  • Message from the Dean
  • Friendly Reminders
  • About Students
  • Updates & Policies

Aloha Colleagues and Friends of the
Office of Graduate Education

Message from Dean Aune
Welcome to the start of the Fall 2015 semester and this issue of the Graduate School Newsletter. I hope that you have enjoyed a fulfilling and relaxing summer.

In this newsletter you’ll find updates and information about policies, procedures, and deadlines. In my second year as Dean, I will continue to review processes and procedures with the goal of increasing efficiency, better utilizing technology, and emphasizing the importance of graduate student success to the mission of the flagship campus of the University of Hawaii. At our New Graduate Student Orientation on August 20th we welcomed over 200 new students. From matriculation through graduation, faculty and staff members play a critical role in shaping our graduate students’ academic journey. We hope you share our passion for and joy in working with and mentoring these emerging scholars.
We have new members of the Office of Graduate Education to introduce.
Tasha Kawamata Ryan,
Fellowships and Scholarships Coordinator
assists with our NSF GRFP fellows as well as Ford and other national fellowship awardees as well. Tasha is also facilitating our orientations and professional development activities for graduate students.
Amy McKee
Graduate Assistant
assists with orientation and professional development activities.
Xiaoxin “Ivy” Mu
Graduate Assistant
coordinates the 3+2 program (with international partnerships in China).
We are so fortunate to have these amazing professionals on board. They each have a direct and positive impact on the graduate student experience.

On behalf of the Office of Graduate Education, I wish you a rewarding and productive semester. 

Best Wishes,
Krystyna Aune
Dean of Graduate Education
Friendly Reminders

Graduate Faculty Update

Please inform OGE of any and all changes to your graduate faculty. This includes any new hires, tenure and promotion, resignations, and retirements. Please use the nomination form for all changes, except for resignations and retirements. For any Emeritus appointments, please submit a copy of their appointment letter. All nomination forms need to be submitted via your college/school Dean's office before being sent to OGE. 

Process to check Graduate Faculty list: 
A list of a program's graduate faculty can be found in CMS under Reports. Please check the list for your graduate program and let OGE know what changes are needed. A nomination form and current CV must be submitted for all new additions or changes in level from associate to full. This is for files OGE creates. As of August 2013, programs may request new graduate faculty to be appointed at the full level upon hire. To inform the OGE, please submit a nomination form and current CV for the appointment process. The OGE relies on programs for all such information via the nomination form. For all members who no longer will be serving as a graduate faculty member, please send a list of their names to, thank you.

Review PNF for all Affiliate Graduate Faculty

For all Affiliate Graduate Faculty members, please ensure they have a current PNF on file. If not and they will continue to serve as part of your graduate faculty, please request a renewal of their appointment. The process is to submit a nomination form and renewed non-comp PNF to OGE. Their appointment may be renewed for a three year term, if desired.

Graduate Chair Away Memo

Whenever the Graduate Chair will be away, including during the Summer, and unable to sign forms and memos, please submit a memo to OGE to inform us of the duration of his/her absence and who will be Acting Graduate Chair. This is necessary for all graduate program and student business.

Financial Aid & Thesis/Doctoral Candidates

Regarding Thesis and Doctoral candidates (i.e., enrolled in 700 or 800): For all graduate degree candidates (i.e., those registered for 700 or 800), who also receive Federal Financial Aid, a memo submitted by the graduate chair and advisor providing information on progress toward the degree is now being required by the Financial Aid office every term.  Please submit a progress memo to the Financial Aid office well in advance of the start of the new term for all candidates receiving Federal Financial Aid in your program.

Check Student Enrollment

A check of student enrollment in your graduate program should be done at the start of every term for all new and continuing students. There is an enrollment report in CMS that can be checked in the first couple weeks of classes. Let's try to help students avoid any late registration. All instructors need to check their official course roster in MyUH Portal. Enrollment in every term is required for all graduate students, unless on an approved Leave of Absence.

Dropping a Course

If requesting to drop a course without a "W" or 100% refund, the Drop Form must be completed and submitted with the memo requesting consideration for this action. Delays in the review occur when the form is incomplete or the memo is not clear in the reason for why such a request is being made.


Please ensure all students are appropriately advised of program required coursework as well as program requirements.

TA Training

For all TAs who were unable to attend the Fall 2015 sessions, please have them plan to attend the TA Training in Spring 2016. This is a required training for all new TAs.

Remote Participation Guidelines

September 30, 2015

Effective Spring 2015, graduate programs who would like to allow remote participation for the final defense that is more flexible than what OGE requires may do so. All members must be able to clearly see and hear the candidate, especially during the question and answer portion of the presentation. Please submit guidelines for such participation that your program will allow to Dean Aune by the end of September. Graduate Student Services will need to be aware of what guidelines a program will use if choosing more flexible options (e.g., all members remotely participating). If all members will be participating remotely, a physical location on the UHM campus is required as the final defense is to be a public presentation and access to those who wish to attend must be provided. Include in your guidelines the process by which you will inform Graduate Student Services of how members and which members will participate remotely. If you wish to use the current Remote Participation form or will create your own, please make that clear in your guidelines. This is for Graduate Student Services' information only. If no guidelines are received from the program, the current requirement OGE has will be followed.

Annual Graduate Program Report

October 9, 2015

The report form will be available soon and located in CMS. Only those with access to CMS may view the form and data included with the form. All Graduate Chairs and a program's designee should have access. Here is the link to the data. There report form will also be located there when available.  

Change to Spring deadline for UHM-1 and 2 Forms

March 15 annually

(or closest business day prior)
To help facilitate the review and approval of the forms by the General Education and Graduate Education Offices, we have made the Spring due date earlier. That is the only due date for these forms that has changed.

Electronic Updates

Coming Soon

Forthcoming is an electronic form to update OGE as to your program's contact information (e.g., Graduate chair, Department chair, staff, phone, email, web site, etc). Please review the OGE web site ( for your graduate program's information to ensure it is accurate and current. Let us know via if there are any corrections that need to be made to your information listed there. For any application deadline changes (please use the 1st, 15th, 30th, or 31st of the month), a memo requesting a change to your deadline should be sent to Jarren Miki, Director of Graduate Student Services.
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