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March News

Carrboro Coffee Roasters President, Scott Conary, is gearing up for an exciting trip to Nicaragua this month! Scott is in charge of the National Cup Of Excellence (COE) program this year and will be spending the first week sorting through ~300 coffees submitted by farmers, to find the highest quality this harvest. After, he will visit Beneficio Segovias in the Segovias region to talk with the producer of our coffee El Aserradero (un Regalo de Dios), Luis Alberto Balladarez. Conary will then wrap up with a visit to Finca La Picona to continue to develop those direct relationships.

We're also excited to announce our continued support of the COE National Award program initiated last year, that acts as a development program for farmers. These are coffees that have been vetted multiple times but have just fallen short of achieving the distinction of COE (a score 86 or higher out of 100). However, these promising coffees are delicious and ripe for support, and the building of a relationship, which is our mission.

Currently 2 coffees from the most recent harvests are from this program:

  • Finca La Cuesta - Mexico
  • Finca San Isidro - El Salvador

Our determination is to continue to build off of this great start and develop sustainable long term relationships with these passionate producers.

And finally, Scott Conary recently sat down with WCHL's "This is Tourism" with Ron Stutts. Give it a listen here!  

Carrboro Coffee Collaborates

We are LOVING this most recent bottling of Steel String's No Quarter Coffee Stout! Our friends across the way brew this every year with our cold pressed Guatemalen La Providencia coffee. It's an 7.4% coffee and oatmeal stout that features an intense coffee aroma and flavor, with a finish of semi-sweet cocoa. This batch has an additional infusion of our Ethiopia ARDI for floral and berry notes. 

Featured Client

This month's featured client is Stewart's Bistro in Wake Forest! This family-owned business is a specialty coffee, gourmet espresso, breakfast and lunch spot that is proudly serving Carrboro Coffee! Learn more about them here

Take a Workshop With Our Certified Trainers

Milk Steaming & Latte Art • Saturday, March 3, 11 AM


Your local barista may make pouring a beautiful rosetta seem magically effortless, but what does it really take? Join us to learn the science & art behind steaming & pouring sweet, glossy, micro- foamed milk. We’ll demonstrate the difference between various milks & temperatures, study a bit of milk chemistry, then try our hand at steaming, pouring & latte art.

Comparative Tasting with Coffee • Saturday, March 24,
11 AM


How do trained professionals and super-tasters gain the sensory skills necessary to identify coffee descriptors? By tasting coffee as often as possible and paying attention to the details they are experiencing. BUT also by experiencing all the various flavors found in foods around the world. This workshop will be focused on conscious tasting of various fruits and other foods to help develop a vocabulary for describing different aromas, flavors and textures found in coffee.

Featured Coffees: Nicaragua Edition

In honor of Scott Conary's upcoming trip, we're featuring two fantastic Nicaraguan coffees this month! Don't forget that you can purchase both of these on our online store
This coffee was discovered while judging the Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua. It is a washed process of the same coffee we offer as a honey process - this gives us a profile that tastes like rich chocolate, a hint of cashew and a honeycomb sweetness. 
Our farmer partner Luis Alberto Balladarez from Beneficio Segovias introduced us to this coffee, and we are excited to share it with you! From high up in the mountains of the Dipilto region, this unique Maracaturra varietal is a delicious combo of orange and clove with a syrupy sweet molasses body. It is wonderfully complex and balanced. 
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